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SAIR 3X0-202 Exam -

Free 3X0-202 Sample Questions:

1. In order for Apache to know that all files with a .cgi extension are CGI scripts, which of the following MUST be added to the httpd.conf file?
A. EnableMod *.cgi cgi-script
B. AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
C. AddModule cgi-script /*.cgi
D. DocumentType .cgi cgi-script
E. LoadModule cgi-script /*.cgi
Answer: B

2. Ralf, a user, wishes to upgrade his existing version of Apache by including mod_ssl as a loadable module. Assuming that the shared object for mod_ssl is, and that mod_ssl is located in "/prefix/modules/," which of the following must be present in his httpd.conf file?
A. LoadModule mod_ssl modules/
B. AddModule mod_ssl modules/
C. LoadModule /prefix/modules/ mod_ssl
D. AddModule /prefix/modules/ mod_ssl
Answer: A

3. If a user has already defined a log format called "common," which of the following directives will ALWAYS make Apache log requests to "/var/log/apache/access_log" using the "common" format?
A. TransferLog /var/log/apache/access_log format=common
B. TransferLog /var/log/apache/access_log common
C. CustomLog /var/log/apache/access_log format=common
D. CustomLog /var/log/apache/access_log common
Answer: D

4. Which of the following can increase Web server performance? (Choose three.)
A. Move all swap space to the same partition as the Web server data.
B. Turn off logging.
C. Place Apache logs on the fastest drive.
D. Add additional RAM to the system.
E. Place Apache logs on the slower drive and the Web data on the faster drive.
Answer: BCD

5. You are the system administrator of an Apache server that houses the Web site This site allows users with normal accounts to have home pages, and it houses several other mission critical Web sites. A user, joe, has a home page that requires a change in one of the Apache configuration directives. Joe wants to allow or deny access to his home page based on a username/password combination. Which of the following is the best way to implement this change?
A. Allow joe to configure the appropriate .htaccess file.
B. Install the mod_runtime_auth module and allow joe make the appropriate changes to httpd.conf.
C. Make the appropriate changes to httpd.conf file and restart httpd.
D. Make the appropriate changes to the global .htaccess file and restart httpd.
Answer: A

6. Which of the following are TRUE regarding containers in httpd.conf? (Choose two.)
A. Containers consist of a paired set of delimiters.
B. If two containers contradict, the first is applied.
C. Containers may only be applied globally.
D. Containers allow individual virtual hosts to have their own settings.
Answer: AD

7. Which of the following can be used to send a cookie to the http client? (Choose two.)
A. XMLScript
B. Static HTML
C. JavaScript
D. CGI scripts
E. GIFScript
Answer: CD

8. Consider the file "test.html" below. Which of the following best describes what this code does?
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="set cookie"
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="display cookie"
A. When the user clicks on "set cookie," it prompts the user for a value. Once the value is entered, it can be displayed using the "display cookie" button.
B. When the user clicks on "set cookie," the first_name cookie is set to "Fred." The first_name cookie can be displayed by clicking the "display cookie" button.
C. When the user first loads "test.html," first_name is automatically set to "Fred." The value of first_name can be seen with the "display cookie" button. The first_name cookie can be reset to empty (" ") by clicking the "set cookie" button.
D. When the user clicks on the "set cookie" button, a new HTML page is loaded that displays the word "Fred". When the user clicks on the "display cookie" button, it alerts the user that it has been deleted.
Answer: B

9. Apache serves a document according to certain characteristics provided by the requesting browser. These characteristics of the document are called the document's dimensions. What dimension is used when Apache serves a request from a browser that has a preference for gzip compressed documents?
A. type
B. encoding
C. compression
D. format
Answer: B

10. Cookies can be used by Apache to create a click stream log of user activity. However, for the cookies to work, Apache must be compiled with the _________ module, then the ________ directive must be added to the httpd.conf file.
A. mod_usertrack; CookieTracking on
B. mod_cookies; Cookies on
C. mod _cookietracking; CookieTracking on
D. mod_cookielog; CookieLogging on
E. mod_userlog; CookieLogging on
Answer: A

11. Which of the following scenarios most accurately describes the Apache initialization sequence?
A. Apache spawns one child process each second until MinSpareServers is satisfied or MaxClients is reached.
B. Apache spawns one child, then two, then four, and up to 32 processes per second until MaxClients is reached or MinSpareServers is satisfied.
C. Apache spawns one child process then continues to double the number of processes spawned each second indefinitely until MaxClients is reached or MinSpareServers is satisfied.
D. Apache spawns the needed number of child processes dependent on the number of incoming requests until MaxClients is reached or MinSpareServers is satisfied. For example, if three requests come in, Apache would spawn three processes, and so on.
Answer: B

12. Which of the following are TRUE concerning directives and Apache? (Choose two.)
A. Directives are commands issued through apachectl.
B. Directives are used to control Apache's runtime configuration.
C. Directives can be used to alter Apache's configuration during runtime.
D. Directives can be used in configuration files other than httpd.conf.
Answer: BD

13. Which of the following best explains why Apache Web servers are able to handle multiple requests?
A. In addition to port 80, Apache opens ports 8080, 8000, and others to handle the additional requests.
B. Apache is able to spawn child processes that handle requests before they die.
C. Apache uses the renice service to load balance between different system daemons.
D. Upon reaching a set number of requests, Apache uses a raw socket to adjust a system's bandwidth to handle the additional requests.
Answer: B

14. Which of the following is NOT controlled by httpd.conf?
A. Access to the Web server
B. HTML content
C. The type of information that Apache logs
D. Location of virtual Web sites on the server
E. Allowed content types
Answer: B

