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Cisco 642-432 Exam -

Free 642-432 Sample Questions:

1.You have a customer that is interested in determining the number of VoIP calls their Frame Relay WAN links can support. Each of their Frame Relay WAN links has 84 kbps of bandwidth available outside all other applications and overhead. How many G.729 calls using the 8 kbps codec and 20 byte sample size can be supported?
Answer: C

2.You are meeting with a customer that has deployed IP telephony at their headquarters location. They would like to roll out IP telephony to their regional office as well. They are now using the G.711 codec at headquarters. They want to be able to maximize the number of calls carried without impacting voice quality or forcing a WAN upgrade. Which codec would be appropriate for their WAN?
Answer: D

3.In a VoIP environment when speech samples are framed every 20 ms, a payload of 20 bytes is generated. Assuming a total packet length of 60 bytes, what is the length of the packet header if cRTP is deployed without redundancy checks?
A.1 byte
B.2 bytes
C.3 bytes
D.4 bytes
E.20 bytes
F.40 bytes
Answer: B

4.You have been forwarded some questions by a prospective VoIP customer who would like to know the Cisco default sample size for the G.729 codec. What is it?
A.40 ms
B.30 ms
C.20 ms
D.10 ms
Answer: C

5.Examine the example output. hostname GW1 ! interface Ethernet 0/0 ip address h323­gateway voip interface h323­gateway voip id GK1­ ipaddr h323­gateway voip h323­id GW1 h323­gateway voip bind srcaddr ! dial­peer voice 1 voip destination­pattern 1212. session­target ras ! dial­peer voice 2 pots destination­pattern 2125551212 no register e164 ! end Choose the command that will restore communication with gatekeeper functionality to this device.
A.h323­gateway voip h323­id GK1
C.h323­gateway voip bind srcaddr
D.h323­gateway voip GW1­ ipaddr
Answer: B

6.Which preference key word assigns top precedence to a dial peer in a hunt­group?
Answer: A

7.Which type of delay is caused when large data packets block voice packets from the outbound interface?
A.queuing delay
B.serialization delay
C.propagation delay
D.packetization delay
Answer: A

8.A 9 digit number must be dialed to reach numbers on the PSTN. What process makes sure that the first digit 9 is not transmitted as part of the called number?
A.digit alternating
B.digit masking
C.digit manipulation
D.digit seizing
Answer: C

9.What is the E.164 numbering plan?
A.a proprietary PBX number plan
B.the IETF North American number plan
C.the European PBX standard telephony number plan
D.the ITU worldwide number plan
Answer: D

10.What are two basic parameters needed to setup a dial peer connected to the PSTN? (Choose two.)
A.voice port
B.signaling type
C.interface bandwidth
D.destination pattern
Answer: A, D

11.In the connection between a Cisco router and an E&M port on a PBX, which side is generally the Cisco side?
A.loop start
B.trunk circuit
C.switch port
D.signaling unit
Answer: D

12.Which dial plan characteristic shows the most obvious improvement by dropping a number translation step?
A.availability­dial delay
D.hierarchical design
Answer: B

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