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Sybase 510-309 Exam -

Free 510-309 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which function or statement could be used to dynamically add a user defined Tab control to a window?
A. OpenTab()
B. OpenUserObject()
C. Create
D. CreateObject()
Answer: B

Q: 2 Which of the following can be invoked from the System Tree but not the Object Browser?
A. Edit
B. Copy
C. Regenerate
D. Inherit
Answer: D

Q: 3 The FreeDBLibrary property is associated with which object?
A. DataWindow control
B. Transaction
C. Application
D. Window
Answer: C

Q: 4 CloseWithReturn can be used with what type of window?
A. popup!
B. response!
C. main!
D. child!
Answer: B

Q: 5 Which DataWindow presentation styles CANNOT be displayed in a Web Client? (Choose 2)
A. Crosstab
B. Tabular
C. Graph
D. N-Up
E. Rich Text
F. Labels
Answer: C, E

Q: 6 For a web DataWindow, these are advantages of deploying a DataWindow container component over deploying DataWindow objects in a PBL. (Choose 3)
A. DataWindows retrieve( ) function executes faster
B. HTML Generator initialization is faster due to fewer method calls from web tier to the server
C. Connections from an EAServer Cache can only be acquired by a DataWwindow container
D. The HTML generator can be extended through adding service custom classes
E. Declarative resource settings are made from the components .Prop file
Answer: B, D, E

Q: 7 Which of the following events can be found on a button located a 4GL web page?
A. ServerAction
B. Validate
C. BeforeAction
D. FirstTime
Answer: A

Q: 8 When looking at the event list of a control placed on a 4GL Web Page, what is the significance of events displayed in blue?
A. This is an inactive event
B. This is a reserved event
C. This is a server-side event
D. This is a client-side event
Answer: C

Q: 9 Which of the following can be set in a Web Target deployment configuration? (Choose 2)
A. Page imports
B. Context parameters
C. Page directives
D. Servlet Load on Startup
Answer: B, D

Q: 10 For a ListView control, which of the following are VALID functions? (Choose 2)
A. GetItemAtPointer
B. GetObjectAtPointer
C. Sort
D. SortAll
Answer: A, C

Q: 11 Which of the following steps is NOT involved in populating a ListView control?
A. Instantiate a ListViewItem object
B. Set static ListViewItem properties
C. Insert ListViewItems into the ListView control
D. Define ListViewItem properties such as label
Answer: A

Q: 12 Which features are common to both TreeView and ListView controls assuming only PowerBuilder properties and methods are used? (Choose 2)
A. items can be sorted based on user-defined criteria
B. different images can be used to indicate the state of individual items
C. static view items can be defined at design time
D. end-users can select multiple items concurrently
Answer: A, B

Q: 13 The ___________ system class is used to create custom tab pages
A. Tab
B. DrawObject
C. UserObject
D. GraphicObject
E. NonVisualObject
Answer: C

Q: 14 Level 0 in a TreeView represents:
A. The next level of items
B. The first level of items
C. An error condition
D. The root
Answer: D

Q: 15 ____________ event is triggered only on first expansion of a TreeViewItem
A. ItemExpanding
B. ItemSelected
C. ItemPopulate
D. ItemExpanded
E. ItemChanging
Answer: C

Q: 16 FindItem() function is used in ____________
A. Tab
B. Graph
C. DataWindow
D. TreeView
E. Rich text
Answer: D

Q: 17 Cursors can be declared using which scope(s)?
A. Local, Instance, Global
B. Instance, Shared, Global
C. Instance, Global
D. Local, Instance, Global, Shared
Answer: D

Q: 18 Which of these User Object types can be used to create an object of type oleobject?
A. Standard Visual
B. Custom Visual
C. External Visual
D. Standard Class
E. Custom Class
Answer: D

Q: 19 Stored Procedures can be declared as external functions to which type of object?
A. Application Object
B. Connection
C. DataStore
D. Transaction
Answer: D

Q: 20 Changes made in the Source Editor affects the objects____________
A. immediately upon saving
B. at particular time intervals
C. after they are compiled
D. in no way, as the source editor state is read-only and system generated
Answer: A

Q: 21 ______________ is an Object Oriented Concept in which a function has more than one definition. Each version of the function has a different argument list, which is how they are distinguished.
A. Overriding
B. Overloading
C. Abstraction
D. Encapsulation
E. Inheritance
Answer: B

Q: 22 Assuming that the class n_cst_base is the ancestor to n_cst_person which is the ancestor to n_cst_employee and n_cst_manager which of the following statements are TRUE:
(Choose 2)
A. A reference variable declared with n_cst_base can reference an object of the n_cst_manager data type
B. A reference variable declared with n_cst_employee can reference an object of the n_cst_manager data type
C. All methods created on n_cst_person will be in n_cst_base, n_cst_employee, and n_cst_manager.
D. The pronoun super, when used in n_cst_manager, refers to n_cst_person.
Answer: A, D

Q: 23 What is the ClassDefinition property of an object?
A. A string containing the class name of the object
B. An object reference used for class information
C. An array of method signatures for a class
D. It contains the memory address of the object
Answer: B

Q: 24 Custom Transaction Objects are required: (Choose 2)
A. when you want to use dynamic DQL format 3 & 4
B. when you want to extend SQLCA
C. when you want to define stored procedures as methods
D. to define destination data for pipelines
Answer: B, C

Q: 25 Which of the following are TRUE with respect to methods invoked with the DYNAMIC keyword? (Choose 2)
A. The compiler's method validation is suppressed as is runtime syntax checking to the right of the DYNAMIC keyword.
B. Only object (not global) methods may be invoked with the DYNAMIC keyword.
C. If the method is an event that has a return type and the event is not found, no run time error will occur even if your code attempts to access the return value (i.e., it "fails silently").
D. If the method is a function that has a return type and the function is not found, a run time error will occur even if your code does not attempt to access the return value
E. The use of the DYNAMIC keyword results in no performance degradation.
Answer: B, D

Q: 26 The __________ function forces immediate destruction of all unreferenced objects on the heap.
A. DestroyModel ()
B. SetNull()
C. RemoveContent()
D. GarbageCollect()
E. DeleteSeries()
Answer: D

Q: 27 In what order does PowerBuilder search for variable references?
A. local, instance, shared, global
B. local, instance, global, shared
C. local, shared, global, instance
D. local, shared, instance, global
E. local, global, instance, shared
Answer: C

Q: 28 Which of the following are TRUE with respect to AncestorReturnValue? (Choose 2)
A. Its data type is always the same as the data type for the ancestor's return value.
B. Its data type is always data type ANY.
C. If the method has no return type, a reference to AncestorReturnValue returns NULL.
D. If the method has no return type, a reference to AncestorReturnValue will not compile.
E. AncestorReturnValue may be used in both Events and Functions.
F. The syntax ancestor_class_name::AncestorReturnValue may be used to access the value returned by a specific ancestor.
Answer: A, D

Q: 29 If a descendant object can only read an ancestor's instance variable, what is the variable's access?
A. privateread
B. private
C. public
D. public privatewrite
E. protectedread
Answer: E

Q: 30 Which of the following properties would be used to change the current XML template for a DataWindow Object?
A. Export.XML.UseTemplate
B. Export.XML.Template[].name
C. Data.XML
D. Data.XMLSchema
Answer: A

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