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Cisco 642-372 Exam -

Free 642-372 Sample Questions:

1.What is one benefit of the Cisco anti­X defense strategy?
A.applications security
B.virtual firewall protection events correlation for proactive response
D.malware, virus, and worm mitigation
Answer: D

2.Cisco Software Advisor allows you to search either for software that is compatible with your hardware or for software with the specific features you need. Identify two items that are only available for selection when searching for specific features? (Choose two.)
Answer: E, F

3.Your company has two primary divisions: Products and Services. The Products division is on network The Services division is on network You want to summarize both networks into one routing statement. Which IP address and subnet mask combination would most efficiently accomplish this?
Answer: C

4.Which Cisco SDM feature allows you to specify whether you want SDM files installed on your PC or on your router?
A.InstallShield Wizard
B.Cisco SDM Express Wizard
C.Cisco SDM Image Manager
D.Create Connection Wizard
Answer: A

5.Which two of these statements best describe fast secure roaming for the wireless core feature set using autonomous access points? (Choose two.)
A.It is compatible with all wireless clients.
B.It reduces roaming latency through reduced client RF channel scanning enhancements.
C.It reduces roaming latency to targeted times of less than 75ms.
D.Roaming occurs without reauthentication through a centralized RADIUS server.
E.It is enabled through WLSE deployment.
Answer: B, D

6.Wi­Fi Protected Access was an interim step on the way to the more secure WPA2. What was added in WPA2 to make it more secure?
C.AES encryption
D.Rivest Cipher 4 encryption
Answer: C

7.What are three advantages of the Cisco Integrated Services Router product family? (Choose three.)
A.provides advanced security such as hardware encryption acceleration
B.provides investment protection through increased modularity
C.comes equipped with at least one 1000­based TX interface
D.contains integrated wireless access using the 802.11 g/b standard
E.contains integrated web­based management tools for easy configuration and maintenance
Answer: A, D, E

8.Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of the Cisco Compatible Extensions Program? (Choose two.)
A.offers a feature­rich implementation alternative to Wi­Fi certification
B.accelerates the availability of innovative features while maintaining interoperability
C.provides innovative features only on Cisco's wireless client adapters
D.provides an evolving set of specifications for interoperability
E.eliminates the need for testing by providing innovative features to wireless client vendors through a one­time license fee
Answer: B, D

9.On what lower­level transport protocol does CiscoWorks LAN Management Solution rely on and why?
A.TCP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires that packets require the reliability in the network
B.UDP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management is an application that does not require the reliability of TCP
C.IP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires the reliability of IP packets
D.UDP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management requires the reliability of UDP's detection of lost packets and retransmission
E.TCP, because CiscoWorks LAN Management does not require detection and retransmission of lost packets
Answer: B

10.Which CiscoWorks component would most help you locate end­station connections at the access switch level quickly?
B.Resource Manager Essentials
C.Device Fault Manager
D.Campus Manager
Answer: D

11.You are planning to connect your three branch offices to the corporate site via Frame Relay. The first branch office has been assigned the network, the second, the third, and the corporate headquarters uses You would like to summarize all branch and corporate networks into a single route at the corporate site. Which network address and subnet mask should you choose?
Answer: C

12.Which statement concerning the Active/Active failover feature is correct?
A.ASA Security Appliance failover pair must have either an Unrestricted and UR license or a UR and FO­A/A license to be able to support Active/Active failover.
B.If an active security context within the primary security appliance "fails", the status of the primary security appliance unit changes to "failed" while the secondary failover security appliance unit transitions to "active."
C.Active/Active failover is supported in "multiple mode" configuration only.
D.Active/Active failover supports site­to­site IPSec VPN stateful failover.
Answer: C

13.Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of WPAv1? (Choose two.)
A.SSID broadcast prevention
B.improved mutual authentication
C.improved encryption through AES
D.improved protection against sniffing initialization vectors
E.RF jamming prevention
Answer: B, D

