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Cisco 642-053 Exam -

Free 642-053 Sample Questions:

1.Which three protocols can be used by the NAC solution to implement its functions? (Choose three.)
Answer: B, D, E

2.Which two features can SDM 2.0 configure? (Choose two.)
A.resource monitoring
Answer: A, C

3.What is the purpose of the dialer­list command when configuring a router to initiate a dial­on­demand routing ISDN call?
A.It defines call destination parameters.
B.It defines what constitutes interesting traffic.
C.It provides for optional call parameters.
D.It assigns a dialer­group to an interface.
Answer: B

4.Cisco's Long Reach Ethernet (LRE) is based on Ethernet over which type of DSL service?
Answer: D

5.Which two commands assign multiple ISDN BRI interfaces to a single hunt group? (Choose two.)
B.multilink ppp
C.interface dialer
D.dialer hunt­group
E.dialer rotary­group
Answer: C, E

6.LCP is responsible for the negotiation of which function?
A.IP address
B.modulo size
C.error correction
D.frequency on the link
Answer: C

7.Which type of IGMP message is sent when a network client wants to join a multicast group? membership query membership report membership status membership notification
Answer: B

8.What are the two modes of operation for the EZ VPN Remote? (Choose two.)
A.Client mode with NAT/PAT
B.Client mode without NAT/PAT
C.Network Extension mode with PAT
D.Network Extension mode without PAT
Answer: A, D

9.Which parameter will be used to determine when to disconnect an idle established DDR call, when the line is needed to place a DDR call to a different destination?
A.The time specified by dialer idle­timeout.
B.The time specified by dialer fast­idle.
C.The value configured by dialer load­threshold.
D.The presence of interesting traffic designated for a different destination will force an immediate disconnect.
Answer: B

10.Which Catalyst switch has modules tailored for VoIP?
Answer: D

11.Which T1 controller command is used to configure the controller for ISDN PRI operation?
D.isdn switch­type
Answer: C

12.Which QoS technique avoids the problems that occur when tail drop is used as the congestion avoidance mechanism on the router?
Answer: B

13.You have used CRWS to set up an auto EZ VPN connection using Client mode with PAT. Which statement is true about the connection?
A.The connection uses the IP address of the outside interface to base the PAT address on and uses all other physical interface configurations.
B.The connection ignores the physical outside address and uses addresses from the server for the both the inside and the outside addresses.
C.The connection uses the IP address of the outside interface to base the PAT address on and uses server­supplied addresses for the inside interface and workstations.
D.The connection ignores the outside IP address and uses one supplied by the server, while the inside addresses are used from the physical DHCP configuration of the client router.
Answer: D

14.What is the purpose of a CSU/DSU in a leased T1 WAN configuration?
A.It provides encryption and compression for the security of transmitted data.
B.It multiplexes individual 64K channels into a single circuit.
C.It channelizes the leased T1 line into multiple 64K circuits.
D.It provides signal timing for communications and interfaces to the digital transmission facility. E.It converts the analog T1 signals into digital signals for the router interface.
Answer: D

15.Which statement is true about the STP Path Cost on a particular port?
A.It is known only to the local switch where the port resides.
B.It can be modified to help determine Root Bridge selection.
C.Modifying it can cause TCN BPDU to be sent to the Root Bridge.
D.When increased, it can provide higher bandwidth to a connecting port.
Answer: A

16.You have decided to change the IP address of the inside network on a Cisco 800 broadband router using CRWS to with an IP address on the router's inside interface of You have made NO manual changes to the configuration.What will the IP
addressing look like on the router on the inside interface?
A.There will be one address on the inside interface of
B.There will be a 10.x.x.x address on the inside interface as a primary and will be secondary.
C.There will be the address on the inside interface as a primary and a 10.x.x.x address as secondary.
D.There will be a 10.x.x.x address on the main inside interface and a sub­interface will have been created with the address installed on it.
Answer: B

17.A company has unique dial requirements for each branch site that communicates with a central site router. Which two commands permit multiple physical interfaces on a central router to be shared by multiple remote sites while retaining their unique site requirements? (Choose two.)
A.dialer pool
D.dialer hunt­group
E.dialer pool­member
Answer: A, E

18.Which three features are provided by the new ASIC in the Cisco Integrated Services Router platform? (Choose three.)
A.provides a nonblocking high­speed bus to each interface and slot on the router
B.processes any specific services
C.allows DSP resources to be shared between all interfaces
D.optimizes packet flow to and from CPU to improve efficiency
E.accelerates QoS and ACL processing
F.provides time of day and calendar used for validating certificates from a certificate authority
Answer: A, C, D

19.Which technology allows a service provider to support overlapping customer VLAN IDs over transparent LAN services?
A.802.1q tunneling
Answer: A

20.The new AIM­VPN module for the Cisco Integrated Services Router provides how many times better performance than the previous AIM­VPN modules?
Answer: C

21.Which statement describes the term "multilayer switching"?
A.switches that operate at the access, distribution, and core layer of the design model OSI Layer 1 and 2 bridging technique
C.a technique to provide hardware switching of Layer 3 unicast packets
D.a flow­based Layer 3 packet routing methodology
Answer: C

22.Which of the following are valid framing types on a T1 controller? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, D

23.Which services are common to AH and ESP?
A.confidentiality, data integrity, and anti­replay service origin authentication, confidentiality, and anti­replay service integrity, data origin authentication, and anti­replay service
D.confidentiality, data integrity, and data origin authentication
Answer: C

24.Which DTP switchport mode parameter sets the switch port to actively send and respond to
DTP negotiation frames?
B.trunk negotiate
D.dynamic desirable
E.dynamic auto
Answer: D

25.What does the dialer fast­idle command specify in a DDR environment?
A.the amount of idle time before dropping link on a line with contention
B.the amount of idle time before dropping link on a line without contention
C.the amount of idle time before dropping link on a line with no interesting packets sent
D.the amount of idle time before dropping link on a line with no interesting packets received
Answer: A

26.In which three HSRP states do routers send hello messages? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, D, E

27.What is a characteristic of a static VLAN membership assignment?
A.VMPS server lookup
B.easy to configure
C.ease of adds, moves, and changes
D.based on MAC address of the connected device
Answer: B

28.What are the optional components of the 36 port HDSM?
A.Power Daughter Card and one GE­TX port
B.Power Daughter Card and two GE­TX ports
C.Dual Power Daughter Card and one GE­TX port
D.Dual Power Daughter Card and two GE­TX ports
Answer: B

29.What command will specify IEEE 802.1Q as the encapsulation method for a trunked port on a Cisco IOS switch?
A.Switch(config­if)#switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
B.Switch(config­if)#switchport trunk encapsulation isl
C.Switch(config­if)#switchport encapsulation dot1q
D.Switch(config)#switchport 0/1 trunk encapsulation isl
Answer: A

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