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Cisco 642-165 Exam -

Free 642-165 Sample Questions:

1. Which step can be used to trap runtime script err ors and recover gracefully?
A. set
B. call subflow
C. on exception goto
D. get reporting statistic
Answer: C

2. Which three tasks are supported by the cisco supervisor desktop?
A. push a web page to an agent s cisco agent desktop
B. chat with an agent
C. log in an agent
D. change an agent s state to ready
E. send an email to an agent
Answer: ABD

3. A preview outbound dialer uses which source and destination resources?
A. a CTI port to the custormer
B. the ACD line of the agent to the customer
C. the personal line of the agent to the customer
D. a CTI port the agent then redirected to the customer
Answer: D

4. Presence integration is a Cisco unified CCX teature available in which of these packages?
A. premium, enhanced,and standard
B. premium only
C. premium with high availability only
D. premium and enhanced\
Answer: A

5. Which step would you use to get information about the numbet of contacts currently in queue?
A. get contact info
B. get session info
C. get call contact info
D. get reporting statistics
Answer: D

6. What is the maximux number of concurrent emails an agent can have ?
A. 1 email
B. 2 emails
C. 5 email s
D. 10 emails
Answer: C

7. How do you remove a phantom call (sometimes also referred to as ghost call) that is stuck in queue in the CSQ real-time report?
A. log out all agents
B. restart the browser-based real-time reporting client
C. select the phantom call from the list of waiting contacts and select clear contact from the tools menu
D. reset the real-time reports
Answer: C

8. If you have not configured the database subsystem,what is the status of the database subsystem on the control center page of appadmin?
A. partial service
B. out of service
C. shutdown
D. not configured
Answer: B

9. Which three tasks can an agent perform using email?
A. save the response as draft
B. send the response to supervisor
C. transfer the amail to another CSQ
D. transfer the email to another agent
E. delete the email
F. mark the email as junk
Answer: A C D

10. Which type of information is available from the cisco unified contact center express control center?
A. database repliccation status
B. systerm parameters configuration
C. date and time of most recent failure
D. cisco unified communications manager cluster status
Answer: A

11. Which configurationg enables a cisco unified contact center express server to fail over to a secondary cisco unified communications manager server when the primary server fails?
A. no special configuration is needed
B. configure LDAP with a secondary phone
C. configure a second cisco unified communications manager telephone user with an alternate range of CTI ports
D. configure the telephone provide with a primary and secondary cisco unified communications manager IP address
Answer: D

12. Which three tasks can an agent perform on the cisco agent desktop?
A. chat with an SME
B. send an email to an SME
C. send enterprise data to an SME
D. transter a call to an SME
E. see the ACD state of an SME
Answer: ACD

13. Which two features are added when upgrading from cisco unified CCX standars to enhanced?
A. agent routing
B. historical reporting
C. conditional routing
D. priority queuing
Answer: AD

14. Which two are possible root causes for the application subsystem going into part ial service status?( choose two)
A. cisco unified communications manager telephone provider problen
B. CTI route point problem
C. CTI port group problem
D. script problem
E. system deadlock problem
Answer: DE

15. In a cisco unified contact center experss deployment with cisco unified communications manager express. Which feature is able on the cisco agent desktop?
A. recording
B. monitoring
C. embedded browser
D. call-control buttons
Answer: C

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