14.The Cisco ASA Security Appliance can offer the benefit of integrating which three security services into one device? (Choose three.)
B.VPN Concentrator
C.ACS server
D.PIX firewall
F.DDoS Anomaly Guard and Detector
Answer: A, B, D

15.The Cisco Lifecycle Services approach is primarily applicable to which type of companies?
A.the large enterprise with a global presence
B.the large enterprise with a single campus
C.the small­ or medium­sized business
D.All companies, regardless of size
Answer: D

16.The PIX Security Appliance feature set is a subset of the ASA Security Appliance feature set. Which two of these features are only supported by an ASA Security Appliance? (Choose two.) contexts
B.transparent firewall
D.Active/Active failover
E.low latency queuing
F.AIP­SSM intrusion prevention
Answer: C, F

17.Which of these statements regarding Cisco's WebVPN support is correct?
A.Cisco ISR Routers with the Enhanced Security Bundles support WebVPN.
B.Cisco security appliances act as a proxy between the end user and the target web server.
C.Cisco PIX Security Appliances (running release 7.0) and Adaptive Security Appliances both support WebVPN.
D.Cisco's WebVPN solution supports both TCP and UDP port forwarding for legacy application support.
Answer: B

18.A customer is considering purchasing either a Cisco Catalyst 2960 or Cisco Catalyst Express 500. Which feature can only be found on the Catalyst 2960?
A.48 Ethernet 10/100 ports
B.Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
C.dual­purpose copper or fiber uplinks
D.standalone fixed­configuration Layer 2 switching
Answer: A

19.Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of Cisco's wireless IDS functionality? (Choose two.)
A.AirDefense for wireless IDS is required by autonomous APs.
B.2.4GHz RF management can monitor both 802.11 and non­802.11 RF interference.
C.APs only monitor the RF channels that are servicing the clients.
D.Cisco or CCX compatible client cards can extend the RF IDS service for autonomous APs.
E.Autonomous APs must be dedicated IDS sensors while lightweight APs can combine client traffic and RF monitoring.
Answer: B, D

20.Which VMS Security Monitor tool allows you to monitor data for patterns of attacks from one machine to a list of targets?
A.Advanced Correlation Engine
B.Advanced Notification Engine
C.CiscoWorks Dashboard
D.Management Center for CSA
Answer: A

21.What is the benefit of using the Cisco Easy VPN Server feature along with the Cisco software
VPN client for implementing remote­access VPNs?
A.The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature and the Cisco software VPN client use the same GUI configuration tool to simplify remote­access VPN configurations.
B.The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature allows the Cisco software VPN client to receive its security policies from the central site VPN device. This minimizes the configuration requirements at the remote location for large remote access VPN deployments.
C.The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature and the Cisco software VPN client use hardware­based encryption
to reduce the CPU overhead of the central site VPN router.
D.The Cisco Easy VPN Server feature and the Cisco software VPN client enable scalable remote­access VPNs deployment by using a thick client/thin server model where the central site VPN router can handle thousands of incoming VPN connections.
Answer: B
22.You are about to upgrade a router with a newer IOS version, but you would like to check for known bugs first. Which tool will allow you to do this most easily?
A.Cisco Bug Toolkit
B.Cisco Bug Matrix Search functionality
D.Dynamic Configuration Tool
Answer: A

23.A customer is deploying a wireless core feature set using autonomous access points and requires Layer 2 roaming. What is a requirement when deploying this solution?
A.a minimum of one Cisco 4100 Series WLAN Controller WDS per subnet
C.a minimum of one Wireless LAN Services Module
D.all clients using Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Adapters
Answer: B

24.What are three benefits of the Cisco Adaptive Threat Defense strategy? (Choose three.)
A.using QoS techniques such as Traffic Policing to rate limit suspected traffic to prevent DoS attacks
B.automatic reconfigurations of the security devices based on current security threats
C.containment and control of security threats
D.application security E.anti­x defense F.virtual firewall
Answer: C, D, E

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