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Avaya 6401.1 Exam -

Free 6401.1 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You want to install ContactStore on a PC separate from the VoiceMail Pro PC. Which three steps would you need to complete for ContactStore to function separately? (Choose three.)
A. Verify that the Voice Recording Library on the VoiceMail Pro server is shared on the customer's network.
B. Verify that the ContactStore service has read and write permissions to the Voice Recording Library Share.
C. Verify that the ContactStore registry settings have been updated to see the Voice Recording Library share.
D. Verify that the VoiceMail Pro registry settings have been updated to point to the Voice Recording Library share.
E. Verify that the ContactStore licenses have been loaded onto the PC running the ContactStore application.
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 2
A remote user wants to gain access to the network when using the RAS server.Under which two conditions would you create an IP route? (Choose two.)
A. when the remote user's dial-up connection method contains a DHCP address that is on a different subnet
B. when the user is on the same subnet as the IP Office
C. when the remote user's dial-up connection method contains a static IP address that is on a different subnet
D. when the IP Office's DHCP mode is set to Server or Dial In and the PC connection method is set to Obtain an IP Address Automatically
Answer: A,C

Q: 3
A user (ext. 199) reports that their IMS client displays an error message when attempting to ring a phone.
What are three reasons that would prevent the IMS program from calling the phone? (Choose three.)
A. The user profile in Manager has "199" entered as the user name.
B. The phone is set for "Do Not Disturb".
C. The user's "Multi Line Option" is set to "Answer Pre-select"
D. The user mailbox is set to "Blank" under Outlook Tools/Integrated Messaging.
E. The user's profile has "System Phone" is set to "On".
Answer: A,B,D

Q: 4
Which Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) options are available in the IP Office?
A. Disabled, Enabled
B. Server, Enabled, Client
C. Server, Disabled, Client, DialIn
D. Server, Client, Disabled
Answers: C

Q: 5
Which two are used to turn on Small Community Networking within the main IP Office 500? (Choose two.)
B. FastStart
C. Voice Networking
D. Professional License Enabled
Answers: C,D

Q: 6
How much space does a recording in VoiceMail Pro use on a hard drive?
A. 1MB per minute
B. 500KB per minute
C. 2MB per minute
D. 1.5MB per minute
Answers: A

Q: 7
Which two e-mail protocols are used by VoiceMail Pro to perform voicemail to e-mail? (Choose two.)
A. POP 3
Answers: B,C

Q: 8
A customer is receiving calls to a hunt group and the callers are reporting that they are being forced to wait much longer than VoiceMail Pro reported to them during the queued message. What is a possible cause for this?
A. The hunt group has a priority set to 1.
B. The hunt group has a priority set to 3.
C. There are two routes going to the hunt group. Each has different priorities set.
D. Users in the hunt group have inconsistent priority settings. The users with a priority set to 3 are always busy.
Answers: C

Q: 9
What information do you need from a customer to be able to reproduce a call park problem? (Choose three.)
A. accurate description of the problem
B. a System Monitor trace of the problem
C. a Network Assessment
D. the system configuration
E. information on the phones and lines being used
Answers: A,D,E

Q: 10
When using Small Community Networking which two features require the Small Community Advanced License to function? (Choose two.)
A. Hot Desking
B. Hot Desking across the SCN
C. playing queued announcements
D. Break Out dialing
Answers: B,D

Q: 11
What line type supports the IP Office R 4.2 mobile call control functionality?
B. SIP (RFC2833)
C. IP Line (H.323)
D. Analogue Trunk
Answers: B

Q: 12
You have a customer who has loop start analog trunks. Their callers report that the line rings much longer than the internal extensions ring.What is a possible cause of this problem?
A. The line prefix has not been correctly configured.
B. The Ring Off Maximum settings for the trunks are too high.
C. Trunks are set for Loop Start ICLID on the IP Office.
D. The trunk is supplying a long Caller ID string and the Long CLI option has not been checked in Manager.
Answers: C

Q: 13
IP Office has a feature, "Conference Meet Me" which allows users to join or start a specific numbered conference.
Which IP Office Platform does NOT support "Conference Meet Me"?
A. IP Office 401ng
B. IP Office 500 Professional
C. IP Office 403
D. IP Office 500 Standard
Answers: D

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