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Cisco 642-481 Exam -

Free 642-481 Sample Questions:

1.Bob's Bicycles recently implemented a H.323 videoconferencing solution, and wishes to conduct videoconferences with the main supplier over the extranet using the existing four-digit numbering plan at each company. Due to overlapping dial plans, the called digits must be manipulated to allow the video calls to be completed. Which solution can support this?
A. H.323 proxy
B. gatekeeper
C. directory gatekeeper
D. IP-to-IP gateway
Answer: D

2.Which device allows a H.323 video endpoint to establish a conference with a videoconferencing system that is connected to the PSTN?
A. H.225 gateway
B. H.320 gateway
C. H.323 proxy
D. HD gateway
Answer: B

3.How is a H.323 MCU defined in Cisco CallManager so that H.323 endpoints can communicate with endpoints that are controlled by Cisco CallManager?
A. as a H.320 gateway
B. as a H.323 gateway
C. as a gatekeeper-controlled H.225 trunk
D. as a gatekeeper-controlled intercluster trunk
Answer: C

4.A customer wants to simultaneously support H.323 conferences with an aggregate of 20 active participants, and SCCP videoconferences with an aggregate of 30 active participants. All video sessions will use voice-activated switching. Which device should be deployed to support this?
A. Cisco IPVC 3511 Multipoint Control Unit
B. Cisco IPVC 3511 MCU E
C. Cisco IPVC 3540-03A with EMP
D. Cisco IPVC 3540 Transcoder Module
E. Cisco IPVC 3540-10A with EMP
Answer: E

5.Which two statements accurately describe the EMP? (Choose two.)
A. It increases the number of voice-activated sessions that are supported.
B. It increases the number of continuous presence layouts.
C. It increases the number of audio-only conference sessions that are supported.
D. It allows the MCU to perform rate matching.
E. It is required for simultaneous support for H.323 and SCCP continuous presence sessions.
Answer: B, E

6.Bob's Bicycles currently has a room-based videoconferencing system that is connected to the PSTN via three BRIs. The company is converting to H.323 and would like to continue using the BRIs to make video calls to the suppliers. Which device should the company deploy?
A. Cisco IPVC 3511
B. Cisco IPVC 3521
C. Cisco IPVC 3526
D. Cisco IPVC 3540
Answer: B

7.Which call would most likely require an audio transcoder?
A. 128-kbps ISDN call to MCU
B. 128-kbps H.323 call to MCU
C. 128-kbps ISDN call to H.323 endpoint
D. 384-kbps ISDN call to H.323 endpoint
E. 384-kbps H.323 call to MCU
Answer: A

8.The Acme Roller Skates Company has a single Cisco IPVC 3511 MCU E. At present there are two conferences occurring as follows:Conference 1:three conference participantstransrating 768 kbps to 384 kbpsenhanced continuous presenceConference 2:three conference participantstransrating 768 kbps to 384 kbpsmultiple conference view (3)A third conference is desired with the following requirements:Conference 3:three conference participantsWhat will occur when the third conference is attempted?
A. The third conference will succeed as desired.
B. The third conference will succeed, but without the enhanced continuous presence.
C. The third conference will fail because an IPVC 3511 MCU does not have the resources for three conferences of three people each.
D. The third conference will fail because the EMP module does not have the resources to provide the number of required services.
Answer: A

9. A customer has deployed a Cisco IPVC 3511 MCU E. Which three features will be available?(Choose three.)
A. connection to H.320 systems using up to four BRIs
B. connection to H.320 systems using up to two PRIs
C. audio transcoding
D. port configuration for both SCCP and H.323
E. conferencing up to 15 voice-activated sessions
F. conferencing up to 15 continuous presence sessions
Answer:C, E, F

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