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Cisco 350-026 Exam -

Free 350-026 Sample Questions:

1. To maintain schema­consistency in an LDAP Directory Information Tree (DIT), the LDAP standard specifies that:
A. The client first downloads the DIT schema from the server and then makes sure every request it sends conforms to the schema; The server therefore doesn't have to check DIT for consistency
B. The operator periodically scans the DIT to check that the schema is not violated, and manually corrects any inconsistencies caused by clients
C. The server periodically scans the DIT to check that the schema is not violated, and sends a notification to the operator when it finds an inconsistency caused by clients
D. The server periodically converts the DIT to an SQL database; Schema­checking is done by the SQL engine and then the database is converted back to a DIT
E.The server checks every client operation for schema consistency, and ignores requests that would result in a DIT inconsistency
Answer: E

2. To eliminate the need for adjacent routers on broadcast networks to form n(n­1)/2 adjacencies, IS­IS defines a pseudonode or Designated Intermediate System, DIS. All router on the broadcast medium form an adjacency with the DIS. The Backup DIS is called:
A. Redundant DIS
C. There is no concept of a backup DIS in IS­IS
D. Designated Redundant System
Answer: C

3. In ACNS 5.X Content Delivery Network what is the purpose of defining a root Content Engine for a channel?
A. This Content Engine retrieves content from other Content Engines within the CDN.
B. This Content Engine is used by the administrator to manage the Content Delivery Network.
C. This Content Engine downloads the content from the origin server and distributes the content to all the Content Engines that belong to the Channel.
D. This Content Engine downloads the content from the Content Distribution Manager and distributes the content to all the Content Engines that belong to the Channel.
E.None of the above
Answer: C

4. What is the usual procedure taken if an unrecognized non­mandatory ISDN IE is received by a network?
A. Final handle the call
B. Final handle the call if 2 such IE is received
C. Ignore only if the IE received is not CS0, otherwise final handle the call
D. Send a Facility msg to the user notifying the user of sending unknown IEs but don't final handle
E. Ignore the IEs
Answer: E

5. Routers running OSPF and sharing a common segment become neighbors on that segment. What statement regarding OSPF neighbors is FALSE?
A. The Primary and Secondary addresses on an interface allow the router to belong to different areas at the same time.
B. All routers must agree on the stub area flag in the OSPF Hello Packets.
C. Neighbors will fail to form an adjacency if their Hello and Dead intervals differ.
D. Two routers will not become neighbors if the Area­ID and Authentication password do not match.
Answer: A

6. On the CSS, how would you configure a domain name content rule for
A. "*"
B. "/*"
C. url "//*"
D. url "/*"
Answer: C

7. ATM cells are received across a link on a:
A. Known PVC or SVC value
B. Known VCI or VPI value
C. Known PVC or VCI value
D. Known SVC or VPI value
Answer: B

8. MPLS traffic engineering routing information is carried by:
C. OSPF Opaque LSAs or IS­IS TLVs
D. RTP or RTCP packets
Answer: C

9. WCCP is a communication protocol used between routers and cache devices. On what port does this protocol communicate?
A. 80
B. 2180
C. 8080
D. 52
E. 2048
Answer: E

10. A router interface address is with a mask of What configuration statement will allow this interface to participate in OSPF Area 0?
A. router ospf 1 network area 0
B. router ospf 1 network area 0
C. router ospf 1 network area 0
D. router ospf 1 network area 0
Answer: C

11. Which three fundamental elements characterize the PKIs used in asymmetric cryptography?
A. Confidentiality, authorization, message integrity
B. Confidentiality, authentication, accounting
C. Confidentiality, authentication, authorization
D. Confidentiality, authentication, message integrity
E. Authentication, authorization, accounting
Answer: D

12. What signaling protocol does Cisco use to provide support for MPLS traffic engineering?
C. SS7
Answer: A

13. An HTTP response code of 404 indicates:
A. The transaction is successful.
B. Object moved.
C. Bad request.
D. Unauthorized.
E. Not found.
Answer: E

14. What are the 4 bridge port states in a transparent bridging environment?
A. Spanning, learning, blocking, forwarding
B. Connecting, learning, spanning, forwarding
C. Listening, learning, blocking, forwarding
D. Broadcasting, listening, forwarding, blocking
E. Learning, forwarding, connecting, blocking
Answer: C

15. A router is receiving updates for a subnet from different routing protocols. The administrator wishes to take advantage of a path via a route with a less favorable Administrative Distance. What can be done to affect this without losing any of the updates?
A. Configure a static route with an Administrative Distance of 120
B. Use the Router Configuration mode command distance with an appropriate 'weight' for this subnet
C. Create a distribute­list to block this subnet
D. Modify the default­metric weight of the routing protocol offering the more favorable Administrative Distance
Answer: B

16. In box­to­box redundancy on the CSS, to configure an ip circuit (VLAN) as a redundant circuit, what command is used?
A. Redundant­circuit
B. Redundant­type­circuit
C. Redundancy
D. Redundancy­type­circuit
E. None of the above
Answer: C

17. LDAP can be preferred over X.500 because:
A. LDAP is a protocol to access Directories and X.500 is not
B. LDAP is more generic and allows access to all kind of Directories; X.500 is limited to certificate chains
C. LDAP is a lighter version of X.500 as it uses UDP instead of TCP
D. LDAP is a lighter version of X.500 as it doesn't require a full OSI stack implementation
E. LDAP is cross­platform while X.500 runs only on legacy systems
Answer: D

18. How does RADIUS implement AAA?
A. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are in separate exchanges, yet on the same UDP connection. The entire connection is encrypted.
B. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are in separate exchanges and each occurs on a different UDP connection. Only the authentication connection is encrypted.
C. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are in separate exchanges and each occurs on a different UDP connection. Only the password in the authentication connection is encrypted.
D. Authentication, Authorization and Accounting are in separate exchanges, yet on the same UDP connection. Only passwords are encrypted.
E. Authentication and Authorization is combined in one exchange. Accounting happens in a separate exchange. Authentication and Authorization data are carried on a UDP connection. The user password is encrypted. Accounting data is carried unencrypted over another UDP connection.
Answer: E

19. The website is having problems. The PC you are troubleshooting from does not have a web browser or sniffer software installed. Which method is the next best way to verify that the website will return the web page with content:
A. tracert 80
B. ping
C. telnet 80 GET / HTTP/1.0
D. telnet 80
E. telnet 80 HEAD / HTTP/1.0
Answer: C

20. What is the proper format for the inverse DNS mapping for the following address:
Answer: D

21. Select the group of technologies which are listed in descending order of bandwidth scale:
A. SDH, X.25, ATM
B. DWDM, SDH, Frame Relay
D. ATM, DWDM, Frame Relay
Answer: C

22. If a Dialer Profile exists in the local configuration of a router, what is true?
A. A virtual­access password is configured automatically.
B. A virtual­access interface will inherit all configurations from the dialer profile.
C. AAA parameters cannot be applied to an interface.
D. None of the above
Answer: B

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