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Cisco 642-381 Exam -

Free 642-381 Sample Questions:

1.When using the Site to Site VPN wizard in Cisco Router and Security Device Manager, why would you need to create an access list using the Add a Rule screen? open holes on the firewall to permit ISAKMP, ESP, and AH traffic define the traffic that will be protected by IPSec specify a range of IP addresses on the inside interface specify the remote­peer IP address range enable split tunneling
Answer: B

2.Under normal operation, which light sequence on the Cisco Aironet 1300 Wireless Bridge indicates that a device is associated to the bridge?
A.The center LED (Status) is solid green.
B.The center LED (Status) flashes green once every second.
C.The center LED (Status) flashes green once every 3 seconds.
D.The center LED (Status) blinks amber when an association occurs.
Answer: A

3.A customer in Europe needs to establish an 11­Mbps wireless bridge link between two office buildings that are approximately 1.3 km apart. The wireless link will pass through a public park, which contains a lake that is surrounded by trees. You run the range calculation and determine that the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point/Bridge should work. You install the link using 10.5­dB yagis with 75 feet of standard Cisco cabling and both radios set at 20 mW. The wireless bridges are not able to establish or maintain a link. What is needed to successfully complete this link?
A.An amplifier needs to be installed at one of the sites.
B.The antenna must be raised high enough to clear the trees.
C.Lower loss cabling needs to be used to bring the EIRP into legal limits.
D.Due to the trees, a 21­dBi dish needs to be used for its narrower beamwidth.
Answer: B

4.A user is not able to access the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) via HTTPS. Which two situations could be causing the problem? (Choose two.)
A.The ip https server command is not in the running­config.
B.The ip http secure­server command is not in the running­config.
C.The user is trying to launch Cisco SDM from the inside (secured) interface with firewall enabled.
D.The user does not have a privilege level of 15.
Answer: B, D

5.The customer wants to implement wireless security through implementation of WPAv2. Which component of WPAv2 would limit the rollout because of the continued use of old access points?
A.48­bit IV
Answer: B

6.After performing a security audit in Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM), you receive this as one of the results: Enable Unicast RPF on all outside interfaces ­ Not PassedWhich Cisco SDM configuration wizard can be use to resolve this?
A.Easy VPN Server
B.Basic Firewall
C.Edit Interface/Connection
D.Site to Site VPN
Answer: B

7.An administrator at host address is trying to gain access to Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager via a Cisco ASA Security Appliance inside interface at IP address Which two commands are required on a security appliance to enable Cisco ASDM access? (Choose two.)
A.http (inside) host
B.Access­list asdm_access permit tcp host host eq http ! http (inside) match asdm_access !
C.http server enable
D.asdm­management enable
E.http inside
F.Access­list asdm_access permit tcp host host eq http asdm­map ASDM match asdm_access
Answer: C, E

8.What is the default authentication method when using HTTP to access the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM), assuming that you are not using the default configuration file (sdmconfig­xxxx.cfg) that comes with Cisco SDM?
B.local database
D.enable password
E.line console password F.line vty password
Answer: D

9.The network administrator has configured the SSID value in a wireless Cisco Aironet client card. What is the result of the client­to­access­point association if the client SSID1 is left blank, and the SSID2 is assigned a value of my_ssid?
A.The client will consider SSID1 a null value, causing the client to request the SSID from the access point.
B.The client software will not allow this configuration and will create an error message until the configuration is corrected.
C.The client software will replace SSID1 with SSID2, and use my_ssid to attempt association with the access point.
D.The client software will attempt association with the access point using a null value of SSID1, and if not successful it will rotate to use the SSID2 value of my_ssid.
Answer: C

10.Which four features can be configured using Cisco Router and Security Device Manager version 2.1.1? (Choose four.)
A.IP multicast routing (PIM)
C.Easy VPN Remote and Easy VPN Server
D.static routes and IGP routing protocols (OSPF, RIP, EIGRP)
Answer: B, C, D, F

11.Which three are different types of STP inconsistencies in a Layer 2 network? (Choose three.)
A.MAC inconsistency
B.root inconsistency
C.EtherChannel inconsistency
D.type inconsistency
E.PVID inconsistency
F.vendor inconsistency
Answer: B, C, D

12.What is not a correct statement about PoE ports that are implemented on Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series switches?
A.They can distinguish a Cisco prestandard device.
B.They can distinguish an IEEE 802.1af powered device.
C.They can distinguish an unpowered NIC.
D.They provide ­48 VDC power over standard Category 5 UTP cable.
E.They deliver power for a distance up to 100 meters over standard Category 5 UTP cable.
Answer: B

