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Cisco 642-373 Exam -

Free 642-373 Sample Questions:

1.Which definition best describes the implementation service component within the implement phase?
A. providing a step-by-step plan that details the installation and service-commission tasks required in order to create a controlled-implementation environment that emulates a customer network
B. assessing the ability of site facilities to accommodate proposed infrastructure changes
C. developing and executing proof-of-concept tests, validating high-level infrastructure design, and identifying any design enhancements
D. installing, configuring, and integrating systems components based on an implementation plan developed in earlier phases
E. improving a customer's infrastructure security system
Answer: D

2.Which Cisco security tool can best determine if a Cisco ISR router is properly secured?
A. Cisco SDM Security Audit
B. Cisco Security MARS
C. Cisco Security Agent MC
D. Cisco Security IntelliShield
Answer: A

3.In the plan phase, network readiness assessment addresses which customer need?
A. an assessment of the preparedness of the customer's existing system infrastructure to support a proposed solution
B. a comprehensive design that has been customized based on the operations processes, network management processes, and tools of its system
C. an in-depth assessment of the operational environment required to support the operation of both the current and planned solutions
D. the optimal technologies for supporting its business requirements and objectives
Answer: A

4.In the design phase, which service component provides the customer with a comprehensive design?
A. Implementation Plan
B. Detailed Design Development
C. Project Kick-off
D. Staging Plan
E. High-Level Design
Answer: B

5.On what lower-level transport protocol does CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution rely on and why?
A. TCP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires that packets require the reliability in the network
B. UDP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management is an application that does not require the reliability of TCP
C. IP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires the reliability of IP packets
D. UDP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires the reliability of UDP's detection of lost packets and
E. TCP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management does not require detection and retransmission of lost packets
Answer: B

6.Which of these best describes the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach?
A. a methodology for proactively updating equipment before it reaches the end of its life
B. a methodology for introducing new technologies
C. a methodology for creating a business plan
D. a methodology for determining total cost of ownership
Answer: B

7.Which of the following best describe the customer benefit of creating a systems acceptance test plan in the design phase?
A. reduce unnecessary disruption, delays, rework, and other problems by establishing test cases for use in verifying that the system meets operational, functional, and interface requirements
B. improve its ability to make sound financial decisions by developing a business case based on its business requirements and establishing a basis for developing a technology strategy
C. reduce operating costs and limit change-related incidents by providing a consistent and efficient set of processes
D. improve the return on investment and hasten migration by identifying and planning for necessary infrastructure changes and resource additions, as well as reduce deployment costs by analyzing gaps early in the planning process to determine what is needed to support the system
Answer: A

8.At which stage of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach should customer education presentations occur?
A. Planning
B. Design
C. Implementation
D. Operation
E. Optimization
Answer: A

9.Which CiscoWorks component would most help you locate end-station connections at the access switch level quickly?
A. CiscoView
B. Resource Manager Essentials
C. Device Fault Manager
D. Campus Manager
Answer: D

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