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Cisco 642-354 Exam -

Free 642-354 Sample Questions:

1.Issuing the show role command to check a defined role in an MDS 9000 Series switch will produce the following output: Role : Manage VSAN Description : vsan policy : deny Permitted vsans : 2­4 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Rule Type Command­type Feature 1. permit config * 2. deny config fspf 3. permit debug zone 4. permit exec fcping Which of the following two functions can a user with role Manage undertake? (Choose two.)
A.change fspf parameters
B.configure FC port parameters for VSAN 3
C.issue a debug command for a port
D.configure zoning for all VSANs E.check connectivity for VSAN 2
Answer: B, E

2.What two commands must be executed on an MDS 9000 family switch in order to change a dynamically assigned Domain ID 5 to a static Domain ID 10 for VSAN 10? Choose two.
A.switch(config­if)# shut fcdomain 5
B.switch(config­if)# no shut fcdomain 10
C.switch(config)# fcdomain domain 10
D.switch(config)# fcdomain domain 10 static vsan 10
E.switch(config)# fcdomain restart vsan 10
F.switch(config)# fcdomain restart disruptive vsan 10
Answer: D, F

3.Which command is used to display the list of hosts configured for Fabric Analyzer remote capture? fcanalyzer
B.clear fcanalzyer remote fcanalyzer fcanalyzer remote list
Answer: A

4.Which two of these procedures should you perform to troubleshoot connectivity between a Microsoft Windows host and its SAN­attached storage? (Choose two.)
A.Check the Windows Disk Manager to verify that storage is visible.
B.Convert all file systems to NTFS format.
C.Check the Cisco Device Manager to verify that the HBA link is up.
D.Ensure that the HBA supports both 1­ and 2­gigabit speeds.
Answer: A, C

5.When using interop mode on an MDS 9000 switch, what is the Domain ID range?
A.1 to 97
B.127 to 239
C.97 to 239
D.97 to 127
E.1 to 127
Answer: D

6.Which three of these statements are attributes of the Cisco SET? (Choose three.)
A.SET configuration is persistent.
B.SBCCS and SCSI commands are supported.
C.SET initiators can only communicate with SET targets.
D.SET requires SAN­OS 2.0 or higher and the SAN Extension IP license.
E.Only SCSI read/write commands are supported.
Answer: C, D, E

7.What command would a storage administrator use to determine the number of frames that exit the FC2/6 port? fc 2/6
C.debug fibrechannel port 2/6 interface counters brief
Answer: D

8.The Call Home feature provides what type of notification when critical events occur?
Answer: D

9.Your company has a multiswitch fabric including Switch A and Switch B. An administrator of
Switch A creates the following zoneset and successfully activates it: zoneset name ZoneSet1 vsan
1 zone name Zone1 vsan 1 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:bb Later in the day a second administrator creates the following zone set on Switch B: zoneset name ZoneSet2 vsan 1 zone name Zone1 vsan 1 pwwn 21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:03:b6 pwwn
21:01:00:e0:8b:3c:55:aa What happens when the administrator of Switch B attempts to activate
A.ZoneSet2 becomes the active zoneset for both Switches A and B.
B.The fabric segments and ZoneSet2 become the active zoneset for Switch B only.
C.The fabric segments and ZoneSet 2 become the active zoneset for Switch A only.
D.The fabric segments and ZoneSet 1 remain the active zone set for Switch B, while ZoneSet 2 becomes the active zoneset for Switch A.
Answer: A

10.The Cisco Traffic Analyzer is required to gather historical data for what type of information?
A.Class F traffic
B.SCSI session data
C.Class 2 errors
D.FC framing errors
Answer: B

11.An administrator finds these lines in the running configuration file: interface vsan1 ip address no shut What is the impact of this entry?
A.The entry sets the IP address on the management port and places it in VSAN 1.
B.The entry creates an interface for IPFC.
C.The entry sets up a common IP address to be shared by all GigE ports in VSAN 1.
D.The entry sets up a default gateway for VSAN 1.
Answer: B

12.Which three of these upper­level protocols are supported by FC­4? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, B, D

