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SAIR 3X0-102 Exam -

Free 3X0-102 Sample Questions:

1. One of the most important security features that a system administrator must deal with is the shadow password suite. For what reason is this suite important?
A. It improves the encryption for all passwords stored in the "/etc/passwd" file.
B. It provides a second level of encryption for the "/etc/passwd" file.
C. It moves the passwords to a separate file that has more restrictive permissions
D. It moves the passwords to a separate file and will also encrypt the password file.
Answer: C

2. Which of the following options is true of the entry below?
/dev/cdrom /cd iso9660 ro,user,noauto 0 0
A. This is an "mtab" entry which mounts a CD-ROM as a read-only device at boot time.
B. This is an "fstab" entry which mounts a CD-ROM as a read-only device at boot time.
C. This is an "fstab" entry which lets any user mount the CD-ROM.
D. None of the above.
Answer: C

3. If Tom, the superuser, wants to add a swap file of 8 MB, what should he do?
A. Just run the command "swapon -file /swap -size 8192".
B. run commands "mkswap" and "swapon"
C. run commands "mkswap" and "sync"
D. dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap count=8192; mkswap /swap 8192; swapon /swap
Answer: D

4. The system log files, which are written by the __________ daemon, are erased and then restarted whenever the system reboots. (Fill in the blank for the proper daemon, and then state whether the statement is true or false)
A. syslogd, true
B. syslogd, false
C. systemd, true
D. loggert, true
Answer: B

5. The "fsck" command will search all mounted file systems.
A. True
B. False
Answer: B

6. Tom, a Linux system user, has been using a Virtual Network Computing viewer but his viewer has crashed. He calls Kina, the system administrator, to ask her whether the viewer can be restarted from where it left off, or if he has to start the remote application all over again. Kina's response should be:
A. No, the remote application cannot be recovered and Tom must start over.
B. Yes, the remote application can be recovered by restarting the viewer.
C. Yes, the application can be recovered by restarting the viewer.
D. Yes, it can be recovered by restarting both the server and the viewer.
Answer: B

7. If Alladin mounted "/dev/hda2" under "/chem/inorg", then the original contents of "/chem/inorg" __________.
A. are lost
B. are copied in a directory into "/dev/hda2" under "orig.backup"
C. can be retrieved after unmounting "/dev/hda2"
D. are garbled
Answer: C

8. Assume that Priya and Sita are Linux system users and that Krishna is the superuser. Also, assume that both Priya and Sita were accessing files in the "/cdrom" directory and that they did not log out and their current working directory is still in the /cdrom hierarchy. Krishna wishes to install some software from a new CD-ROM that he bought. Which of the following are valid options for Krishna? (Select all that apply)
A. He can just push the eject button on the CD-ROM drive that is currently in the drive, then insert his new one and start the installation.
B. He has to find Priya and Sita and tell them to change directory from /cdrom so that he can then unmount the CD-ROM, eject it, put his new CD-ROM in, and then install.
C. Krishna can use "umount -f" to force the unmount of the CD-ROM, then he can eject it, insert his CD-ROM, and install.
D. He can use the "fuser" command to find all processes that are using the CD-ROM device, along with their associated PID's, kill each process, unmount the CD-ROM, eject it, put his CD-ROM in, and then install the software.
Answer: BD

9. Which of the following is NOT true about an inode?
A. It is a data structure on the disk that stores file attributes.
B. inodes are created when a file system is made.
C. The number of inodes for the disk denotes the number of files and drives the disk can hold.
D. The superuser can use the "chinode" command to increase the number of inodes in a file system.
Answer: D

10. If Priya created a symbolic link to "/bin/bash" in her current working directory and called it "yash", then which one of the following is true?
A. She is not using any disk space.
B. She is just using up an inode but no space.
C. She is using both disk space and inode.
D. She is just using up a directory entry, but no inode.
Answer: C

11. If Priya created a symbolic link using the following command:
ln -s /bin/bash yash
Then which of the following are TRUE? (Select all that apply)
A. adding a file called "yash" does not consume another Inode
B. The "ls -l" reports the same size for the file "yash" and the file "/bin/bash"
C. a new inode is created for "yash"
D. deleting the file "yash" has no effect on the file "/bin/bash"
Answer: CD

12. If Priya created a hard link by issuing the following command from her current working directory:
ln /home/priya/mail/february lastmonth
Then which of the following are NOT true?
A. the file size of /home/priya/mail/february is not the same as lastmonth
B. changing the file lastmonth also changes the file /home/priya/mail/february
C. deleting the directory entry /home/priya/mail/february also deletes the directory entry lastmonth
D. /home/priya/mail/february and lastmonth are the same file
Answer: AC

13. The most appropriate place for commands such as: insmod, ifconfig, reboot, lsmod, and route is
A. /usr/bin; this is where all files that users have access to are placed
B. /bin; this directory, by convention, is always on the root partition and available for use.
C. /sbin; by convention, only the system administrator has /sbin in the default path, and this is always mounted on the root partition
D. /opt/bin; by convention, these programs are for optimizing the system
Answer: C

