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Cisco 642-112 Exam -

Free 642-112 Sample Questions:

1.In a customer network scenario consisting of less than 3 routers and more than 10switches, choose the appropriate network management feature to monitor or maintain theinstalled solution? (Choose two.)
A:Cisco Security Device Manager
B:support for RMON
C:support for Nmap
D:support for NETSTAT
E:Cisco Cluster Management Suite
Answer: A, E

2.You have been asked for an integrated solution of products for a customer??s 90-person facility. You sell a solution you are so confident in that you do not feel the need to test it. After the equipment arrives at your facility, you assemble and test it using your PC and a server you have at your shop: everything works fine.
You install at the customer site. When the customer employees arrive the next day, everything works until shift change. While both shifts are on-site, traffic is slow and many users are unable to access many of their resources.Whose failure is this? (Choose two.)
A:It is your failure because you did not test the equipment under a load.
B:It is the customer??s failure because they did not mention shift changes.
C:It is your failure because you did not properly size the components for load.
D:It is the service provider??s fault because their cabling cannot handle the load.
Answer: A, C

3.Which feature is supported in Call Manager but not supported in Call Manager Express(version 3.1 and earlier)?
A: Call Park
B: Hunt Groups
C: Fast Dial Support
D: Call Extension Mobility
Answers: D

4.You need to provide an on-site pilot project for a multi-technology deployment on the customer's network. The customer wants to determine how well Cisco products work in comparison to another vendor. You make
a proposal and set up the pilot project. Now you discover that the project will not work the way the customer wants. The change involves a more expensive router on one part of the project.What should you do now? (Choose two.)
A:Do nothing. You can substitute the new router and worry about it later.
B:Write a brief analysis and propose an entirely new solution, then discuss it with the customer.
C:Write a brief analysis and ask for time to substitute a different router in the lab so it can be tested before bringing it to the pilot project.
D:Research what product must be used, document what the newly-discovered issue is, and open a case with TAC to see if you can resolve the issue on the current product.
E:Order the next highest router in the series. They will deal with it.
F:Order additional memory, swap out the CPU, and upgrade the IOS to enhance the current router.
Answers: C, D

5.What is important to discover about competitive products? (Choose three.)
A:service life of the components
B:chassis type of the components
C:power supply ratios of the components
D:relevant performance characteristics
E:sustained throughput statistics under test conditions
F:sustained throughput statistics under real load
Answers: A, D, F

6.When considering more than one vendor's products for a network deployment, what factor is important to network device interoperability?
A: common power requirements
B: physical asynchronous interfaces
C: similar software versions
D: support for a common authentication protocol
E: similar amounts of device memory
Answers: D

7.You have been asked to show how to integrate security with routing without using a PIX. The customer wants a solution for deploying into employee homes that will use the Internet. The solution must permit the use of an IP phone in the employee’s home and only one other box, which needs to be a small router. The router will also have to provide VPN service back to the customer’s home office. The customer wants proof the solution works.How should you proceed?
A: Show the customer a CPAC document from another customer.
B: Take the customer to another customer??s network which has a similar design, for a demonstration.
C: Put together a working pilot and ask for an employee willing to be the test person.
D: Ask the customer to come to your office to see what you have working.
Answer:: C

8.What three tools can you use to perform a survey of a customer facility for a multi-technology network? (Choose three.)
A:review old invoices
C:review old network diagrams
D:interview their old vendor
E:run a network analyzer on the segment
F:run a network discovery agent
Answers: B, C, F

9.You had a long interview with the client. You surveyed the current deployment and have a good idea what the customer wants and when they want it. You are ready to start doing research. What else do you need to know to start researching the project?
A: number of ports to install
B: budget for the project
C: dates for the completion of the project
D: physical layout of the facility
Answers: B

10.Identify the factors that may introduce a risk or threat to a single converged network.(Choose three.) A:location of authentication server
B:lack of use for VLANs
C:incorrect use of groups within authentication server
D:PCs on same broadcast segment
E:lack of MAC address filtering
Answers: B, D, E

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