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Cisco 642-427 Exam -

Free 642-427 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You have placed all DNs in the Phones partitiong. During testing you discover that you cannot place calls between IP phones, but you can place calls to the PSTN and voice mail. What is one possible cause of this issue?
A. A database replication issue is preventing calls between phones.
B. An access list is blocking RTP streams in your voice VLAN.
C. An access list is blocking SCCP packets in your voice VLAN.
D. The IP phones have not been assigned a CSS.
Answer: D

Q: 2
The following is a partial configuration of an access layer switch:
mls qos map cos-dscp 0 8 12 16 28 32 40 48
mls qos ! Voice bearer traffic will be set to use which per-hop behavior?
B. CS4
C. AF32
D. AF12
Answer: B

Q: 3
Three calls can successfully be made across a WAN link.When a fourth call is made, the quality of all four calls degrades.Which QoS mechanism can help avoid this problem?
B. FRF.12
E. priority quesuing
Answer: A

Q: 4
Which two types of Cisco Unified Communications Manager trace files contain Call Processing information that a helpful for troubleshooting outbound and inbound calling issues? (Choose two)
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager syslog trace
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Dialed Number Analyzer trace
C. Real Time Monitoring Tool Processes trace.
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDL trace
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Log4Jtrace
F. Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDI trace
Answer: D, F

Q: 5
Look at the following options carefully.Which two tasks are performed by the RAS signaling function of H.225.0? (Select two.)
A. Performs bandwidth changes.
B. Transports audio messages betewwn endpoints.
C. Performs disengage procedures between endpoints and a gatekeeper.
D. Allows endpoints to create connections between call agents.
Answer: A, C

Q: 6
As a network administrator, you should be familiar with various commands. Which VoIP dialpeer configuration mode command can be used to specify a technology prefix of 2#, indicating that when the dial peer is used as an outging dial peer, a 2# will be prepended to the dial string sent to the gatekeeper?
A. technology-prefix 2#
B. h323-gateway voip tech-prefix 2#
C. gw-type-prefix 2#
D. tech-prefix 2#
Answer: D

Q: 7
Which Cisco Unity troubleshooting tool would be used diagnose problems with skinny and MWI messages?
A. Cisco Unity Performance Information and Diagnostice
B. Unity Diagnostic Tool
C. Integration Monitor
D. SysCheck
Answer: B

Q: 8
In order for a third-party SIP phone to register with a Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, which three configuration parameters must match between the phone and the cluster? (Choose three)
A. device pool
C. username
D. password
E. MAC address
F. SIP profile
Answer: B, C, E

Q: 9
You have received a trouble tichet stating that an executive with an acount at a bank cannot retrieve account information by phone. When the executive calls the bank, the call is answered and the executive is prompted to enter the account code.Howerver,the bank does not seem to recognize the DTMF tones and disconnets the call.
What is a possible solution to the problem?
A. Configure the voice rtp send-recv command in the gateway
B. Set the Cisco Unified CallManager service patameter ToSendH225UserinfoMsg to True.
C. Configure the progress_ind setup enable 3 command under the gateway VoIP dial peer.
D. Configure the progress_ind alert enable 8 command under the gateway POTS dial peer.
Answer: A

Q: 10
Cisco Unified Communications Manager failed to register with the Cisco SAF Forwarder.
Assuming that the Cisco IOS SAF Forwarder is configured correctly, which minimum configuration would be needed on Cisco Unified Communications Manager to test registration?
A. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF Forwarder, and CCD advertising service
B. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF-Forwarder, and CCD requesting service
C. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, Cisco SAF Forwarder, and CCD requesting service, and CCD advertising service
D. SAF trunk, SAF security profile, and Cisco SAF Forwarder
E. SAF trunk, CCD requesting service, and CCD advertising service
Answer: D

Q: 11
You have received a trouble ticket from John Doe at extension 2001, which states that the cannot call a new employee who has been assigned extension 2005. When John Doe attempts to call 2005 he hears a message that his call cannot be completed as dialed. What is one possible cause of the issue?
A. The new employee’s phone is not registered with Cisco Unified Call Manager due to a physical cable or IP connectivity issue.
B. John Doe’s CSS dose not contain the partition assigned to extension 2005
C. Extension 2005 was not assigned a partition
D. A Cisco Unity vioce-mail box has not yet been created for the new employee.
Answer: B

Q: 12
Your company has a centralized IP Telephony system and branch offices in eight major cities.The manager of your company help desk recently published local access numbers for external customers to reduce the costs associated with your company’s toll-free 800 sercive.However,when customers call the new local numbers they hear a reorder tone instead of your centralized IVR.
What is the best solution to this issue?
A. Deploy transcoders at each remote location.
B. Deploy transcoders at the central location.
C. Deploy Cisco Unified IP IVPs at each remote location.
D. Increase the number of ports in the centralized IVR.
Answer: B

Q: 13
Which log file contains call-processing information from services such as Cisco Unified CallMnanger and Cisco Unified CallManager CTI Manager?
A. CTI trace
B. SDI trace
C. CDROnDemand
D. SDL trace
Answer: B

Q: 14
Which two of the following VoIP gateway platforms are considered to be ISRs?(Select two.)
A. Cisco 2600XM Series
B. Cisco2800 Series
C. Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series
D. Cisco 3800 Series
Answer: B, D

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