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Cisco 642-291 Exam -

Free 642-291 Sample Questions:

1.Which component of the Cisco Works 2000 Server is responsible for discovening the network and device information for Campus applications?
D: Resource Manager Essentials (RME)
Answer: A

2.What is the default user account used to configure the Cisco Works 2000 Server?
A: cisco
B: admin
C: cisco works
D: administrator
E: There is no default,one must be configured.
Answer: B

3.What does Cisco Management Connection(CMC)provide?(choose two)
A:links Cisco TAC Case Management
B:access to any custom HTTP-enabled service
C:access to all third-party management applications
D:access to any NMS platform with Integratlon Utility installed
Answer: A, B

4.What should you do if devices are not initially discovered by ANI?
A: validate that CDP is enabled on the device
B: ensure that SNMP RMON is enabled on all managed devices
C: confirm that the Telnet and Enable passwords are set correctly the device.
D: confirm that the SNMP read-write community string is set correctly on the device.
Answer: A

5.Which two methods can be used to display how two devices are physically connected in Topology Services?(Choose two.)
A:display labeis for nodes
B:view the Link Attributes report
C:view the Device Attributes report
D:place the mouse over the link in a topology map
Answer: A, B

6.Which three are components of Cisco Works 2000 CD One?(Choose three.)
A:Cisco Vlew
B:Network Map
C:Integration Utility
D:Cisco Works 2000 Server
E:Resource Manager Essentials(RME)
Answer: A, B, C

7.Which two software components are required to use Cisco View?(Choose two)
A:Java plug-In
B:Integration Utility
C:Device Packages
D:Resource Manager Essentlals(RME)
Answer: A, B

8.The User Tracking table in Campus Manager can Display an end user's______.(choose three)
A:logln name
B:device type
C:default gateway
D:DNS host name
E:switch port number
Answer: A, B, C

9.Which two are wvlid retrieval options for the Network Management Integration Database (NMIDB)?(choose two)
B: local file system
C: import from NMS
D: Cisco Connection Online (CCO)
Answer: A, B

10.Which account in the Windows OS should be used to install CD One?
A: root
B: guest
C: admin
D: administrator
Answer: D

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