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Cisco 642-072 Exam -

Free 642-072 Sample Questions:

1. Your customer is concerned about security on their Cisco Unity Unified Messaging installation. Which twosteps can they take to improve security? (Choose two.)
A. Install antivirus software.
B. Perform a nightly backup.
C. Keep voice­mail messages on the box.
D. Install Cisco Security Agent for Cisco Unity.
E. Isolate Cisco Unity behind a separate firewall.
Answer: A, D

2. Some Cisco Unity Unified Messaging users complain that they cannot make a TRaP connection whenattempting to play and record messages through their desktops. What is a possible cause of this?
A. A firewall separates these users from Cisco Unity.
B. These users are not licensed for Unified Messaging.
C. These users need to have their Exchange mailboxes modified to allow access.
D. The Cisco Unity server does not have a sufficient number of Unified Messaging licenses.
Answer: A

3. You are attempting to manage subscribers on other Cisco Unity servers. When you attempt to connect, you are denied access. What is the probable cause?
A. You can use only Terminal Services for this function.
B. You do not have permissions and must run the Grant Unity Access utility.
C. You cannot manage Cisco Unity servers located outside your dialing domain.
D. The Cisco Unity server you are attempting to reach has the Cisco Security Agent for Unity installed.
Answer: B

4. You are setting up VLANs for integration with IP telephony. Cisco Unity must reside on which VLAN?
A. on the same VLAN as the Cisco Unified CallManager
B. on the same VLAN as the messaging servers
C. In a voice­mail­only environment on the voice VLAN, in Cisco Unity Unified Messaging it does not matter.
D. The voice VLAN is preferable, but not mandatory.
Answer: B

5. Which is not a consideration when planning for capacity on the Cisco Unity servers?
A. Cisco Unity platform overlays
B. Authentication logon sessions
C. Auto Attendant usage
D. TRaP usage
Answer: B

6. A customer maintains a wholly centralized Exchange messaging environment in a single data center located inDenver. The customer has a distributed Cisco Unified CallManager environment consisting of three separate clusters. These clusters support the Denver data center plus three large remote sites in Colorado Springs, Boulder,
and Montrose. The customer plans to move from their centralized 10­year­old legacy voice­mail system to
a CiscoUnity Unified Messaging system. Given the customer topology for call processing and messaging, what is your recommendation?
A. You recommend centralized and distributed Cisco Unity servers. There are many choices available to you because of the inherent call processing flexibility built in to a pureCisco Unified CallManager design.You recommend a hybrid solution to demonstrate to the customer the flexibility of the product.
B. You cannot provide an initial design at this time. The customer need for three Cisco Unified CallManager clusters has brought the design process to a standstill. Tell the customer to fully collapse the Cisco Unified CallManager clusters for Cisco Unity to fit into their environment.
C. You recommend centralized Cisco Unity systems. Cisco Unity must reside as close as physically possible to the message stores it will be servicing. Also, since Cisco Unity servers are capable of servicing more than one Cisco Unified CallManager cluster, you offer a centralized messaging and distributed call­processing design.
D. You recommend distributed Cisco Unity systems. Cisco Unity must reside as close as physically possible to the Cisco Unified CallManager clusters, and Cisco Unity servers must maintain a one­to­one relationship to the number of Cisco Unified CallManager clusters inthe design. At a minimum you must provide a three Cisco Unity solution and the three solutions must be distributed tophysically mirror the layout of the Cisco Unified CallManager topology.
Answer: C

7. You are asked to consult on a Cisco Unity installation at the customer branch location. Users have slow access when they log on to Cisco Unity to retrieve their messages. At the branch location there are 2000 users on each of the two Cisco Unity servers and two Exchange servers. The call traffic is relatively low. There is never a time when all ports are busy on either Cisco Unity server. At headquarters there are two Cisco Unity servers, two Exchange servers, and a domain controller/global catalog server. How can you solve the issue at the branch location?
A. The Exchange Optimizer application should be run on both messaging stores.
B. An additional Exchange server should be added to the remote site.
C. A domain controller/global catalog server with name resolution should be added to the remote site for authentication.
D. More fiber­optic­level bandwidth should be added between the Cisco Unity servers and the Exchange servers.
Answer: C

8. Which Cisco Unity component does VERITAS Backup Exec back up that the Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Tool does not?
A. routing rules
B. SQL database
C. operating system
D. off­box messages
Answer: C

9. A customer has Cisco Unity installed in a distributed call­processing configuration. At their remote location,one of their two Cisco Unity Unified Messaging servers experiences a catastrophic failure. Your customer wants to use the recent Cisco Unity Disaster Recovery Tool backup to restore the failed server user database to thefunctioning Cisco Unity server. What do you tell the customer?
A. This will work only if the user database does not exceed 7500 users on the functioning server.
B. This will work if all the user Exchange aliases are unique.
C. The Disaster Recovery Tool will restore only to the default Cisco Unity database. D. VERITAS Backup Exec must be used in this scenario.
Answer: C

10. Which statement about the DiRT backup is true?
A. It can be restored to a functioning Cisco Unity of the same software level.
B. It can be restored to a functioning Cisco Unity of an upgraded software level.
C. It can be restored to a Cisco Unity platform with only the operating system installed.
D. It can be restored to a Cisco Unity platform with the operating system and SQL installed.
Answer: A

11. The Cisco Unity Internet Voice Connector performs which task on incoming VPIM messages?
A. sets the address type to VOICE
B. converts the message to MAPI format
C. routes messages to the UOmni mailbox
D. converts voice attachments to the G.729a audio format
Answer: B

12. The storage of a 60­second Cisco Unity voice­mail message in Exchange using G.711 codec will require approximately how much message space?
A. 480 KB
B. 60 KB
C. 1 MG
D. 180 KB
Answer: A

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