13.Which two of these items are advantages of configuring static domain IDs? (Choose two.)
A.facilitates troubleshooting
B.reduces FSPF link­state updates
C.increases switch throughput
D.ensures that persistent FCIDs will not change
E.enables LUN masking
Answer: A, D

14.You have been asked to install a Cisco MDS switch for your company. If you accept all installation defaults, which of these will occur?
A.default port state: shut default zone policy: deny
B.default port state: no shut default zone policy: deny
C.default port state: shut default zone policy: permit
D.default port state: no shut default zone policy: permit
Answer: A

15.What are four valid protocols for copying software to the MDS 9000 family switches? (Choose four.)
A.Remote Copy Service
B.Secure Copy Protocol
C.Trivial File Transfer Protocol
D.File Transfer Protocol
E.Secure Trivial File Transfer Protocol
F.Secure File Transfer Protocol
Answer: B, C, D, F

16.Which three CLI commands can be used to view remaining buffer­to­buffer credits? (Choose three.) interface fc x/y interface fc x/y brief interface fc x/y counters interface fc x/y bbcredit interface fc x/y flow­control
Answer: A, C, D

17.You are looking at the LEDs on an MDS 9500 Supervisor module. If the Status LED is orange, which statement is true?
A.The module cannot boot because of a corrupted image on the flash.
B.The diagnostic test failed. The module is not operational because a fault occurred.
C.The module is booting or running diagnostics.
D.Incompatible power supplies are installed.
Answer: C

18.When installing the Port Analyzer Adapter, how do you connect the Fibre Channel port to the MDS switch?
A.single­mode fiber and SC to LC connector
B.multimode fiber and LC to LC connector
C.single­mode fiber and LC to LC connector
D.multimode fiber and SC to LC connector
Answer: B

19.Your company is planning a SAN deployment using Fibre Channel connections from a central, highly secure data center to several less secure branch offices. Which of these security features would allow you to disable all branch office switch management ports and yet still maintain the complete suite of TCP/IP­based SAN management utilities?
B.Port Mode Security
C.Port Security
D.Overlay VSAN
Answer: D

20.An administrator reviews the running configuration of a switch that a junior administrator has prepared to be placed in a heterogeneous SAN environment. This environment includes three different brands of Fibre Channel switches. In this particular environment, only VSAN 1 is being used. Which of these attributes suggests that the switch has not been properly configured?
A.A static domain ID has been set to 0x21.
B.src­dst­ox load balancing has been selected.
C.Interop mode 3 has been selected.
D.FCC has been enabled.
Answer: A

21.Which of these modules performs hardware compression using Mode 1?
A.MPS­14/2 module
E.Supervisor Module
Answer: A

22.Inter­VSAN Routing is interoperable with other vendor switches as long as MDS switches are set to inter­op 1 mode. Where in the fabric can the other vendor switches reside for a successful implementation of Inter­VSAN Routing?
A.core switches
B.edge switches
C.distribution switches
D.remote site switches
Answer: B

23.Your storage administrator notices that the power LEDs on the Cisco MDS 9509 supervisors are displaying an orange color. What does this color indicate?
A.The switch has insufficient power and will shut down.
B.The switch has insufficient power for all modules.
C.A sensor in the power supply has discovered a fault that may lead to a power supply failure in the near future.
D.There is insufficient power to operate both supervisor modules.
Answer: B

24.A customer wants to disable CHAP authentication for a specific interface. Which command or commands should be issued?
A.switch(config)# interface gig 2/1 switch(config­if)# iscsi authentication none
B.switch(config)# interface fc2/1 switch(config­if)# iscsi authentication none
C.switch(config)# interface iscsi 2/1 switch(config­if)# iscsi authentication none
D.switch(config)# interface mgmt0 switch(config­if)# iscsi authentication none
Answer: A

25.Which services are supported by a Cisco SAN­OS AAA configuration?
A.Telnet, SSH, FM and DM logins
B.console login, FC­SP authentication, FTP
C.FC­SP authentication, FM and DM logins, TFTP
D.iSCSI authentication, FTP, FC­SP authentication
Answer: A

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