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Cisco 642-143 Exam -

Free 642-143 Sample Questions:

1.You want to classify and mark the packets that are received by a router from a Catalyst 2900 XL.
Your supervisor wants you to retag the packets at the router. The connection from the switch to the router must be a trunk in order to carry the Layer 2 CoS markings. The router interface is a Fast Ethernet interface. Which three steps will you use to correctly map 802.1p to DSCP on this L2 switch to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)
A.router(config)#class­map match­any CoS5 router(config­cmap)#match cos 5
B.router(config)# policy­map dot1p­to­DSCP router(config­pmap)# class CoS5 router(config­pmap­c)#set dot1p dscp AF11
C.router(config)# interface fa0.1 router(config­subif)#encapsulation 802.1p router(config­subif)#service­policy input DSCP­to­CoS
D.router(config)#class­map match­any 802.1p router(config­cmap)#match dscp 5
E.router(config)# policy­map CoS­to­DSCP router(config­pmap)# class CoS5 router(config­pmap­c)#set
ip dscp AF11
F.router(config)# interface fa0/0.1 router(config­subif)#encapsulation isl 1
router(config­subif)#service­policy input CoS­to­DSCP
Answer: A, E, F

2.The Clinton Howe Weights and Measures Company wants to send CDRs to a syslog server. Which two options are required? (Choose two.)
A.The CDR collection must be enabled from the CLI.
B.The syslog server IP address must be configured using the logging command.
C.The CDRs must be sent to the syslog server using the gw­accounting syslog command.
D.The logging file must be initialized using the logging buffered command.
Answer: B, C

3.Which protocol is required for an IP Phone to register with Cisco CallManager Express?
Answer: A

4.The Acme Rocket Corporation is integrating their existing Octel voice mail system with Cisco
CallManager Express. The Octel voice mail system has four ports and a voice mail pilot point of 53222. How should the CallManager Express be configured to support this integration?
A.A separate VoIP dial peer needs to be configured for the four pilot point numbers.
B.Four dial peers need to be configured with the same pilot point number.
C.Four ephone­dns and four ephones need to be configured with the same pilot point number.
D.Four ephones and four dial peers need to be configured with the same pilot point number.
Answer: B

5.A user dials 95551234. Which of the following configurations will send the digits 4085551234 to the PSTN?
A.dial­peer voice 1 pots destination­pattern 9555? prefix 408 port 1/0:23
B.dial­peer voice 1 pots destination­pattern 9555? forward­digits 10 port 1/0:23
C.num­exp 555? 408555? dial­peer voice 1 pots destination­pattern 9555? port 1/0:23
D.translation­rule 5 rule 1 ^9555 408555 dial­peer voice 1 pots destination­pattern 9555?
translate­outgoing called 5 forward­digits all port 1/0:23
Answer: D

6.You wish to verify that the pilot point number has been configured correctly in your CUE module. Using the show ccn trigger command provides the following output: cue­10­0­0# show ccn trigger Name: 6800 Type: SIP Application: voicemail Locale: en_US Idle Timeout: 5000 Enabled: yes Maximum number of sessions: 8 Name: 6700 Type: SIP Application: autoattendant Locale: en_US Idle Timeout: 5000 Enabled: yes Maximum number of sessions: 8 cue­10­0­0# What pieces of information can you derive from this output? (Choose two.)
A.The voice­mail pilot point number is 6800.
B.The number of ports available is 16.
C.The idle timeout is 5 seconds.
D.The operator can be reached at extension 6800. E.The voice­mail application is enabled.
Answer: A, E

7.The system administrator at Knox Booksellers wants to connect to the PSTN via FXO port 1/0/0. The number assigned to this line by the telco is 408­555­1212. Which configuration will route all incoming calls to a shared line with an extension of 2000?
A.voice­port 1/0/0 description 408 555­1999 connection plar 4085551999 2000
B.voice­port 1/0/0 description FXO 4085551999 connection plar 2000
C.voice­port 1/0/0 description FXO 4085551999 translate incoming­called 4085551999 2000
D.voice­port 1/0/0 description 408 555­1999 connection plar ephone­dn 2000
Answer: B

8.Four steps are necessary for backing up CUE. Step 1: Take CUE offline. Step 2: Step 3: Initiate the backup. Step 4: Bring CUE back online. Which option best describes Step 2?
A.Specify the name of the backup file.
B.Specify the file size limit for backup.
C.Set the FTP server to which the backup will be written.
D.Set the CUE backup schedule option to "immediate".
Answer: C

9.Cisco CallManager Express is being implemented in a standalone environment with PSTN interfaces. Which two of these represent valid options for fax support? (Choose two.)
A.Make the fax machine appear to be an SIP device by connecting it to an ATA.
B.Make the fax machine appear to be an H.323 device by connecting it to an ATA.
C.Make the fax machine appear to be an SCCP device by connecting it to an ATA.
D.Connect the fax to an FXO port of the Cisco CallManager Express router.
E.Connect the fax to an FXS port of the Cisco CallManager Express router.
Answer: C, E

10.What are two main purposes of QoS marking? (Choose two.)
A.Sort traffic into different service classes for QoS treatment.
B.Signal network devices about which QoS mechanism should be employed to meet the requirements of a particular service class.
C.Set fields in IP packets and identify packets as belonging to specific classes of service.
D.Allow edge devices to select the QoS level on an application­by­application basis.
Answer: B, C

11.The IP Phone network administrator at Mercer General Communications needs to find the bundle for Cisco CallManager Express that contains the following files: P00303020214.bin P00403020214.bin CP7050101SCCP030530B31.zup telephony_service.html admin_user.js ephone_admin.html Which two files should the network administrator download from (Choose two.)
Answer: B, D

12.Which technology is used to provide both an auxiliary VLAN and a native VLAN capability between a Cisco switch and a Cisco IP phone through a single port?
Answer: A

13.Which of the following are functions of an IP voice gateway? (Choose two)
A.translate analog voice to packetized voice
B.provide call admission control
C.provide far­end call control
D.transition call path between different networks
Answer: A, D

14.The Sam Adams ComCorr Co. wants to set up multicast MOH functionality to enable the streaming of music from an MOH server to the voice interfaces of on­net and off­net callers that are placed on hold. Which type of signaling is implemented in Cisco CallManager to ensure that this can happen?
Answer: B

15.Ninety­eight users share an E1 connection to the PSTN in your IP telephony service. They all require voice mail. Which three hardware components can be used? (Choose three.)
A.2821 Integrated Services Router
B.3725 Router
F.NM­2V with VWIC­MFT­E1
Answer: B, C, E

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