13.Which two statements are correct about using Cisco Router and Security Device Manager
(SDM) to configure the OSPF routing protocol? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco SDM enforces the creation of area 0 when configuring OSPF.
B.Cisco SDM will use the supplied wildcard mask to exclude the host bits from the configured network address.
C.Cisco SDM allows the configuration of an area range to allow route summarization between OSPF areas.
D.Cisco SDM allows the selection of OSPFv1 or OSPFv2. E.Cisco SDM allows the configuration of passive interfaces.
Answer: B, E

14.The Cisco Aironet 802.11a/b/g Wireless LAN Client Adapter has two LEDs. Which two situations indicate that the card is associated to an access point and is working properly? (Choose two.) LED off; amber LED solid LED off; amber LED blinking sporadically LED blinking fast; amber LED blinking fast LED blinking slowly; amber LED blinking slowly LED blinking slowly; amber LED blinking fast
Answer: C, D

15.Which two statements best describe the wireless core feature set using autonomous access points when implementing Wireless Domain Services? (Choose two.)
A.The primary Layer 2 WDS server address is configured via the infrastructure access point GUI.
B.The primary Layer 2 WDS server address is automatically discovered by the infrastructure access points through multicast.
C.The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest MAC address, followed by priority number.
D.The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest priority number, followed by MAC address. E.The primary Layer 2 WDS is selected by the highest IP address, followed by MAC address.
Answer: B, D

16.When will you need to enable the transparent tunneling feature on the Cisco VPN Client software? enable DMVPN enable dynamic routing over the IPSec tunnel using GRE enable V3PN
D.if the IPSec­protected traffic is going through a router that is performing NAT or PAT E.if IPSec is using tunnel mode instead of transport mode
Answer: D

17.Several users have reported problems accessing the new company web server. How can the administrator test to ensure that all layers of the OSI model are working?
A.Ping the web server by name.
B.Ping the IP address of the web server.
C.Telnet to port 80 of the web server.
D.Use the debug ip http server command.
E.Use the show ip http server command.
F.Use the netstat ­r command.
Answer: C

18.A North American customer is using 2.4­GHz radios in a point­to­point configuration. The radio power level is 17 dBm and is transmitting at 11 Mbps. The customer is using 21.5­dBi dish antennas and 50 feet of cabling, with a loss of 8.4 dB per 100 feet. The customer increased the distance between the transmitter stations and began experiencing link problems. Without using a professional installer, which step should the customer take to fix the situation?
A.Use a cable with lower loss.
B.Upgrade to an 802.11a radio.
C.Install a higher gain antenna.
D.Increase the transmitter power.
Answer: A

19.Which two statements are correct about OSPF in a multiarea environment? (Choose two.)
A.OSPF will by default summarize routing updates between areas.
B.OSPF requires the use of the area range configuration command only when nondefault summarization is required.
C.OSPF ABR routers are needed only at the boundary of another OSPF area.
D.OSPF uses wildcard masks in the network statements but subnet masks in the area range statements. E.OSPF requires that all areas have a least one ASBR.
Answer: C, D

20.When implementing an integrated network­security management design, which critical issue should you account for?
A.that management stations intercommunicate and can correlate events
B.that full syslogging of all events is enabled
C.that all network devices are time synchronized
D.that SNMP community read­write strings are configured to allow for total management access
Answer: C

21.Users logging into Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) should be authenticated using the Cisco ISR local user database. Currently, none of the users can access the Cisco SDM
via HTTP. Which command or commands should be verified as properly configured on the ISR to resolve this problem?
A.ip http secure­server
B.ip http authentication local
C.line vty 0 5 login local
D.line con 0 login local new­model aaa authentication login default local new­model aaa authorization exec default local
Answer: B

22.Which two items have the most influence on an outdoor wireless antenna bridge­path installation? (Choose two.)
B.Earth's curvature
D.Fresnel zone E.rain
Answer: B, D

23.Which two statements best describe the wireless implementation of Cisco Aironet root and non­root bridging? (Choose two.)
A.Point­to­point access points can be used if one is root and the other is non­root.
B.WGB can be used with an access point if the distance is less than one mile.
C.Root mode must be enabled only on one side in a point­to­point link to interoperate with other vendors and comply with 802.11.
D.Up to 17 non­root bridges can associate to a root bridge.
E.Point­to­point WGB can be used if total number of PCs is fewer than eight.
Answer: B, D

24.Which two statements are correct about using Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) to configure RIP routing protocol? (Choose two.) A.Cisco SDM allows the configuration of RIPv2 network masks.
B.Cisco SDM allows the configuration only of RIPv2.
C.Cisco SDM allows the configuration of RIPv1 and RIPv2.
D.Cisco SDM allows leaving the selection of the RIP protocol version to the default of the installed Cisco IOS software.
Answer: C, D

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