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Cisco 640-821 Exam -

Free 640-821 Sample Questions:

1.What is the default configuration register setting on most Cisco routers?
Answer: C

2.Which statements are true regarding ICMP packets? (Choose two.)
A.They acknowledge receipt of TCP segments.
B.They guarantee datagram delivery.
C.They can provide hosts with information about network problems.
D.They are encapsulated within IP datagrams.
E.They are encapsulated within UDP datagrams.
Answer: C, D

3.Which statements accurately describe CDP? (Choose three.)
A.CDP is an IEEE standard protocol.
B.CDP is a Cisco proprietary protocol.
C.CDP is a datalink layer protocol.
D.CDP is a network layer protocol.
E.CDP can discover directly connected neighboring Cisco devices.
F.CDP can discover Cisco devices that are not directly connected.
Answer: B, C, E

4.Why is the show processes command used on a router before a debug command is entered? verify the IOS version that is running verify the amount of space in flash memory view the number of timers that are currently in use verify that the CPU utilization is low enough to handle the effects of a debug command check if the load meter file has enough space left to store the output of the debug command
Answer: D

5.Which of the following commands displays the configurable parameters and statistics of all interfaces on a router? running­config startup­config interfaces processes versions
Answer: C

6.If NVRAM lacks boot system commands, where does the router look for the Cisco IOS by default?
Answer: C

7.Which Layer 4 protocol is used for a Telnet connection?
Answer: B

8.What is the subnet address of
Answer: C

9.What is the purpose of flow control? ensure data is retransmitted if an acknowledgment is not received reassemble segments in the correct order at the destination device provide a means for the receiver to govern the amount of data sent by the sender regulate the size of each segment
Answer: C

10.During the boot sequence, a 2600 series router needs to locate and load an operating system. What is the default order the router uses to find an operating system?
A.Flash, TFTP server, ROM
B.Flash, TFTP server, RAM
C.Flash, NVRAM, TFTP server
D.ROM, TFTP server, Flash
E.Flash, ROM, TFTP server
Answer: A

11.What is the subnet address for the IP address
Answer: C

12.Which two statements describe the IP address (Choose two.)
A.The subnet address is
B.The lowest host address in the subnet is
C.The last valid host address in the subnet is
D.The broadcast address of the subnet is E.The network is not subnetted.
Answer: B, D

13.An administrator issues the show ip interface s0/0 command and the output displays the line Serial0/0 is up, line protocol is upWhat does "line protocol is up" specifically indicate about the interface?
A.Keepalives are being received on the interface.
B.The cable is attached properly.
C.CDP has discovered the connected device.
D.A carrier detect signal has been received from the connected device.
E.IP is correctly configured on the interface.
Answer: A

14.Which command will reinitialize the router and totally replace the running configuration with the current startup configuration?
A.router# reload
B.router# copy tftp startup­config
C.router# copy startup­config running­config
D.router# copy running­config flash
E.router# setup F.router# restart
Answer: A

15.How will a Cisco 2600 series router respond if the conditions listed below exist during the boot process? 1) The IOS image in flash is missing. 2) No network connectivity is available. 3) The router fallback IOS image is corrupt.
A.The router will enter setup mode.
B.The router will enter ROM monitor mode.
C.The router will enter global configuration mode.
D.The boot will hang until an IOS is available.
E.The router will enter the prompted setup dialog.
Answer: B

16.A router receives a packet on interface The source IP of the packet is and the destination is How will the router handle the packet?
A.The destination is a host on another subnet, so the router will not forward the packet.
B.The destination is a host on the same subnet, so the router will forward the packet.
C.The destination is a broadcast address, so the router will not forward the packet.
D.The destination is a network address, so the router will forward the packet.
Answer: C

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