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Cisco 640-811 Exam -

Free 640-811 Sample Questions:

1. What are the general recommendations regarding the placement of access control lists? (Choose two.)
A. Standard ACLs should be placed as close as possible to the source of traffic to be denied.
B. Extended ACLs should be placed as close as possible to the source of traffic to be denied .
C. Standard ACLs should be placed as close as possible to the destination of traffic to be denied .
D. Extended ACLs should be placed as close as possible to the destination of traffic to be denied .
Answer: B, C

2. The command ip route 100 was configured on a router named Corporate. No routing protocols or other static routes are configured on the Corporate router yet. Which statement is true about this command?
A. This command sets a gateway of last resort for the Corporate router.
B. The number 100 indicates the number of hops to the destination network.
C. The interface with IP address is on the Corporate router.
D. The command creates a static route for all IP traffic with the source address E.Packets destined for host will be sent to
Answer: E

3. Which command is required for connectivity in a Frame Relay network if Inverse ARP is not operational?
A. frame­relay arp
B. frame­relay map
C. frame­relay interface­dlci
D. frame­relay lmi­type
Answer: B

4. If all OSPF routers in a single area are configured with the same priority value, what value does a router use for the OSPF router ID in the absence of a loopback interface?
A. the IP address of the first Fast Ethernet interface
B. the IP address of the console management interface
C. the highest IP address among its active interfaces
D. the lowest IP address among its active interfaces
E. the priority value until a loopback interface is configured
Answer: C

5. To configure the VLAN trunking protocol to communicate VLAN information between two switches, what two requirements must be met? (Choose two.)
A. Each end of the trunk line must be set to IEEE 802.1E encapsulation.
B. The VTP management domain name of both switches must be set the same.
C. All ports on both the switches must be set as access ports.
D. One of the two switches must be configured as a VTP server.
E. A rollover cable is required to connect the two switches together.
F. A router must be used to forward VTP traffic between VLANs.
Answer: B, D

6. If an ethernet port on a router was assigned an IP address of, what is the maximum number of hosts allowed on this subnet?
A. 1024
B. 2046
C. 4094
D. 4096
E. 8190
Answer: C

7. Which address represents a unicast address?
Answer: E

8. How does replacing a hub with a switch affect CSMA/CD behavior in an Ethernet network?
A. It effectively eliminates collisions.
B. In increases the size of the collision domain by allowing more devices to be connected at once.
C. It decreases the amount of time that a jam signal must be sent to reach all network devices.
D. It reduces the total amount of bandwidth available to each device.
E. It eliminates Layer 3 broadcast traffic.
Answer: A

9. Access list 1 has been written to allow host access to the router vty lines. What command would assign this access list to the virtual terminal lines?
A. router(config­line)# ip access­group 1 in
B. router(config­line)# access­class 1 in
C. router(config­line)# ip access­list 1 in
D. router(config­line)# access­line 1 in
Answer: B

10. A Catalyst 2950 needs to be reconfigured. What steps will ensure that the old configuration is erased? (Choose three.)
A. Erase flash.
B. Restart the switch.
C. Delete the VLAN database.
D. Erase the running configuration.
E. Erase the startup configuration.
F. Modify the configuration register.
Answer: B, C, E

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