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3COM 3M0-250 Exam -

Free 3M0-250 Sample Questions:

1. How would you view the configuration information that is running on a switch?
A.Use the display startup command
B.Use the display version command
C.Use the display saved-configuration command
D.Use the display current-configuration command
Answer: D

2. Which two are reasons to use OSPF as your network routing protocol? (Choose two.)
A.OSPF scales to support larger networks by establishing multiple areas
B.Although RIP provides faster network convergence than OSPF, OSPF provides greater link reliability
C.OSPF uses less network bandwidth than RIP by using IP multicast to send advertisements
D.OSPF updates the network topology by forwarding the entire routing table, minimizing the need for multiple reconfigurations
E.OSPF only maintains the information on the best path or fastest link, reducing the size of the table and therefore network utilization
Answer: AC

3. What is the purpose of the RIP View command network network_address?
A.Enables RIP on all switches with this network address
B.Enables RIP on the switch that is configured with this IP address
C.Displays all RIP routes associated with this network address or with a subnet of this address
D.Enables RIP on all interfaces that are configured with this network address or with a subnet of this address
Answer: D

4. How would you stop a specific port interface, which has no router attached, from sending and receiving RIP updates?
A.From the interface view, issue the undo network command
B.From the interface view, issue the undo rip work command
C.From the interface view, issue the undo rip input command
D.From the interface view, issue the undo rip output command
Answer: B

5. How would you configure the Switch 5500/7700/8000 to ensure DHCP clients can communicate with the DHCP server, regardless of which network the client and server reside on?
A.Configure the switch for UDP Helper
B.Configure the switch for DHCP Relay
C.Configure all the switches as DHCP servers
D.Configure both the DHCP master and DHCP slave
Answer: B

6. You have created a DHCP server group on your switch for improved reliability and redundancy. How do you configure the VLAN interface on the switch to identify the DHCP server group?
A.Configure all the VLAN interfaces with the DHCP server group IP addresses
B.Configure the DHCP server group with the primary VLAN interface using the DHCP server group number
C.Configure the primary VLAN interface with the master DHCP server and all secondary VLAN interfaces with the slave DHCP server
D.First you must disassociate the VLAN interface from any previous DHCP server group assignment; then configure the DHCP server group with the primary VLAN interface using the IP address of the server
Answer: B

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