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Sybase 510-702 Exam -

Free 510-702 Sample Questions:

1.Which stored procedure displays the SQL command executing for each connection?
A. sp_iqtransaction
B. sp_iqconnection
C. sp_iqcontext
D. sp_iqstatus
Answer: C

2.Which of the following statements are TRUE about Sybase IQ transaction control?
A. Individual rows may be locked
B. Individual blocks may be locked
C. Individual pages may be locked
D. Individual tables may be locked
Answer: D

3.The IQ transaction model allows?(Choose 2)
A. one user to modify a table at a time.
B. keeps changes invisible to users until all changes are committed.
C. updates to be seen by all users at the time of change.
D. multiple updates to a table concurrently.
E. different isolation levels.
Answer: A,B

4.Sybase IQ snapshot versioning?Sybase IQ snapshot versioning
A. allows updates to tables while users are reading the data.
B. makes new table versions available automatically without explicit commit/rollbacks.
C. stores a complete copy of each table per version.
D. supports ANSI isolation level 0 reads.
Answer: A

5.You are a DBA user and have two open connections to the database. In one connection you are creating a HG index on a table which will require another 30 minutes to build. In the second connection you attempt to issue an Alter Table to drop a column on the same table. What will happen?
A. The drop column will succeed but will not occur unt il the HG index build completes.
B. If you issue an explicit commit first, the drop column will succeed while the HG index is being created.
C. The drop column command will fail.
D. The drop column command will succeed immediately.
Answer: C

6.Using the INCREMENTAL option of the BACKUP DATABASE command?Using the INCREMENTAL option of the BACKUP DATABASE command
A. copies all blocks that have changed since the last backup of any kind.
B. copies all blocks that have changed only since the last FULL backup.
C. copies all blocks that have changed only since the last INCREMENTAL backup.
D. performs a decoupled virtual backup.
Answer: A

7.What is the order needed to restore the backups taken in the following order: (1 st ) Full backup, (2 nd ) Incremental backup, (3 rd ) Incremental-since-full backup, (4 th ) Incremental backup?
A. 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th B. 1 st , 3 rd , 4 th
C. 1 st , 4 th , 3 rd
D. 4 th , 3 rd , 2 nd , 1 st
E. 4 th , 3 rd , 1 st
Answer: B

8.How should you validate the database before a backup starts?
A. sp_iqstatus
B. sp_iqcheckdb
C. dbcc
D. sp_iqtransaction
E. sp_iqmpxvalidate
Answer: B

9.Which permissions can be inherited from group membership? (Choose 3)
Answer: A,D,E

10.Which sequence represents the permissions hierarchy Sybase IQ?
A. DBA ? Group ? Individual
B. DBA ? Individual ? Group
C. Group ? DBA ? Individual
D. Group ? Individual ? DBA
Answer: B

11.What governs the rules for user logins?
A. sp_iqaddlogin
B. Verify_Password_Function
C. User Roles
D. Login Policies
Answer: D

12.When granting special permissions to users with the GRANT command, all of the following are valid privileges EXCEPT:
Answer: C

13.User Mary is assigned to group Sales. The Sales group has DBA and RESOURCE authority and owns a table named ProductSales. Which of the following statements is TRUE?
A. Mary inherits the DBA and RESOURCE authority.
B. Mary can add users to the Sales group.
C. Mary has select rights on theProductSales table.
D. Mary does not have to specify the owner of theProductSales table.
Answer: D

14.Which command can NOT be used to assign a user to a specific login policy?
D. sp_iqaddlogin
E. sp_iqmodifylogin
Answer: A

15.What is the recommended minimum RAM for a Sybase IQ Server?
A. 1GB - 2GB per server
B. 4GB - 8GB per server
C. 1GB - 2GB per core
D. 4GB - 8GB per core
Answer: D

16.A database can be created via which mechanism? (Choose 3)
A. Utility Server
B. Any running server
C. srvbuild
D. iqinit
E. buildmaster
Answer: A,B,D

17.You have a license to run Sybase IQ with 4 cores. You are switching to a new 8 core server to run your Sybase IQ database. In order to comply with Sybase licensing you need to?
A. purchase a Sybase IQ license for an additional 4 cores.
B. set the server parameterqnumbercpus to 4.set the server parameter ?qnumbercpus to 4.
C. set the server parameterqgovern to 4. set the server parame ter ?qgovern to 4.
D. set bothqnumbercpus and qgovern server parameters to 4.set both ?qnumbercpus and ?qgovern server parameters to 4.
Answer: A

18.What will be the checkpoint interval if the switch -gc is set at 6000 minutes and -gr set at 2 minutes?
A. 3 minutes
B. 6 minutes
C. 3000 minutes
D. 12000 minutes
Answer: C

19.Based on this report, how much memory (in MB) is this Sybase IQ server using?
A. 250 MB
B. 900 MB
C. 922 MB
D. 923 MB
E. 1292 MB
Answer: C

20.Which server parameter controls the number of queries that can execute concurrently?
A. -iqmt
B. qnumbercpus?qnumbercpus
C. qgovern?qgovern
D. m?m
Answer: C

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