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Cisco 642-353 Exam -

Free 642-353 Sample Questions:

1. In a core­edge SAN implementation, which statement is true about oversubscription?
A.When using full­rate mode ports, there is no oversubscription in a core­edge implementation.
B.A core­edge design has manageable oversubscription, but at the cost of used ISL ports.
C.Oversubscription in a core­edge design is implemented by using N_Ports.
D.When using a core­edge design, there is only oversubscription when it is implemented in a heterogeneous environment.
Answer: B

2.A customer has 12 hosts, each capable of a maximum burst I/O rate of 75 MBps. The customer wants to connect these hosts to the fabric with a 32­port line card. For optimal performance what is the maximum number of hosts that should be connected to any four­port, host­optimized quad?
Answer: C

3.What are three reasons to implement VSANs in a Fibre Channel SAN? (Choose three.) reduce network infrastructure requirements increase data security enable port­channeling enable TCP/IP routing share SAN extension capability using EISLs
Answer: A, B, E

4.What feature of the MDS 9000 family would be most valuable in establishing a baseline of the traffic load on an existing network prior to making changes?
D.Performance Manager
Answer: D

5.What occurs in auto FCID allocation mode in the Cisco MDS 9000 Series?
A.In all cases FCIDs are manually configured.
B.All HBAs are assigned FCIDs with a whole area (port bits set to 0).
C.All HBAs are assigned FCIDs with a whole port (area bits set to 0).
D.Because the MDS 9000 Series Switches are newer, all HBAs are assigned FCIDs with both area and port bits.
E.Only HBAs without interoperability issues are assigned FCIDs with both area and port bits.
Answer: E

6.What are three key benefits of implementing a SAN using iSCSI? (Choose three.)
A.uses existing IP networking, monitoring, and management infrastructure more efficient than FC since it requires fewer encapsulations
C.maintains consistent performance over IP networks of varying distances
D.significant capital cost reduction by substituting iSCSI as a transport technology
E.extends existing FC SAN to IP connected hosts
Answer: A, D, E

7.A customer SAN design requires the use of existing non­Cisco storage switches in a core edge topology. What must be considered when attaching an MDS 9000 switch as the core device in this network?
A.Trunking is not supported between the core and edge switches.
B.Zoning cannot be used since the domain IDs are in different ranges.
C.FSPF cannot be used between the core and edge switches.
D.If VSANs are implemented in the core, IVR cannot be used.
Answer: A

8.Which statement best defines storage consolidation?
A.making an enterprise's total disk space highly available to the entire enterprise, often by placing it in a SAN
B.making an enterprise's disk space, servers, and tape libraries highly available to the entire enterprise, often by placing them in a SAN
C.making an enterprise's total storage networking less costly by using iSCSI
D.making an enterprise's total disk space highly available by transferring copies of an enterprise's total storage space to an offsite location
E.making an enterprise's total disk space highly available by connecting all of an enterprise's storage devices to one (or two) large servers
Answer: B

9.A customer has four data centers within corporate headquarters. The company owns its own fiber infrastructure and has laid dark fiber in between each of the four data centers. Each of the data centers has a storage area network that includes application servers, disk arrays, and tape devices. Servers from each of the buildings require access to storage devices in different buildings. The administrator would like to design a highly resilient topology that allows for a single hop from server to storage across data centers. Which SAN topology between the data centers would best fit this requirement?
B.collapsed core
C.partial mesh
D.full mesh
Answer: D

10.Which statement is true concerning the Cisco MDS switch when operating in native interop mode?
A.The MDS switch can interoperate with Non­MDS switches that are certified by SNIA.
B.The MDS switch can interoperate with Non­MDS switches that support "MDS Native" mode.
C.The MDS switch can interoperate with Non­MDS switches that properly adhere to Fibre Channel switch standards.
D.The MDS switch cannot interoperate with Non­MDS switches.
Answer: C

11.Which technology should be used to provide transparent low latency FC transport across a metropolitan area?
Answer: A

12.Which security technology will prevent unauthorized access through WWN spoofing, even in cases where one has physical access to fabric devices?
A.port­mode security
B.port binding
C.Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FC­SP)
Answer: C

13.Which Cisco MDS feature alleviates a head­of­line blocking condition when occasional bursts
of traffic exceed the capacity of an end device to receive data?
B.VSAN allowed list
Answer: A

14.What technology minimizes the potential for service interruption on SAN extension links?
D.Port Channeling
Answer: D

