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Hyperion Solutions 4H0-712 Exam -

Free 4H0-712 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which method is used to back up an aggregate storage database?

A. MaxL alter database
B. operating system copy

Answer: B

Q: 2
What are two ways to improve dataload speed in block storage? (Choose two.)

A. load the file from the server
B. sort data files in order by Sparse dimensions
C. load the file from the client
D. sort data files in order by Dense dimensions

Answer: A,B

Q: 3
Time is a Dense dimension and QTR1, QTR2 and QTR3 are stored members. How many passes through the database result from the following calculation script? (QTR1; QTR2;) QTR3;

A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 1

Answer: B

Q: 4
When creating an aggregate storage database, which three statements are true about hierarchies? (Choose three.)

A. The first hierarchy under a dimension must be stored.
B. Stored hierarchies within a Multiple Hierarchies Enabled dimension can have shared members.
C. While not advisable, shared members can appear in the outline before their stored counterpart.
D. Dimensions tagged as Dynamic can contain both shared members and members with formulas.
E. When a hierarchy is tagged as Multiple Hierarchies Enabled, it must be label only.

Answer: B,D,E

Q: 5
You have an environment with 100 combined Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Essbase users. All 100 users require access to Planning and 50 users require additional access to native Essbase. You have purchased just enough licenses for these users. Considering e-licensing requirements, which statement is correct?

A. You have 100 Planning licenses to accommodate both Essbase and Planning requirements.
B. You have 150 native Essbase licenses to accommodate both Essbase and Planning requirements.
C. You have 50 native Essbase licenses and 100 separate licenses for Planning.
D. You have 100 native Essbase licenses to accommodate both Essbase and Planning requirements.

Answer: C

Q: 6
Part of your batch process requires exporting a subset of data with a report script. This script contains 10 columns (dense dimension members) and tens of thousands of rows. What should you do to potentially improve retrieval performance?

A. increase the Outline Paging cache
B. increase the Report Extractor cache
C. increase the Retrieval Sort Buffer size
D. increase the Retrieval Buffer size

Answer: D

Q: 7
Which two statements are true about incremental data loads? (Choose two.)

A. Incremental data loads are supported for all outlines in a block storage database.
B. Incremental data loads are supported only for outlines that do not change in an aggregate storage database.
C. Incremental data loads are supported for outlines that change in an aggregate storage database.
D. Incremental data loads are not supported in an aggregate storage database.

Answer: A,B

Q: 8
Which directory should be included in your backup process for your aggregate storage database?

A. Hyperion_Home\common
B. arborpath\locale
C. arborpath\bin
D. arborpath\app\appname

Answer: D

Q: 9
Members in the Attribute Calculations dimension should be ______.

A. used to create crosstab reports with other Measures
B. invoked without any Attribute dimension members involved
C. viewed in the Outline Editor
D. used in calc scripts

Answer: A

Q: 10
What is the effect of deleting the sparse shared member Diet Cola assuming data values exist?

A. The page file size shrinks.
B. The block size is smaller.
C. The block density increases.
D. The outline file shrinks.

Answer: D

Q: 11
When should you select User-Defined Attribute (UDA) functionality, as opposed to Attribute dimension functionality? (Choose two.)

A. when utilizing Attribute Calculations dimensions
B. when providing filtering on Dense dimensions
C. when providing crosstab reports
D. when applying attributes to multiple dimensions

Answer: B,D

Q: 12
In block storage database, data are stored in the essn.pag file. In aggregate storage, which three locations on a file system store data? (Choose three.)

A. arborpath\app\appname\default\essn.dat
B. arborpath\app\appname\data\essn.dat
C. arborpath\app\appname\common\essn.dat
D. arborpath\app\appname\metadata\essn.dat
E. arborpath\app\appname\log\essn.dat

Answer: A,D,E

Q: 13
What does the Data Cache contain?

A. the addresses of data blocks on the disk
B. a record of recently accessed data blocks
C. compressed data blocks
D. uncompressed data blocks

Answer: D

Q: 14
What does aggregate storage partitioning support?

A. transparent partition as the target.
B. aggregate storage as the source
C. block storage as the source
D. outline synchronization

Answer: B

Q: 15
When will a default calc ( CALC ALL ) calculate Two-Pass members in one pass?

A. when Time is dense and Accounts is sparse
B. when the Time tag is used and the dimension is dense
C. when the Account and Time dimensions are dense
D. when the Accounts tag is used and the dimension is dense

Answer: C

Q: 16
Incremental Restructuring is enabled. Product and Market are the only sparse dimensions. If you reverse the order of these two Sparse dimensions, what is the incremental restructuring implication?

A. restructure deferred
B. none
C. overrides incremental restructuring and restructures both index and data files
D. overrides incremental restructuring and restructures index files only

Answer: D

Q: 17
You are using the CALC DIM command to calculate a sparse dimension. Which SET CLEARUPDATESTATUS setting ensures that all blocks are tagged clean?


Answer: A

Q: 18
Which two statements are true about how IFERROR operates in MaxL? (Choose two.)

A. If an executed command after the IFERROR statement fails, IFERROR skips to a predefined label where it resumes execution.
B. IFERROR can be used only once in a batch script.
C. IFERROR can be used after every statement in a batch script
D. If a previously executed command fails, IFERROR skips subsequent statements, up to a predefined label name.

Answer: C,D

Q: 19
What are three disadvantages of a transparent partition? (Choose three.)

A. slower query and calculation performance
B. increased network load
C. old level 0 data
D. redundant storage
E. higher degree of outline synchronization

Answer: A,B,E

Q: 20
Which statement is true about an aggregated storage database?

A. Data can be loaded to pre-aggregated views.
B. Data can be loaded to both level zero and non-level zero members.
C. Data can be loaded to level zero members only.
D. Data can be loaded to non-level zero members.

Answer: C

Q: 21
What is the maximum setting for OPGCACHESIZE?

A. 1,024 KB
B. 8,192 KB
C. 500,000 KB
D. 500,192 KB

Answer: C

Q: 22
Which command allows you to optimize formula calculations in Sparse dimensions of large outlines?


Answer: A

Q: 23
Depending on how you want to balance memory usage and data retrieval time, you can customize outline paging for aggregate storage outlines by using one or more settings in the essbase.cfg file. Which three essbase.cfg settings are used for optimizing outline paging? (Choose three.)


Answer: B,C,E

Q: 24
Given the following statistics:
Dimensions D/S Actual/Stored Dimension Type
Measures Dense 20/20 Accounts
Time Dense 16/16 Time
Material Dense 20/20 None
Department Sparse 35/35 None
Products Sparse 1000/1000 None
Current Block size : 51,200 bytes
Five members of Measures dimension are changed to be Dynamic Calc and a Dynamic Time Series for YTD is added. What is the new block size?

A. 48,000
B. 51,200
C. 36,000
D. 38,400

Answer: D

Q: 25
What does the setting NETDELAY 500 represent?

A. the number of times the network will retry a connection before failing and reporting an error
B. the amount of time in seconds allowed to a Named Pipes network to establish a connection to your server
C. the number of seconds an Essbase agent thread waits for a resource to become available so it can perform a specific action
D. the amount of time in milliseconds an unsuccessful operation waits before Essbase retries the operation

Answer: D

Q: 26
Which caches are used by an aggregate storage database?

A. index cache
B. aggregate storage cache
C. data file cache
D. data cache

Answer: B

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