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Cisco 642-162 Exam -

Free 642-162 Sample Questions:

1.When would the Cisco Supervisor Desktop fail to show an agent that is logged in?
A.The agent is not ready.
B.The agent is not on a call.
C.The agent is an IP phone agent.
D.The agent is not in the team currently being viewed by the supervisor.
Answer: D

2.What are three of the fields used in defining a CSQ in IPCC Express Enhanced? (Choose three.)
A.WrapUp Time
B.Service Level
C.Overflow CSQ
D.Agent Name
E.Automatic Work
F.CRS Application
Answer: A, B, E

3.What formula do you use to calculate the number of agents in a Call Center?
A.Erlang B
B.Erlang C
D.VG ports + IVR ports
Answer: B

4.What types of orders are exempt from using the IPCC Express Configuration and Ordering Tool?
A.orders for coresident deployments
B.orders for adding more seats
C.orders for upgrading from standard
D.orders with less than five seats
E.all orders require using the IPCC Express Configuration and Ordering Tool
Answer: E

5.What issues notification messages for CRS engine errors?
Answer: A

6.When a valid SQL Query in a DB Read step returns 0 rows, which branch of the step will be executed?
B.SQL Error
D.Connection Not Available
Answer: C

7.What is the Flush Input Buffer setting used for in the Input tab of the Menu step? release memory held by the prompt variable clear the value of the menu choice before the prompt is played prevent the previous value from being used again on the menu choice prevent the caller from entering a menu choice before the prompt has played
Answer: B

8.How are CTI ports in a CTI Port Group added on the CRS Server?
A.They must be created in Cisco Unified CallManager in ascending order (i.e., 1001, 1002, and 1003) with no gaps or missing numbers in the group.
B.They can be assigned as a range of ports in CRS Application Administration.
C.They are the same as the CTI Route Points in the Cisco Unified CallManager and automatically built in CRS when they are associated with the JTAPI user.
D.They are the same as the CTI Route Points in the Cisco Unified CallManager and automatically built in CRS when they are associated with the RM JTAPI user.
Answer: B

9.Which statement is true about the default e­mail address used in the E­mail Subsystem Configuration page?
A.If no From field is specified with an address in the Send E­mail step, it will use the default.
B.All Send E­mail steps are automatically sent as a Blind cc: to the default.
C.Alarms that are generated by the CRS Server are automatically sent to it.
D.If no e­mail contact is specified in the Create E­mail step, the default is used.
Answer: A

10.What is the maximum number of CTI ports for a Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4.0 Standard deployment?
D.varies based on the number of expansion servers used
E.varies based on the number of applications configured
Answer: C

11.CiscoWorks IP Telephony Environment Monitor (ITEM) provides what two serviceability capabilities? (Choose two.)
A.Tool to collect syslog messages from multiple sources
B.User Tracking to track IP telephones
C.Diagnostic trace tools to analyze connectivity
D.Monitoring of Cisco voice elements
E.Problem alerts for operations personnel
Answer: D, E

12.Which step is designed to prompt a user to press or say a single­digit number to perform a specific function?
B.Get Digit String
C.Get Call Contact Info
D.Extended Get Digit String
Answer: A

13.Which of the following are automatically configured on the CallManager when entered on the CRS Application Administration? (Choose three.)
A.CTI port
B.CTI Route Point
C.agent skills
D.JTAPI user
E.CRS prompt language
F.ASR provider
Answer: A, B, D

14.Which three Cisco CRS upgrade paths are supported? (Choose three.)
A.Cisco CRS 2.2 to Cisco CRS 3.5
B.Cisco CRS 2.2 to Cisco CRS 4.0
C.Cisco CRS 3.1 to Cisco CRS 4.0
D.Cisco CRS 3.5 to Cisco CRS 4.0
E.Cisco CRS 4.0 to Cisco CRS 3.0
F.Cisco CRS 4.0 to Cisco CRS 4.5
Answer: A, C, D

15.In addition to writing information to a trace file, the Cisco CRS System sends standard event logging messages to a syslog server through which service?
Answer: B

