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Cisco 642-181 Exam -

Free 642-181 Sample Questions:

1. Cisco Unified Presence works with which two Cisco Unified Communications Manager versions? (Choose two.)
A. 3.x
B. 4.x
C. 5.x
D. 6.x
Answer: C, D

2. When migrating from Cisco Unified Communications Manager Release 5.x to Release 6.x, what is the fastest way to assign line appearances to users?
A. Manually edit each user account from a line-based user to a line-appearance-based user.
B. Use Cisco Unified Communications Manager BAT to migrate users from line-based users to line-appearance-based users.
C. Delete and reprovision users to have line-appearance mappings.
D. The upgrade automatically handles the migration from line-based user to line-appearance-based user.
Answer: B

3. A Cisco Unified Presence Solution integrated with Microsoft is being deployed. Which component is optional?
A. Microsoft Office Communicator
B. Microsoft Exchange 2003
C. 2007
D. Microsoft Office Communications Server
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager server
F. Cisco Unified Presence server
Answer: B

4. Which option is a peripheral component of Cisco Unified Presence?
A. sync agent
B. profile agent
C. SIP presence engine
D. SIP proxy
Answer: B

5. The phone status of a user is not updating automatically during use. What is the most likely problem?
A. The user is not associated with a line appearance.
B. The user is not logged in to Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.
C. SUBSCRIBE calling search space on the SIP trunk to Cisco Unified Presence is set incorrectly.
D. The Rerouting and Out-of-Dialog Refer settings are incorrectly set to Default.
Answer: C

6. A Cisco Unified Communications solution is being deployed as follows:
includes Cisco Unified Presence
integrates with Microsoft Office Communications Server
used for remote call control of Cisco Unified IP phones
What must be taken into consideration for scalability?
A. the hardware platform being used by Cisco Unified Presence
B. the hardware platform being used by Cisco Unified Communications
C. the type of Cisco Unified IP Phone being controlled
D. the version of Microsoft Office Communicator
Answer: B

7. Which Cisco Unified Personal Communicator file will be least helpful in troubleshooting?
A. UnifiedClientInstall.log
B. CiscoUnifiedPersonalCommunicatorHelpMenu.txt
C. SystemInfo.txt
D. UnifiedClientLog4CXX.txt
Answer: B

8. Which software components are unsupported in Cisco Unified Presence Release 6.0.1?
A. Cisco Unified Communication Manager Release 6.0 and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator Release 1.2
B. Cisco Unified Communication Manager Release 5.1 and Microsoft Active Directory
C. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express 2.0 and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express VT Release 1.2
D. Cisco Unity 5.0 (for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2007)
E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 4.x
Answer: E

9. Microsoft Office Communicator is being integrated with a Cisco Unified IP Phone for remote call control. What is the purpose of the Cisco Unified Presence server?
A. SIP/SIMPLE control of the Cisco Unified IP Phone
B. presence federation between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Microsoft Office Communications Server
C. Cisco Unified Presence is not used in this integration
D. converting CSTA (ECMA TR-87) messaging used by Microsoft Office Communications Server to CTI messaging used by Cisco Unified Communications Manager, and vice versa
Answer: D

10. In which application are Cisco Unified Presence users licensed?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager administration
B. LDAP backend server administration
C. Cisco Unified Presence server administration
D. third-party administration
Answer: A

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