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Cisco 642-382 Exam -

Free 642-382 Sample Questions:

1. In what location is it recommended that the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series WLSM be placed?
A. distribution layer
B. core layer
C. access layer
D. network management functional module
Answer: A

2. Which three are different types of STP inconsistencies in a Layer 2 network? (Choose three.)
A. MAC inconsistency
B. root inconsistency
C. EtherChannel inconsistency
D. type inconsistency
E. PVID inconsistency
F. vendor inconsistency
Answer: B, C, D

3. Which two statements are correct about OSPF in a multiarea environment? (Choose two.)
A. OSPF will by default summarize routing updates between areas.
B. OSPF requires the use of the area range configuration command only when nondefault summarization is required.
C. OSPF ABR routers are needed only at the boundary of another OSPF area.
D. OSPF uses wildcard masks in the network statements but subnet masks in the area range statements.
E. OSPF requires that all areas have a least one ASBR.
Answer: C, D

4. A wireless autonomous 1200 access point running core feature set in root mode has its SSID set to Factory_floor and provides connection to a repeater access point with its SSID set to Factory_floor. If the root-mode access point is using channel 11, which channel will the repeater access point use?
A. channel 11
B. channel 1 or 6
C. any nonoverlapping channel
D. The root access point and the repeater will negotiate this setting.
Answer: A

5. A customer with a small enterprise network of 15 remote sites is trying to optimize its VPN by migrating some remote sites using Frame Relay connections to the Internet to using cable connections to the Internet. Minimizing costs is one of the customer's highest priorities. Only a moderate amount of IP traffic is passing through the network, most of which is from the remote sites to the central site. IPSec should be used to provide VPN functionality and basic confidentiality is desired.
Based on the traffic patterns, which topology would be the easiest for this customer to set up and manage?
A. full mesh
B. partial mesh
C. point-to-multipoint
D. hub-and-spoke
Answer: D

6. You are migrating the network design from using point security products (perimeter router, firewall, VPN router, IPS) to an integrated security solution using Cisco ISR. During the migration process, you determine that you need to improve VPN performance. What can you do?
A. upgrade the Cisco IOS image on the ISR to the V3PN bundle
B. increase the RAM on the ISR
C. install AIM-VPN EPII-PLUS on the ISR
D. enable transparent tunneling using IPSec over TCP
Answer: C

7. You are configuring a VLAN and the switch you are using requires that you do so within the VLAN database. Which command allows you to enter the VLAN database?
A. Switch# vlan database
B. Switch(config)# vlan database
C. Switch(config-if)# vlan database
D. Switch(vlan)# vlan database
Answer: A

8. Which critical issue should you account for when implementing an integrated network security management design?
A. NAT interoperates with encrypted voice traffic
B. host-based intrusion detection systems reside in the network
C. all network devices are time-synchronized
D. SNMP community read-write strings are configured to allow for total management access
Answer: C

9. Which network management tool is designed to allow businesses to manage up to 40 devices?
A. CiscoWorks Unrestricted
B. CiscoWorks SNMS
C. Campus Manager
D. Resource Management Essentials
Answer: B

10. Which command assigns a cost value of "17" to a switch port?
A. spanning-tree interface fastethernet 5/8 17
B. spanning-tree portcost 17
C. spanning-tree port cost 17
D. spanning-tree vlan 1 cost 17
Answer: D

11. When troubleshooting poor network performance, which two symptoms would typically be associated with a network layer problem? (Choose two.)
A. Packet loss is more than 30 percent.
B. There is excessive broadcast traffic.
C. There are excessive CRC errors.
D. Pings succeed only part of the time.
E. Slips are detected on WAN interfaces.
F. ARP requests are timing out.
Answer: A, D

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