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Cisco 642-444 Exam -

Free 642-444 Sample Questions:

1. Which four characteristics would typically be used to define a device pool? (Choose four.)
A. geographic proximity
B. common use of codecs
C. common MOH source
D. common device type
E. common class of service
F. common calling search spaces for auto-registration
Answer:A, B, C, F

2. What method of Call Admission Control (CAC) is used for centralized call processing?
A. locations
B. regions
C. gatekeeper
D. H.225
E. gateway
F. H.323

3. How is a backup target changed to a backup server?
A. Modify the BARS service parameter from Target to Server.
B. Uninstall BARS and reinstall as a backup server.
C. Use BARS administration to change from Target to Server.
D. Use BARS administration to delete the destination target.

4. A user reports poor quality on voice calls and is instructed to select the QRT softkey. How can you access theinformation generated by this call?
A. use Tools\QRT Viewer under the Cisco CallManager Serviceability page
B. use the perfmon counter application under Administrative Tools
C. use the System\Real-time Monitor Tool under Cisco CallManager Administration
D. use the QRT plug-in on the PC of an administrator

5. An IP phone user has dialed "15152412232". Which of the following route patterns will be used?
A. 1515[^0-1]4[123]+
B. 1515[^0-2]4[012]+
C. 1515[^0-1]41[2232]
D. 1515[^0-2]412[012]+
E. will not match any of these patterns

6. Which three of the following can be assigned a partition? (Choose three.)
A. gateway
B. directory number
C. translation pattern
D. route pattern
E. IP phone
Answer:B, C, D

7. A dial plan uses six-digit numbers where the first two digits are an access code and the last four digits are anextension. Access codes must begin with 7 or 8 and the second digit cannot be 0, 1, 5, or 9. Which two routepatterns will support this dial-plan requirement? (Choose two.)
A. [78][2-4,6-8].XXXX
B. [7-8][^0159].XXXX
C. [^0-6,9][2-4,6-8].XXXX
D. [^0-69][2-4678].XXXX
E. [^78][^234678].XXXX
Answer:B, D

8. When a phone needs a conference resource, which of the following Cisco CallManager objects is queried first?
A. media resource device list
B. media resource pool
C. media resource group list
D. media resource group

9. Which multiple line appearance parameter sets a number of calls per line beyond which all incoming calls are forwarded?
A. Maximum Number of Calls
B. Call Forward Busy
C. No Answer Ring Duration
D. Busy Trigger

10. Which two of these options can you use to prevent toll fraud? (Choose two.)
A. Call Forward CSS
B. IPSec encryption
D. forced authentication codes
E. Call Transfer CSS
Answer:A, D

11. Which two items can a route pattern be assigned? (Choose two.)
A. gatekeepers that do not perform gateway functions
B. route groups that contain one or more route filters
C. gateways
D. route lists that contain one or more route groups
E. route filters
F. route lists that contain one or more route filters
Answer:C, D

12. You are working with a customer to deploy a pilot network to test how Cisco CallManager interoperates withSIP. Which two components need to be deployed for Cisco CallManager to interoperate with the SIP portion ofthe network? (Choose two.)
A. Registrar server
B. SIP to H.323 trunk
C. SIP trunk
D. proxy server
E. redirect server
F. location database
Answer:C, D

13. A Cisco CallManager cluster contains one publisher and four subscribers. If the publisher is unavailable, which three of these statements are true? (Choose three.)
A. The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database automatically locks.
B. New Cisco CallManager devices can be configured.
C. The Microsoft SQL Server 2000 will save configuration changes on subscribers to be uploaded to the publisher when available.
D. CDR collection is temporarily suspended on subscribers.
E. All IP telephony devices continue to operate.
F. Available Cisco CallManagers work from the local backup database.
Answer:A, E, F

14. Which three of these options correctly describe the role of a subscriber in a Cisco CallManager cluster? (Choose three.)
A. replicates database to other Cisco CallManager servers
B. maintains read-only copies of the configuration database
C. processes IP telephony calls
D. collects CDRs
E. can have only one in a Cisco CallManager cluster
F. maintains writeable copy of the configuration database
Answer:B, C, D

15. Which two of these services should be disabled during post-installation of Cisco CallManager to prevent potential intruders from finding server vulnerabilities? (Choose two.)
A. Distributed File System
B. FTP Publishing Service
C. SSL Security Service
D. Forward Publishing Service
E. SRTP service
F. SRCP service
Answer:A, B

16. Which two of these events describe the relationship of an IP Phone to its secondary Cisco CallManager?(Choose two.)
A. IP Phone sends a TCP keepalive message every 30 seconds.
B. IP Phone sends a TCP keepalive message every 60 seconds.
C. IP Phone sends a TCP connect message.
D. IP Phone registers with secondary when primary is unavailable.
E. IP Phone registers with primary when secondary is unavailable.
F. IP Phone registers with all CallManagers initially including secondary.
Answer:C, D

17. An auto parts retailer would like their service counter representatives to be able to assist both walk-up customers and telephone customers. Each store has six service counter representatives. Which call distribution algorithm will allow each service counter representative to provide the best customerservice?
A. Top Down
B. Circular
C. Longest Idle Time
D. Broadcast

18. An auto parts retailer would like their service counter representatives to assist both walk-up customers and telephone customers. Each store has six service counter representatives. Walk-up customers frequently engage allthe counter representatives and management is concerned that telephone customer business is being lost. From the list below, choose the appropriate call distribution algorithm and the appropriate call forwardingtreatment which will allow each store to provide the best customer service.(Choose two.)
A. When hunting is exhausted, apply CFB and CFNA to the DN for the warehouse order puller.
B. There is no need to configure CFB or CFNA; when hunting is exhausted, the call will automatically be routedto the warehouse order puller.
C. Top Down
D. Circular
E. Longest Idle TimeF. Broadcast
Answer:A, F

19. You are working with a customer to develop the methodology to secure IP Phones at their new research facility.They will be providing IP Phones in their lobby for vendor and guest use. Which two of these IP Phone hardening methods should be applied to these devices? (Choose two.)
A. Enable GARP.
B. Disable PC port on phone.
C. Use signed IP phone firmware.
D. Disable the Directory button.
E. Disable the Services button on the IP phone.
Answer:B, C

20. Which three options can you use to assign a softkey template? (Choose three.)
A. Device > Phone Configuration
B. Device > Device Settings > Device Profile
C. Service > Service Parameters
D. System > Device Defaults Configuration
E. System > Device Pool Configuration
F. System > Enterprise Parameters
Answer:A, B, E

21. An MRGL is used to control access to which three of these resources? (Choose three.)
A. MoH
B. Cisco IP Phone Services
C. softkey templates
D. annunciator
E. MTPF. CTI applications
Answer:A, D, E

22. Which of these options will prevent a device from being able to initiate conferences?
A. Exclude the conference media resource partitions from the CSS.
B. Exclude the conference media resources from all MRGs.
C. Place all conference media resources in MRGs and exclude these MRGs from the MRGL.
D. Remove the default MRGL from the device pool.

23. Which four of these items can be obtained from Call Detail Records? (Choose four.)
A. quality of service information
B. call duration
C. Client Matter Codes
D. circuit utilization
E. blocked call attempts
F. malicious call information
Answer:A, B, C, F

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