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Avaya 6007.1 Exam -

Free 6007.1 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer plans to deploy an Avaya ACETM Application Integration Engine (AIE) version 3.2. As part of the definition of the project scope of work, the technician wants to ensure the appropriate operating system is installed on the host server.
Which software operating systems (OS) is supported?
A. 32-bitor 04-bit Windows 2003 OS
B. 32-bit or 04-bit Windows 2008 OS
C. 32-bit Windows 2003 OS or64-bit Windows 2008 R2 OS
D. 64-bit Windows 2008 OS only
Answer: C

Q: 2
A global bank has an Avaya High Availability (HA) ACE™ system Installed, and wants to deploy the Hot Decking application. The customer wants to ensure high availability and reliability for application users. Which additional hardware and operating system is required beyond the Avaya HA ACE™ base to support the solution?
A. One additional Linux server for the Avaya ACE™ base and two Linux or Windows servers to host the Application IntegrationEngine(AIE) software.
B. Two additional Linux servers for the AvayaACE™base and twoLinux or Windows servers to hostthe AIE software.
C. TwoWindows servers to host the AIEsoftware.
D. No additional hardware, the AvayaACE™and AIC software will co-reside on the same server.
Answer: C

Q: 3
A technician is deploying a Microsoft Desktop Enablement (Web Browser and Office Add-ins) solution and has used the Avaya ACE™ Configuraor interface to build the add-in install packages for the end users. Which action should be taken to verify the Avaya ACE™ configuration is valid?
A. Using the Avaya ACE™GUI, ensureOfficeAddinEnabled and BrowserAddingEnableduser groupsarepresentin the list of Avaya ACE™usergroups.
B. Using the WebSphere Administrative Console, ensure theOffiecAddinEnabledandBrowserAddingEnabledservicesare Started.
C. Using theWindows serverconsole,run the Addin_service_control.bat file and ensure theOffiecAddinEnabled and BrowserAddingEnabled services are Started.
D. Using the Application Integration Engine (AIE) GUI Status window, ensure theOffiecAddinEnabled and BrowserAddingEnabled services are Started.
Answer: A

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