14. If Krishna, the superuser, installed the "gcc" compiler, where would he put all of the header files?
A. /usr/bin/gcc/include
B. /usr/include
C. /var/usr/include
D. /opt/gcc/include
Answer: B

15. Which of the following directories, by convention, are NOT found in the /var directory?
A. mail
B. news
C. bin
D. spool
Answer: C

16. Assume Tom wrote a program that would let users on two separate Linux machines share their directories, but his program has to read an initial configuration file to know which user has decided to share which directory. Where should he ask the system administrator to put the configuration file?
A. /usr/bin/
B. /etc/
C. /usr/local/bin/
D. A or C
Answer: B

17. Which one of the following is NOT true about the cron service?
A. the cron service lets you execute scripts at a fixed time
B. only root can execute scripts at a fixed time
C. the "crontab" file specifies what the cron service should do
D. the cron service is similar to the command "at"
Answer: B

18. If correct permissions have been setup, users can execute their own programs at a fixed time by submitting their jobs to the cron service using the crontab command.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

19. The following entry appears in the /etc/crontab as follows:
30 4 * * 1 /bin/sh /home/Tom/rmcore 2>&1 /dev/null
Select the action below which best represents what it will accomplish.
A. "rmcore" will execute on April 30th for one hour
B. "rmcore" will execute on the first day of every month
C. "rmcore" will execute every Monday at 4:30 a.m.
D. None of the above
Answer: C

20. Which of the following statements about cron/crontab is NOT true?
A. each user can have his/her own personal crontab file
B. the crontab file is automatically created when a user account is created
C. the superuser can edit the cron table using the "crontab -e" command
D. cron jobs run with the permission of whomever submitted the job
Answer: B

21. Larry, the system administrator, is in trouble. His system has just crashed with a corrupted partition table. His last backup was a week ago, and he needs the data that was on the disk right before it was corrupted. Luckily, Larry had noted the specifics of the partition table. He can restore this corrupted partition table by running fdisk from a rescue CD-ROM or floppy.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

22. When creating a new user account, unless otherwise specified, the files from the __________ are automatically copied to the home directory.
A. /usr/skel
B. /etc/start
C. /etc/default
D. /etc/skel
Answer: D

23. What files will the adduser utility be editing when a system administrator creates an account on a system with shadow passwords? Assume that the password will be added and changed later. (Select all that apply)
A. /etc/accounts
B. /etc/passwd
C. /etc/user
D. /etc/shadow
E. /etc/user.def
Answer: BD

24. The following is an extract of a password file:
bin:x:2:2:System Tools Owner:/bin:/bin/tcsh
uucp:x:3:5:UUCP Owner:/usr/lib/uucp:/bin/tcsh
sys:x:4:0:System Activity Owner:/var/adm:/bin/sh
lp:x:9:9:Print Spooler Owner:/var/spool/lp:/bin/csh
Smith:*:1113:334:John Smith:/usr/people/jsmith:/bin/tcsh
The "*" in Smith's passwd field is used to
A. indicate that Smith is the superuser.
B. deactivate Smith's account.
C. indicate that Smith's home directory is shared by other members of his group.
D. force Smith to change his password at his next login.
Answer: B

25. Ian has just written a shell script (a.out) and needs to give execute permissions of the script so that members of his default group can execute the program. How should he do this?
A. chmod o+x a.out
B. attrib a.out +x
C. chmod g+x a.out
D. chmod u-x a.out
E. chmod o-x a.out
Answer: C

26. Which of the following are TRUE about the file permissions?
A. file permissions specify the way the file or directory can be used.
B. file permissions specify read, write and execute modes.
C. permissions are specified for user, group, and others.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above.
Answer: D

27. Sangita, the system administrator, needs to create two new groups, "develop" and "admin". She should:
A. enter the group data in the "/etc/group" file
B. use the "newgrp" command
C. use the "creategroup" command
D. both A and B
Answer: A

28. Elizabeth, the system administrator, wants to set up accounts for different departments. All users in the same department must be in the same group. How can she do this?
A. edit the "/etc/group" file to add all groups
B. creating a user with a new group would automatically create that group
C. edit the "/etc/passwd" file to add a new group
D. edit the "/etc/group.conf/" file to add a new group
Answer: A

29. The __________ is a program that changes the password for a group.
A. grpasswd
B. passwd
C. passwdgr
D. chgrp
E. chgrpwd
Answer: B

30. Ken has taken over development of a project from Mary, and needs to make himself the owner of the directory "/project". How should Ken do this?
A. chown /project Mary:Ken
B. chown Mary:Ken /project
C. chown /project Ken
D. chown Ken /project
E. Ken can't do it as an ordinary user; but he can ask the superuser to do it for him.
Answer: E

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