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Cisco 642-452 Exam -

Free 642-452 Sample Questions:

1.Acme Widgets is having trouble managing its fully meshed gatekeepers. What can be done to ease this administrative problem?
A.install an H.323 proxy server
B.implement a directory gatekeeper the gatekeepers into clusters
D.separate the gatekeepers into zones
Answer: B

2.An NM­HDV2 is being configured for transcoding. Which Cisco IOS command marks the beginning of the transcoding parameters?
A.dsp services transcoding
B.associate application transcoding
C.dspfarm profile 10 transcoding
D.voice­card 2 transcoding
Answer: C

3.Which dial peer will send calls to the PSTN via the CAS T1 using this controller configuration?controller t1 3/0framing esflinecode b8zsds0­group 1 timeslots 1­24 type e&m­wink­start
A.dial­peer voice 1 potsdestination­pattern 9.@port 3/0:1
B.dial­peer voice 1 potsdestination­pattern 9.@port 3/0:24
C.dial­peer voice 1 potsdestination­pattern 91port 3/0:1
D.dial­peer voice 1 potsdestination­pattern 91port 3/0:24
Answer: C

4.Which three features are available during SRST failover? (Choose three.) on hold
B.IP phone speed dial
C.distinctive ring forwarding
Answer: A, B, C

5.What is a benefit of implementing an IP­to­IP gateway?
A.provides IP network privacy and trust boundary for security
B.offers equivalent quality and cost savings when compared to back­to­back gateways in conjunction with gateway proxies to provide scalable video solutions
D.enhances policy­routing capability by assigning carrier IDs to partner gateways
Answer: A

6.In a particular company, field offices route calls to headquarters out IP gateways to the PSTN. The numbers are all of the form 1­202­454­XXXX. When dialing, the field offices wish to dial only the last four digits. Which of the following Cisco IOS commands must be a part of the PSTN dial peer on the field office gateways? digit­strip
B.prefix 1
C.num­exp .... 1202454....
D.rule 1 ^202454 1
Answer: C

7.A company determines that all long­distance calls to area code 603 will route across the WAN. The destination gateway is connected through serial interface 1/0. Which set of Cisco IOS commands will accomplish this?
A.dial­peer voice 100 potsdestination­pattern 1603.......port ipv4:
B.dial­peer voice 101 voipdestination­pattern 1603.......port 1/0
C.dial­peer voice 102 voipdestination­pattern 1603.......session­target ipv4:
D.dial­peer voice 103 potsdestination­pattern 1603.......session­target 1/0
Answer: C

8.You have a client that is a national organization that has deployed an IP telephony network across all of the offices. The organization is divided into geographic regions. These regions include the east, the midwest, and the west. The organization would like to deploy a directory gatekeeper to provide dial­plan resolution for all of the regions. Which three statements correctly describe a DGK solution? (Choose three.)
A.provides fault tolerance through a full mesh of regional gatekeepers
B.allows up to a four­tier gatekeeper hierarchy to be deployed
C.simplifies regional gatekeeper provisioning
D.does not limit the number of hops in an LRQ
E.allows local zones and LRQ forwarding zones to be mixed
F.The directory­gatekeeper maintains states about the forwarded­LRQ calls.
Answer: B, C, E

9.A service provider wants to add SIP devices to the existing H.323 voice network. Which Cisco device will allow the SIP devices to use the existing routing structure on the H.323 gatekeeper?
A.SIP voice gateway
B.Cisco SIP Proxy Server
C.Cisco SIP Redirect Server
D.Cisco SIP Registrar Server
Answer: B

10.Which two functions are provided by a DSP farm? (Choose two.)
A.caller ID
C.E911 lookup
E.conference bridging on hold
Answer: B, E

11.Which is a use of GKTMP?
A.updating information in directory gatekeepers
B.providing SIP to H.323 protocol translation for RAI in SIP networks
C.querying third­party applications to implement specific policy controls
D.transmitting state information to alternate gatekeepers for load balancing
Answer: C

12.Which three functions can be performed by a gatekeeper? (Choose three.)
A.voice QoS
B.admission control management
D.address translation
E.voice media transport
F.conferencing for H.323 terminals
Answer: B, C, D

13.Which two features are benefits of using HSRP for gatekeeper redundancy? (Choose two.)
A.The gatekeepers can load balance.
B.The HSRP priority can be adjusted.
C.End devices do not have to re­register after a primary gatekeeper failure.
D.The gatekeepers may be located across WAN links for spatial redundancy.
E.It uses a virtual IP address that is shared between the devices.
Answer: B, E

14.When COR is used in a gateway, under what circumstance will a call be completed between a specific pair of dial peers?
A.only when the COR lists in the inbound and outbound dial peers are an exact match
B.when the COR list in the outbound dial peer is a subset of the COR list in the inbound dial peer C.when the COR list in the inbound dial peer is a subset of the COR list in the outbound dial peer D.when the COR lists in the inbound and outbound dial peers have no matching members
Answer: B

15.Which configuration will provision an E1 for ITU Q421 digital line signaling and compelled register signaling?
A.controller e1 1/0cas­group 1 timeslots 1­31 type r2­digital r2­compelled ani
B.controller e1 1/0cas­group 1 timeslots 1­31 type r2­compelled ani
C.controller e1 1/0cas­group 1 timeslots 1­31 type r2­digital anicas­custom 1signaling r2­compelled
D.controller e1 1/0cas­group 1 timeslots 1­31 type r2­compelledcas­custom 1signaling r2­digital
Answer: A

16.Highland Park Property Development is integrating a Cisco CallManager system with the existing PBX via an E1 QSIG trunk. During testing, the first 15 calls work normally. After 15
simultaneous calls, new calls have no audio path when they are established. How can this problem be resolved?
A.Add the command isdn contiguous­bchan to the serial interface.
B.Change the channel selection order from descending to ascending.
C.Add the command isdn negotiate­bchan to the serial interface.
D.Increase the ISDN T302 timer to allow more time for call setup.
Answer: A

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