15. Which of the following HTTP headers will direct a browser to after waiting five seconds?
A. Rewrite 5; URL=
B. Location 5; URL=
C. Refresh 5; URL=
D. Reload -t 5
E. Direct -t 5
Answer: C

16. Liz has completed an Apache installation on her computer. She did not encounter any errors. Which of the following can she use to see Apache's default index? (Choose two.)
A. http://localserver
B. http://localhost
C. http://index
Answer: BE

17. Jamie is running Apache 1.3. He wants different pages with similar content on his Web site to be served to best accommodate each browser that views them. He alters the httpd.conf file and makes the changes below. Which line still needs to be altered to enable the desired effect?
<Directory /usr/local/httpd/htdocs>
Options All
AllowOverride Authconfig
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
A. He needs to add "MultiViews On" to the "Options All" line.
B. He needs to change "AllowOverride Authconfig" to "AllowOverride None."
C. He needs to change "Order allow,deny" to "Order deny,allow."
D. He needs to add "localhost" to the "Allow from all" line.
Answer: A

18. Which of the following fields is NOT a part of the Common Log Format (CLF)?
A. Requesting host
B. Byte length of the request
C. Date of request
D. Time to serve request
E. HTTP status code
Answer: D

19. Which of the following modules MUST be compiled into the Apache server?
A. http_core.c
B. apache_so.c
C. charset_so.c
D. tcpip_core.c
Answer: A

20. Which of the following are DISADVANTAGES of compiling a module into a server? (Choose two.)
A. Modules do not use optimum compression, thus reducing the overall efficiency of the Apache build.
B. Modules reduce performance by consuming additional system resources.
C. Modules take up space within the server even if the features are not used.
D. Upgrading a static module requires the server to be recompiled.
E. Modules limit the functionality of Apache by restricting the number of modules that may be loaded into the server.
Answer: CD

21. An administrator wishes to install a new Apache module without recompiling Apache. He wants the modules automatically placed in the proper locations and the appropriate directive added in the httpd.conf file. Which of the following utilities will allow the administrator to accomplish this task?
A. apmodprobe
B. apxs
C. apachectl
D. apconfig
E. apbuild
Answer: B

22. Which of the following best describes the relationship between modules and directives in Apache?
A. Modules are the dynamic counterparts of directives.
B. Directives are used to direct the client to load the appropriate modules.
C. Modules contain code to carry out directives specified in httpd.conf.
D. Directives contain code to execute static modules.
Answer: C

23. Which of the following is the main problem with using .htaccess to override directives in httpd.conf?
A. .htaccess must have a pre-loaded PAM module that requires extra configuration.
B. .htaccess is insecure because it requires root permission to access subdirectories.
C. .htaccess delays page access by recursively searching subdirectories.
D. .htaccess does not search every directory, possibly leaving subdirectories open.
Answer: C

24. The Web document root directory can be changed by which line in httpd.conf?
A. Root
B. RootDir
C. DocumentRoot
D. WebRoot
E. BaseDir
Answer: C

25. John has a Web server running Apache, and his Web site has information that is updated periodically. John wants to make sure clients who access his Web site are viewing the most up-to-date information. Which of the following should John use to accomplish this?
A. BrowserMatch 10
B. ExpiresDefault 10
C. ReloadTime 10
D. CacheDocument 10
E. MaxKeepAlive 10
Answer: B

26. Tom has entered the information below in his httpd.conf file. He has no .htaccess files that override these directives. Which of the following is TRUE concerning this file?
. . .
ExpiresActive on
Anywhere, .htaccess when Allow Override Indexes
ExpiresByType image/gif A1000
Anywhere, .htaccess when AllowOverride Indexes
. . .
A. A GIF image on the server will be active for 1000 seconds after its last modification time.
B. If the file size of a GIF image is over 1000Kb, then the GIF image will expire in the server's cache.
C. After the client accesses a GIF image on the server, it will NOT expire in the client's cache for 1000 seconds.
D. The server will hold no more than 1000 GIF images in its cache.
Answer: C

27. What is the function of the XBitHack directive in the httpd.conf file?
A. To activate the X interface for Apache from a remote location
B. To prevent serving requests for executable files
C. To authenticate the requesting client based on user permissions
D. To parse Web files for includes based on their permissions
Answer: D

28. Assume that there are memory leaks in your experimental Apache Web server. Which of the following would alleviate the problem of memory leaks in spawned Apache processes?
A. Keep MinSpareServer processes less than 50.
B. Use the inetd superserver instead of using the Apache standalone configuration.
C. Set child processes to self-destruct after a certain number of requests.
D. Increase StartServers to 50.
Answer: C

29. George does not want to use the default HTML error page; he wants to customize his version of Apache to handle problems or errors. He creates an HTML page named error.html, with his customized error message, and saves it in the /cgi-bin/ directory. How can George get Apache to display his customized error message when a page is not found?
A. Use the ErrorDocument directive in the following manner: ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/error.html
B. Use the ErrorLog directive in the following manner: ErrorLog 404 /cgi-bin/error.html
C. Use the ErrorDocument directive in the following manner: ErrorDocument 401 error.html
D. Use the ErrorLog directive in the following manner: ErrorLog 401 error.html
Answer: A

30. Which of the following will occur if the StartServer Apache directive is set to five?
A. Five instances of mod_quickstart .o will be started.
B. Five child processes will be started for every request.
C. Five child processes will be started when Apache starts.
D. Five virtual hosts will be started for every request.
Answer: C

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