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Cisco 642-564 Exam -

Free 642-564 Sample Questions:

1. Which two statements are true about symmetric key encryption? (Choose two.)
A. It uses secret-key cryptography.
B. Encryption and decryption use different keys.
C. It is typically used to encrypt the content of a message. D. RSA is an example of symmetric key encryption
E. The key exchange can take place via a nonsecure channel.
Answer: A, C

2. What is a benefit of IPSec + GRE?
A. bandwidth conservation
B. no need for a separate client
C. full support of Cisco dynamic routing protocols
D. support of dynamic connections
Answer: C

3. When a FWSM is operating in transparent mode, what is true?
A. Each interface must be on the same VLAN.
B. The FWSM does not support multiple security contexts.
C. Each directly connected network must be on the same subnet.
D. The FWSM supports up to 256 VLANs.
Answer: C

4. Andy, a network administrator at SomeCompany Ltd., is installing a new Cisco Security MARS appliance. After powering up the MARS appliance, what is a valid task?
A. Use a Category 5 crossover cable to connect the computer Ethernet port to the MARS eth0 port.
B. Connect a keyboard and monitor directly to the MARS appliance to set up its initial configuration.
C. Set the IP address of the computer to
D. Telnet to using the username pnadmin and the password pnadmin.
Answer: A

5. Identify two ways to create a long-duration query on the Cisco Security MARS appliance. (Choose two.)
A. by modifying an existing report
B. by saving a query as a report
C. by submitting a query in line
D. by submitting a batch query
E. by saving a query as a rule
Answer: A, D

6. Which statement is true about the Cisco Security MARS Global Controller?
A. The Global Controller receives detailed incidents information from the Local Controllers, and correlates the incidents between multiple Local Controllers.
B. The Global Controller centrally manages a group of Local Controllers.
C. Rules that are created on a Local Controller can be pushed to the Global Controller.
D. Most data archiving is done by the Global Controller.
Answer: B

7. Which Cisco security product is an easily deployed software solution that can automatically detect, isolate, and repair infected or vulnerable devices that attempt to access the network?
A. Cisco Security Agent
B. Cisco Secure ACS server
C. NAC Appliance (Cisco Clean Access)
D. Cisco Traffic Anomaly Detector
Answer: C

8. Which two features can the USB eToken for Cisco Integrated Services Router be used for? (Choose two.)
A. distribution and storage of VPN credentials
B. command authorization
C. one-time passwords
D. secure deployment of configurations
E. troubleshooting
Answer: A, D

9. What is a feature or function of Cisco Security MARS?
A. enforces authorization policies and privileges
B. determines security incidents based on device messages, events, and sessions
C. configures, monitors, and troubleshoots Cisco security products
D. supports AAA user login authentication
Answer: B

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