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SAIR 3X0-101 Exam -

Free 3X0-101 Sample Questions:

1. When will a device conflict occur? (Select the best answer.)
A. When an I/O address and an IRQ address of a device are equivalent
B. When an I/O address, IRQ, DMA channel, or shared memory area of a device has the same value as that of another device
C. When two network interface cards from the same manufacturer are installed on different buses on the same computer (i.e., ISA and PCI)
D. When two devices share the same PCI slot
E. None of the above
Answer: B

2. You are multitasking, and you want to kill a process, so you try to find the PID of that process. Which of the following commands could you use to find the PID?
A. who
B. free
C. nice
D. ps
Answer: D

3. If a user logs in to the system and issues the command "mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom" where would the CD-ROM device be mounted? (Select the best answer.)
A. It would be mounted in /cdrom, if it exists.
B. The mount point specified uses a relative path, so it depends on the PATH variable.
C. It would be mounted in /dev/cdrom/mnt.
D. It is mounted in the user's home directory at the mount point cdrom.
E. It would be mounted in /mnt/cdrom.
Answer: A

4. Which of the following can be used to run a program called "a.out" that resides in the current directory? Check the dot characters carefully when considering your answer.
A. Enter ./a.out
B. Add the .. directory to the $PATH and enter a.out
C. Add the . directory to the $PATH and enter .\a.out
D. Enter ../a.out
Answer: A

5. Assuming the Bash shell is being used, which of the following files in the current working directory will be displayed using the ls ?t.c* command?
A. Test.cpp
B. Tt.cpp
C. Test.c
D. TT.c
Answer: B

6. Which of the following types of information can be found in a typical manual page? (Choose two.)
A. User commands
B. Undocumented secrets
C. System calls
D. Subroutines
Answer: AC

7. Which of the following are TRUE about free and open source software? (Choose two.)
A. It promotes the evolution of software.
B. It does not yield rich productivity benefits or allow control over the software.
C. It requires expert knowledge to maintain.
D. All free and open source software is licensed under the GPL.
Answer: AC

8. Proprietary software can be free software.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

9. Which of the following are FALSE about the GPL? (Choose two.)
A. The GPL uses copyright to prevent software from being taken over and kept from free public use.
B. GPL software may only be used for non-commercial purposes
C. GPL software comes with a warranty
D. GPL software can be sold.
Answer: BC

10. The GPL, in effect, creates a specialized variant of open source software because it provides the software for free (source included) and also grants users the permission to modify and redistribute the binary and the source.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

11. How could a company profit from software placed under the GPL?
A. Sell a particular service or configuration type
B. Provide customer support for the software.
C. Offer more detailed documentation for an additional charge
D. Publish books on the released software.
E. All of the above.
Answer: E

12. Which of the following are TRUE about daemons? (Choose two.)
A. Daemons normally communicate directly with the user.
B. Daemons are not generally system processes
C. Daemons provide helpful services.
D. Daemons sleep in the background until needed to provide a service.
Answer: CD

13. Which of the following is TRUE about the Linux kernel? (Select the best answer.)
A. The kernel allows the user to directly interact with the hardware registers.
B. The kernel allows dynamic loading and unloading of device drivers.
C. The kernel is a software package that includes the shell.
D. The kernel is stored in the MBR.
Answer: B

14. Which of the following is FALSE about the modular structure of Linux? (Choose two.)
A. It promotes code reuse.
B. It is intended to provide subsystem independence.
C. A highly reused module creates a bottleneck in the system.
D. Modular software is written in a single body of code.
Answer: CD

15. How many times can one particular user log in to a Linux system? (Select the best answer.)
A. Only one user can log in to the physical console at a time.
B. The user can be logged in to no more than two virtual terminals.
C. The user can be logged in as many times as system resources will allow.
D. The user can log in up to seven times.
E. None of the above.
Answer: C

