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Cisco 642-055 Exam -

Free 642-055 Sample Questions:

1.Which three of these items are IPv6 transition mechanisms? (Choose three.)
D.automatic 4to6 relay tunnels
E.dual stack configurations
F.manually configured overlay tunnels
Answer: C, E, F

2.Your customer wants to build a network for a financial trading floor that has a requirement for multiple high­value transactions, which are also vital to the customer. What are the two most critical requirements? (Choose two.) single point of failure database server location
C.redundant application servers location
D.deterministic response to all failures
E.determine which protocol to use
Answer: A, D

3.Which of these tools should you use to compress VoIP packets on a low­speed Frame Relay circuit?
A.RTP header compression
B.TCP header compression
C.FRF.9 payload compression
D.Predictor payload compression
E.Cisco proprietary payload compression
Answer: A

4.You are working with a client to deploy QoS on their Frame Relay WAN. They would like to be able to allow packets to cross the Frame Relay WAN but have them marked as discard eligible if they exceed the QoS policy. How would you accomplish this task?
A.Configure a service policy that sets the DE bit and apply it to the serial interface connected to the Frame Relay WAN.
B.Configure a policy map that has a burst­max action of setting the DE bit if the policy is exceeded.
C.Configure a class map that sets the DE bit so that the policy map can correctly apply a violate­action if the policy is exceeded.
D.Configure a policy map that has a violate­action to change the DE bit from 0 to 1.
Answer: D

5.With a VPN Accelerator Module 2+ (VAM2+) installed in a Cisco 7200 series router, what will be the resulting action when entering the command no crypto engine accelerator slot number?
A.removes the VAM2+ crypto engine feature and disables the associated configuration commands from the router
B.disables the crypto engine hardware acceleration, resulting in all crypto functions to be performed in software
C.disables dual VAM2+ hardware stateful failover capabilities
D.disables OIR on the VAM2+ module
Answer: D

6.Which command displays only those entries in a BGP table with specific AS_PATH attributes? ip bgp regexp ip bgp paths ip bgp community­list ip bgp inconsistent­as
Answer: A

7.When an IP packet is Layer 3­switched from a source in one VLAN to a destination in another VLAN, which field in a packet will be rewritten?
A.Layer 2 TTL
B.Layer 3 TTL
C.Layer 3 source address
D.Layer 3 transport protocol
E.Layer 3 destination address
Answer: B

8.Which QoS mechanism will allow a single policy to be applied to multiple interfaces?
A.class map
B.policy map
C.service policy
Answer: C

9.How many subnets are possible in an enterprise that has just been assigned an IPv6 prefix by its ISP?
Answer: E

10.What is the most likely reason that an IBGP route that has been selected as a best route is not entered into the IP routing table?
A.The next­hop address is unreachable.
B.No loopback interface has been configured on a router.
C.BGP synchronization has been enabled.
D.Route reflectors are not passing updates properly.
Answer: C

11.You are working with a client to classify the different types of application traffic they will have
on their network and to assign a QoS value to each traffic flow. The client has identified the following applications: Internet traffic, Oracle, network­based backups, AOL Instant Messenger, IP routing, voice, and voice signaling. Given these types of applications, how many different classes will need to be configured in QoS?
Answer: C

12.Which tool allows a LAN client to determine which router should be the first hop to a particular remote destination, allowing simplified client configuration and processing without creating a single point of failure?
A.Proxy ARP
B.Dynamic Routing Protocol
Answer: D

13.Your customer recently acquired a smaller competitor. The acquired company is not currently using Cisco routers, so you have connected the two WANs via an authenticated PPP link. After configuring both routers, issuing the show interface s0/0 command on the Cisco router shows the interface to be in the up/down state. Which two of these are possible causes? (Choose two.)
A.MTUs do not match.
B.Bandwidth statements do not match.
C.IP addresses are not in the same subnet.
D.CHAP passwords do not match.
E.CDP versions do not match.
Answer: A, D

14.You are configuring the Cisco IOS Firewall Websense URL Filtering feature set on a Cisco 3800 Series ISR. What would the Cisco IOS command ip urlfilter exclusive­domain permit do?
A.Specifies the only domain for which traffic should be allowed.
B.Specifies the URL for the location of the Firewall Websense URL filtering server.
C.Specifies the domain for which the firewall should permit traffic without sending lookup requests.
D.Specifies that the designated domain receives exclusive traffic priorities.
Answer: C

15.What is the maximum number of Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series switches that can be united into a single manageable unit using the Cisco StackWise technology?
Answer: C

16.While troubleshooting a network outage, you discover that an employee brought a switch from home into the office to connect additional equipment to the network. In order to increase his speed, he connected this switch to both network ports in his office, resulting in a bridge loop. Which of these can you implement to prevent future occurrences of this issue?
B.root guard
C.BPDU guard
Answer: C

17.When EIGRP is used as the PE­CE routing protocol, which of these statements is correct?
A.Configuration of the VPN is only required on the PE router.
B.EIGRP can be used only as the PE­CE routing protocol if the PE and CE routers are in the same AS.
C.When using EIGRP as the PE­CE routing protocol, EIGRP does not require a VRF.
D.Unlike other routing protocols that are used between PE and CE routers, EIGRP supports backdoor links.
E.Other EIGRP AS routes are automatically advertised to the CE router and do not require a redistribution configuration command to be configured.
Answer: A

18.Which Cisco IOS command is used to troubleshoot a problem in which a BGP session stays in the active state?
A.debug ip bgp events
B.debug ip tcp events
C.debug ip bgp updates
D.debug ip tcp updates
E.debug ip bgp transactions F.debug ip tcp transactions
Answer: F

19.Which command is used to view IPv6 parameters related to the BGP process? ip bgp ipv6 bgp bgp ipv6 ip bgp ipv6 protocols ipv6
Answer: C

20.Which two statements are correct in verifying SPFv3 IPv6 routing configurations? (Choose two.)
A.OSPFv3 router ID is now 128 bits instead of 32 bits.
B.OSPFv3 area ID and link­state ID are now 128 bits instead of 32 bits.
C.OSPFv3 is enabled per­link, not per­network.
D.OSPFv3 requires router to be running CEF.
E.When configuring a broadcast interface, OSPFv3 requires a list of OSPFv3 neighbors to be manually configured.
Answer: C, D

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