16.A customer with IPCC Express Standard reports that a script using the Database steps is not working. What is the most likely root cause?
A.The script probably has an error in the DSN configuration.
B.IPCC Express Standard is not licensed for Database steps.
C.The script probably has an error in the query string.
D.There is probably an interoperability problem between IPCC Express and the database.
Answer: B

17.An organization wants to collect an account number from a customer via IVR prompting. Then, using a keystroke macro, they want to pop the account number into the account number field in the agent's CRM desktop application. The keystroke macro will also initiate the CRM desktop application, executing a database lookup from the CRM Database server to retrieve the customer record. Assuming the organization wants the lowest cost solution, what product does this organization need for this capability?
A.IPCC Express Standard
B.IPCC Express Enhanced
C.IPCC Express Premium
D.IPCC Enterprise
Answer: B

18.What is the maximum number of skills that a CSQ can be associated with when configuring IPCC Express Enhanced?
Answer: F

19.What is the maximum amount of Cisco Agent Desktop downtime after a failover when using high availability in Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4.0?
A.10 seconds
B.30 seconds
C.45 seconds
D.60 seconds
Answer: D

20.In IPCC Express 4.0, where is product licensing stored, and how can configured licenses be viewed?
A.stored in local files, viewed in CRS License Update Utility
B.stored in LDAP, viewed in CRS Application Administration
C.stored in local files, viewed in CRS Application Administration
D.stored in LDAP, viewed in CRS License Update Utility
Answer: B

21.The Cisco CRS Server must be configured to communicate and interoperate with the Cisco CallManager. Which two must be configured on the Cisco CRS Server? (Choose two.)
A.Application Management to load applications
B.JTAPI Subsystem with the JTAPI Call Control Group
C.Database Subsystem communication with LDAP Directory
D.JTAPI Subsystem with the JTAPI provider
Answer: B, D

22.Which Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4.5 platform set supports the embedded internet browser in the Cisco Agent Desktop?
A.Premium only
B.Enhanced and Premium only
C.Standard, Enhanced, and Premium
D.Cisco Unified Contact Center Express does not support embedded internet browser
Answer: A

23.Which agent will be selected when the Resource Selection Criteria is set to circular routing?
A.the agent who has been in the Available state for the longest amount of time
B.the next available agent with the highest priority, as determined by the agent order in the Resources list
C.the next available agent, based on the last agent selected and the agent order in the Resources list
D.the agent assigned to the selected Resource Group and is thus qualified to be selected
Answer: C

24.Which of the following step libraries is included in the license for IPCC Express Standard?
A.ICM steps
B.e­mail steps steps
D.database steps
Answer: C

25.In IPCCX, skills can be assigned to which of the following configuration objects?
B.Skill Groups
C.competence levels
D.Resource Groups
Answer: A

26.Which three components are installed from the Cisco CRS Installer media? (Choose three.)
A.iPlanet Web Server
B.Cisco CRS Engine
C.Cisco IP Telephony Windows 2000 Server OS
D.Cisco Unified CallManager
E.Cisco Recording F.MS SQL Server
Answer: B, E, F

27.Cisco Unified CallManager and Cisco CRS use what interface for call control?
Answer: D

28.An Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 4.0 deployment requires support for 20 concurrently logged­in agents. The agents are split across two remote sites, and the high­availability Cisco CRS Engine, Database Server, VoIP Monitoring, and Recording server processes run at a central data center. The agents will be using CAD with Cisco Unified IP Phone 7960G and end­point monitoring. Very little recording and silent monitoring will be performed, and no historical reporting will be done during call center open hours. Assume the minimum number of servers is desired. How many Cisco Unified Contact Center Express hardware servers would be required for this Cisco Unified Contact Center Express deployment?
Answer: B

29.Which two items does the Cisco CRS 4.5 Installer always install on the system? (Choose two.)
A.Cisco Unified CallManager
B.Cisco Unified CallManager BARS Utility
C.Java plug­in
D.SQL 2K Server
Answer: B, C

30.Which Subsystem needs to be configured before JTAPI triggers can be set to receive non­ASR
calls exclusively?
C.Cisco Media
D.Nuance ASR
Answer: C

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