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Cisco 642-081 Exam -

Free 642-081 Sample Questions:

1.Due to limitations affecting voice quality, which of the broadband speeds shown is preferred in order to achieve highest voice quality on a converged data and voice teleworker connection?
A.DSL with 128k uplink /128k downlink
B.cable with 256k uplink /256k downlink
C.DSL with 128k uplink /768k downlink
D.cable with 256k uplink /1.4M downlink
Answer: D

2.Select a key benefit of DSL.
A.TCP packet sizes can be optimized by the router so there is no IPSec or AAL5 padding.
B.The local loop is a dedicated connection for a single subscriber to the DSLAM.
C.Access to the WAN media uses a poll/response mechanism so no two subscribers transmit at the same time.
D.There are no distance requirements from the Central Office (CO).
Answer: B

3.Which integrated security feature is not provided by the Cisco Business Ready Teleworker solution?
A.Stateful Inspection Firewall
B.Intrusion Detection System
C.Spam Filtering
D.802.1­based Authentication
E.Proxy Authentication
F.URL Filtering
Answer: C

4.Why would the network manager elect to implement a configuration that includes GRE tunnels for a teleworker deployment? Choose two.
A.GRE can use transport mode and save up to twenty bytes per packet.
B.The corporate network includes many discontinuous blocks of IP networks and requires split tunneling.
C.The corporation's primary application is based on IP multicast.
D.Without GRE, there is no means to detect a head­end failure.
E.GRE would enable path MTU discovery.
Answer: B, C

5.Authentication for user data traffic is important, but so is authentication for IP voice traffic. The Cisco 830 802.1 feature provides an easier method for allowing IP voice traffic through the VPN, because it __________. Choose two.
A.requires access lists to identify the voice traffic
B.can allow traffic from a device without 802.1X authentication, by MAC address
C.can allow traffic from Cisco IP phones by listening to their CDP advertisements
D.allows all packets marked with a ToS of 5 to bypass authentication
E.allows all IP voice packets to bypass authentication via stateful inspection
Answer: B, C

6.What is the best way to ensure that IKE/ISAKMP packets are not dropped when QoS is enabled on the uplink interface of the Teleworker router?
A.QoS and IPSec should never be used together.
B.IKE/ISAKMP packets are DiffSERV codepoint CS6, so the traffic is never dropped.
C.Source IKE/ISAKMP packets off the loop­back address.
D.Classify IKE/ISAKMP packets so they are appropriately prioritized.
Answer: D

7.Your Service Provider does not support Link Fragmentation and Interleave, but upstream serialization delay on your broadband link is affecting voice quality. Which two mitigation strategies are viable? Choose two.
A.Upgrade your residential broadband service to at least 768kbps uplink.
B.Switch your home router to use PPP encapsulation.
C.Use the ip tcp adjust­mss interface command.
D.Employ QoS techniques to drop large data packets.
E.Use traffic shaping to interrupt large data packets.
Answer: A, C

8.Easy VPN operates in two modes. Although Client Mode has advantages, there are environments where it should not be used. Choose two.
A.Teleworker devices must be accessed from the central site (server, printers).
B.IP addressing is simplified.
C.The Teleworker LAN is a transit networking for routing.
D.An Enterprise application does not function with Network Address Translation.
E.The Teleworker router is an MPLS PE node.
Answer: A

9.The LAN­side of the Teleworker router is assigned private IP address space (RFC1918), and the VPN topology is IPSec­only (no GRE protocol). When is it required to configure NAT/pNAT on the Teleworker router?
A.when all access to the Internet is through the IPSec tunnel
B.when there is direct Internet access via split­tunneling
C.when there is no Internet access configured through the Teleworker router
D.whenever you have IOS­Firewall (CBAC) configured
Answer: B

10.When should you enable Network Address Translation Transparency (NAT­T) on the Teleworker?
A.when a router between the Teleworker router and the head­end VPN router is doing NAT/pNAT and does not support IPSec pass­through
B.when the Teleworker router itself is doing NAT/pNAT
Answer: A

11.Choose the true statement regarding QoS pre­classify.
A.QoS pre­classify permits making QoS decisions based on elements from the unencrypted IP packet.
B.QoS pre­classify is required when encrypting voice.
C.QoS pre­classify is an advantage to Service Providers transporting encrypted packets.
D.QoS pre­classify is not designed for IPSec/GRE configurations.
Answer: A

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