15.Select three common attributes of Gigabit Ethernet compared to Fibre Channel as a storage transport service. (Choose three.)
A.high bandwidth
B.low bandwidth
C.high latency
D.low latency E.long distance
Answer: B, C, E

16.A customer is considering designing a new storage­network infrastructure to simplify storage
network management. The existing solution uses ten 16­port 1­Gbps Fibre Channel switches. Two
of the switches are deployed as core switches, and the remaining eight switches are deployed as edge switches. Each edge switch has an ISL to each of the two core switches. The disk array has four 1­Gbps Fibre Channel interfaces. Two interfaces connect to each of the core switches. Each
of the 96 servers has a single 1­Gbps Fibre Channel host bus adapter. Which configuration would provide equivalent or better performance while simplifying infrastructure management?
A.two Cisco MDS 9140 Fabric Switches
B.two Cisco MDS 9216 Fabric Switches, each with one 32­port Fibre Channel line card Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Director with two 16­port Fibre Channel line cards and two 32­port Fibre Channel line cards Cisco MDS 9506 Multilayer Director with four 32­port Fibre Channel line cards
Answer: D

17.Which statement is true about LUN zoning in a heterogeneous environment?
A.Hardware­enforced LUN zoning helps to ensure that LUNs are accessible by all hosts.
B.Use LUN zoning instead of LUN masking to centralize management in mixed storage environments.
C.LUN zoning requires no special configuration on storage arrays.
D.LUN masking should be used in all situations.
Answer: B

18.Which SFP and media­type combination do you recommend for a high­speed 10­kilometer link between two Cisco MDS switches?
A.2­GbpsW, LC SFP, 50/125­micron multi­mode media
B.2­GbpsW, LC SFP, 62.5/125­micron multi­mode media
C.2­GbpsW, LC SFP, 9/125­micron single­mode media
D.2­GbpsW, LC SFP, 50/125­micron single­mode media
Answer: C

19.Select two Cisco value­added Fibre Channel features. (Choose two.)
A.FSPF routing
B.8­bit/10­bit encoding and decoding
C.VSAN­based QoS
D.Fibre Channel Congestion Control
E.Fibre Channel Security Protocol (FCP) support
Answer: C, D

20.What provides storage virtualization from IBM?
A.Advanced Services Module (ASM)
B.Caching Services Module (CSM)
C.Storage Services Module (SSM)
D.Cisco MDS 9000 32­port 1/2­Gbps FC Module
E.IP Multiprotocol Services Module
Answer: B

21.A large credit card processing firm is adding a second data center to support business continuance. What is the recommended solution for extending the SAN to the second data center
if both data centers are active?
A.asynchronous replication using FCIP
B.dual homed servers, and IP connectivity using multiple paths
C.iSCSI installation and a bridge the Ethernet network to the Fibre Channel fabric
D.synchronous replication using DWDM
Answer: D

22.Select three characteristics of the Cisco coarse wave division multiplexing (CWDM) solution. (Choose three.)
A.multiplexes up to eight wavelengths across a single fiber pair
B.supports a maximum connection length of 220 kilometers
C.supports both linear and ring topologies
D.requires OADMs (optical add/drop multiplexers) to aggregate multiple wavelengths across the same fiber pair
E.can be optically amplified to extend the distance characteristics
Answer: A, C, D

23.What are three key benefits of Cisco's collapsed­core switch configuration? (Choose three.)
A.ease of management
B.increased port channel utilization
C.reduction in equipment and installation cost
D.higher effective port count
E.reduction in total disk space requirements
Answer: A, C D

24.Which design topology will typically provide the lowest hop­count and least number of switches?
B.collapsed core
E.partial mesh
Answer: B

25.When designing a SAN, what is considered to be the most significant security threat?
A.Denial of Service attacks
B.Management Access
C.WWN Spoofing
D.FC_ID Spoofing
E.Host to Storage data paths
Answer: B

26.Which factor would enable an administrator to determine the maximum amount of I/O traffic that can be supported by a given server?
A.the operating system
B.the application suite
C.the ability to multiplex I/O streams
D.the number of I/O buses and the bandwidth of each bus
Answer: D

27.Which two will allow a fully loaded Cisco MDS 9509 Multilayer Director to meet the 2190­W
requirement? (Choose two.)
A.two 110­V power supplies in redundant mode
B.two 220­V power supplies in redundant mode
C.two 110­V power supplies that are placed into combined power mode
D.two 110­V power supplies that are placed into active/standby power mode E.two 110­V power supplies that are placed into primary/backup power mode Answer: B, C

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