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Cisco 640-861 Exam -

Free 640-861 Sample Questions:

1.The state hospital has six clinics spread throughout the state connected to the main hospital facility through dedicated links. Doctors practicing in the state have online access to patient diagnostic, scheduling and billing data in various hospital databases. The hospital has signed new agreements with three insurance providers and they are planning to open a new clinic on the opposite side of the state. The new clinic will have a trauma center which will require constant communication with the local emergency dispatch center.
What additional information should you obtain about applications in use on the network?
A. the authentication methods used by the application
B. the routing protocols supported by the application
C. the application data-link layer overhead
D. the applications' level of criticality

2.A small state college is planning to improve the performance of their campus network, in particular the dorm network. Which information provided by the college is least relevant to the new design?
A. location of wiring closets
B. number of users
C. applications used
D. speed of the network

3.You are proposing a multi layer switching solution with multiple paths to a global organization. The proposal is to replace their current non-redundant network of routers. Which three benefits of multi layer switching would you emphasize when you present your proposed design to the organization's board of directors? (Choose three.)
A. smaller broadcast domains
B. increased network availability
C. increased security due to VLAN functionality
D. increased network performance
E. fast convergence due to OSPF protocol use
F. increased throughput due to multiple paths
Answer:B, D, F

4.Clothes-R-US department store has an internal network connecting all their stores to two locations: head office and a backup site. They mainly do file transfers and use private addressing ( They want to provide e-commerce service by connecting their two main sites to an ISP. Four e-commerce servers (two in head office and two in backup site) will be accessible by the public. No other inbound public access and no outbound public access will be allowed. They are assigned a Class C subnet for their servers by the ISP. In setting up the routers connecting to the ISP (one in head office, one in backup site) what routing advertisement(s) would be sent by their two routers to the ISP?
A. routes and
B. routes and
C. route
D. Address translation will be required to advertise active routes to the ISP.
E. No route advertisements are sent.
F. Proxy servers will configure static routes and will only respond to route requests by the ISP.

5. An existing Cisco customer has called for help with designing a new solution for its changing needs. The first issues the customer wants to address are security, logging, and troubleshooting. On which major functional area and which submodule of the Enterprise Composite Network Model will you be keying your efforts?
A. Enterprise Edge; Internet Connectivity
B. Enterprise Campus; Network Management
C. Service Provider; ISP
D. Campus Infrastructure; Building Access
E. Enterprise Campus; Campus Infrastructure
F. Edge Distribution; Call Detail Log

6.Which IP telephony component controls, processes, and delivers the voice stream?
A. IP telephone
B. inline power switches
C. Cisco CallManager
D. voice gateway

7.In which three places can a network design be verified and tested? (Choose three.)
A. a live network
B. a pilot network
C. a prototype network
D. a design network
E. a trial network
F. a mock-up network
Answer:A, B, C

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