16. Multitasking helps in effective CPU utilization, running multiple programs with just one CPU and increasing system throughput.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

17. When an environmental event occurs, the current program is suspended and an Interrupt Service Request is entered. Before this, the state of the current program is saved so that the CPU can return to it.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

18. Which of the following are TRUE? (Choose two.)
A. Linux supports multiple users with the help of multitasking.
B. Multitasking in Linux is not preemptive.
C. Multitasking does not require multiple users.
D. Only programs that execute as root can multitask.
E. Only daemons can utilize multitasking.
Answer: AC

19. When all virtual consoles are being used, how would one log into the system without having another user log out? (Select the best answer).
A. Log in using the parallel access port.
B. Log in using the network access port.
C. Log in using the multitasking access port.
D. Use the command "maketerm -8" to create an eighth virtual console.
E. One cannot log in.
Answer: B

20. When a user logs out of a virtual console, which of the following is TRUE?
A. That particular virtual console is rendered useless until manually reset.
B. The virtual console is reinitialized and made ready for a new login.
C. The logout script is responsible for giving the login prompt again.
D. The shell will lock until any key is pressed, then it will reset.
Answer: B

21. Which of the following is TRUE for a superuser?
A. The superuser is a user who has no file system restrictions.
B. The superuser cannot change system files.
C. Superuser is just a title; it is not an achieved rank of a user.
D. There is no difference between users and superusers.
Answer: A

22. Why should one NOT work routinely while logged in as the superuser? (Choose two.)
A. Inadvertent mistakes can be costly when working as superuser.
B. Files created as superuser may not be accessible by other users.
C. A normal user account lets you have access to all system files.
D. Files are read-only while you are logged in as the superuser.
Answer: AB

23. Which of the following is/are TRUE about I/O addresses?
A. I/O addresses identify the shared memory between two devices.
B. I/O addresses assist in passing data back and forth once the device has been identified by the IRQ.
C. Devices can share I/O addresses.
D. None of the above.
E. Both B and C
Answer: B

24. Which of the following are NOT in the IBM PC architecture?
A. Memory bus
C. Cache
D. PCI bus
E. Floating point processor
F. DMA controller
H. The kernel controller
I. ISA bus
Answer: H

25. Which of the following statements is TRUE about CD-ROM drives and controllers?
A. Historically, CD-ROM drives and controllers were independent and unique across manufacturers and models.
B. Even though the CD-ROM drive is attached to the sound card, the sound driver and the CD-ROM driver can be independent of each other.
C. Linux has many sound card drivers, but they may not be able to communicate with certain CD-ROM drive models.
D. Linux can access most CD-ROM drives that attach to the ATAPI IDE disk controller.
E. All of the above.
F. None of the above.
Answer: E

26. Which one of the following is NOT a component of a video adapter card?
A. Video memory
B. Raster scan memory
C. Digital-to-analog converter
D. Video controller
Answer: B

27. The format of an IP address is w.x.y.z. What does each letter represent?
A. a decimal number from 1 to 64
B. a decimal number from 1 to 32
C. a decimal number from 1 to 16
D. a decimal number from 1 to 254
E. None of the above
Answer: D

28. When configuring network connectivity during installation, what is the purpose of the gateway? (Choose two.)
A. It acts as a router for the network that you are using.
B. It is the machine that provides more computing power for the network you are using.
C. It allows a computer to access more than one network.
D. It is a computer that keeps outside transmissions from coming in.
Answer: AC

29. When installing Linux, you are asked to supply a domain name server (DNS). What is a DNS? (Choose two.)
A. It is an IP address that directs one to the Linux newsgroups.
B. It is a server that can accept a domain name and convert it into its respective IP address.
C. It is a server that can accept an IP address and convert it into its respective domain name.
D. It is a server that allows you to register a domain name.
Answer: BC

30. Which of the following IP addresses are valid for hosts (Choose two)?
Answer: BD

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