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Avaya 6005.1 Exam -

Free 6005.1 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A customer is preparing to install software on the CPMG Server and would like to display the boot sequence on the system terminal for the BIOS ROM, and Operating System Which port on the CPMG services this information?
A. Frontface TTY Port 2
B. Frontface TTY Port 1
C. Backplane 3-port connection TTY Port 0
D. Frontface Embedded LAN (ELAN) port0
Answer: B

Q: 2.
A customer purchased a new Communication Server 1000E SA system with five media gateways which include MG 1: CPMG (Call Server, Signaling Server, Media Gateway Controller) MG2: Media Gateway Controller MG3: Media Gateway Controller MG4: Media Gateway Controller MG5: Media Gateway Controller Which statement is true regarding the configuration of Media Gateway 1?
A. The Call Server and Media Gateway share the same ELAN IP address
B. The Call Server, Signaling Server, and Media Gateway share the same ELAN IP address.
C. The Call Server and Media Gateway have different IP addresses
D. The call Server, Signaling Server, and Media Gateway have different IP addresses
Answer: C

Q: 3.
A technician is upgrading an exiting option 11C Rls. 5.5 system to a Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 7.0 standard Availability with a single Media Gateway 1000E chasses . A CPMG, Co-Resident Server card is being deployed during the upgrade. This is a stand-alone system that is not part of a larger network so the CPMG will act as its own Primary Security Server Which supplication deployment combination will be deployed on the CPMG server for this customer?
Answer: A

Q: 4.
A technician has previously scheduled Subscriber Manager to build a new telephone account for the subscriber John Smith at midnight. However, the next morning it is discovered an account has not been provisioned What should be done next?
A. Look at ss_common logs in Linux base
B. Within UCM, look at OAM logs under Tools->logs
C. Within UCM, look at Security Event logs under Tools-> logs
D. Look at cs_console logs in Linux base
Answer: B

Q: 5.
A Customer has deployed a Communication Server000 Rls. 7.0 system at their site Their states department is expanding and has asked that five new telephones be added with the same capabilities as the existing telephones in the department Which programming command should be used to complete this task?
A. Move to DN
B. Move form TN
C. Copy from DN
D. Copy from TN
Answer: D

Q: 6.
A technician is planning to implement a single IP telephony node for a Co-Resident Communication Server (CS) 1000E system at release 7.0 Which components can be configured within the node?
A. Virtual trunk gateways, virtual loops, Personal directory, IM and presence publisher
B. SMRN for MAS, SIP Line Gateway, Personal Directory
C. IP Media services, SIP Line Gateway, Personal directory, SIP Gateway
D. SIP Line Gateway, TPS, Personal directory, AML link, Voice gateway codecs
Answer: C

Q: 7.
A CUSTOMER WITH A Communication Server (CS) 1000E Rls. 5.5 with two IPMGs is upgrading their system to release 7.0 The upgraded system will have two IP Media Gateways Which two statements are true regarding DSP resources for the IP Media Gateways in the upgraded system? (Choose two)
A. DSP resources are no longer required for inter-IPMG calls
B. DSP resources are localized to a particular IPMG where the DSP resource is located
C. DSP resources are considered system resources and are not localized to a particular chassis
D. DSP resources are required for TDM to IP calls
Answer: B, D

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