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Sun 310-880 Exam -

Free 310-880 Sample Questions:

1. You are installing a Sun Fire 15K server. The System Controller comes with a pre-installed, EIS compliant
Solaris image. You need to confirm that this image was installed with the current EIS CD. Which file can be used to determine the current version of the EIS CD used on a system?
A. /etc/motd
B. /etc/release
C. /sun/install.log
D. $SMSETC/SMS/config/
Answer: C

2. You are conducting a pre-install site survey for 8 Sun Fire V890s and 4 Sun Rack 900s in a raised floor environment. The customer wants to install them in 2 rows, one in front of the other.
How should you configure the placement of the systems?
A. The Sun Fire V890s should be placed back to back, and perforated floor tiles should be placed in front of the racks.
B. The Sun Fire V890s should be placed back to back, and perforated floor tiles should be placed at the rear of the racks.
C. The Sun Fire V890s should be facing the same direction, one behind the other, and perforated floor tiles should
be placed in front of the racks.
D. The Sun Fire V890s should be facing the same direction, one behind the other, and perforated floor tiles should
be placed both in front of, and at the rear of the racks.
Answer: A

3. You are installing a 66 Mhz PCI card in a Sun Fire 6800. The customer tells you they want the best performance from the card. (Note, the customer has no PCI+ I/O Boards installed in the system)
How many slots in an 8-slot PCI I/O Board can operate at 66 Mhz?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4
Answer: C

4. You are installing a used StorEdge 3310 SCSI array on a Sun Fire V480 server. You want to determine if the disks have updated firmware. Which command should you use to evaluate the firmware level?
A. fru stat
B. iostat -En
C. iostat -tcx
D. prtconf -pv
E. luxadm -e probe | grep version
F. luxadm display -v /dev/rdsk/cXtXdX
Answer: B

5. You have performed a setkeyswitch on for domain A on a Sun Fire 6800 where the auto-boot? OBP variable is
set to false. What command at the OBP should you run to find the status of the POST?
A. showlog-results
B. showlog results
C. show-log-results
D. showpost-results
E. showpost results
F. show-post-results
Answer: F

6. A customer wants a new PCI Ethernet card installed in a Sun Fire E2900. After physically installing the card, you want to verify that the system recognizes the card before the OS is booted. Which two OBP commands can you use to accomplish this? (Choose two.)
A. devalias
B. show-devs
C. show-nets
D. .inet-addr
E. probe-net-all
F. probe-scsi-all
Answer: B, C

7. You are installing a Sun Fire E2900 on a customer site and the customer wants to configure the POST level on the System Controller to run at the maximum level. What command from the LOM prompt should you run to configure the SC POST level?
A. setupsc
B. setuplom
C. setupnetwork
D. setupplatform
Answer: A

8. You begin to boot a Sun Fire V1280 server, but realize some additional settings need to be checked. You decide to stop the boot and bring the system to the OK prompt. How can you accomplish this during the boot process?
A. Type ~..
B. Type break.
C. Go to the lom > prompt and type break.
D. Go to the lom > prompt and type reset -x.
Answer: C

9. A customer is connected to a remote machine and needs to know some information about the CPUs installed. Which two Solaris commands can be used to determine the number of CPUs installed, and the speed of each? (Choose two.)
A. psradm
B. cpustat
C. devfsadm
D. psrinfo -v
E. prtdiag -v
Answer: D, E

10. You are checking a Sun Fire V880 system configuration for dual-loop fibre disk operation. What command will show the existence of dual-loop?
A. prtfru -v
B. prtconf -pv
C. prtdiag -v
D. luxadm display enclosure
E. luxadm -e disp_port_map path_to_disk
Answer: D

11. You install a system to customer specifications and after rebooting you get the following message: NIS server not responding for <domain> ... retrying
The customer tells you that there is a network problem which prevents this machine from reaching the NIS server. You boot the machine into single user mode.
What action should you take to allow the system to operate until the NIS server is reachable again?
A. Edit /etc/nsswitch.conf so that file is first for all entries and reboot into multiuser mode.
B. Copy /etc/nsswitch.files to /etc/nsswitch.conf and reboot into multiuser mode.
C. Edit /etc/resolv.conf so that the domain entry is commented out and reboot into multiuser mode.
D. Rename /etc/rc2.d/S72inetsvc to /etc/rc2.d/DisabledS72inetsvc and reboot into multiuser mode.
Answer: B

12. A customer requires additional swap space on their system. As the customer does not want to repartition their disks, a decision to use a swap file is made. Which entry should you use in the /etc/vfstab file so that the new swap
file is activated automatically when the system is booted?
A. /path/filename - - swap - no -
B. /path/filename - - tmpfs - no -
C. /path/filename - - swap - yes -
D. /path/filename - - tmpfs - yes -
Answer: A

13. After creating a Jumpstart server, you try to boot the client using the command boot net - install, but receive
the following messages:
ok boot net - install
Boot device: /pci@1f,700000/network@2 File and args: - install
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
Which five could cause this problem? (Choose five.)
A. Alias "net" not correctly set
B. Client not running watch-net-all
C. in.rarpd not running on boot server
D. Network cable not correctly connected
E. A duplicate hostname in /etc/hosts
F. Failed to issue a reconfigure boot command
G. MAC address entry missing in /etc/ethers
Answer: A, C, D, E, G

14. You are updating Jumpstart config files with the following parameters supplied by the customer:
system_locale=C timezone=US/Eastern timeserver=
network_interface=primary {netmask= protocol_ipv6=no}
terminal=dtterm s ecurity_policy=NONE name_service=NONE
Which file should you update with the customer required parameters?
A. /etc/bootparams
B. /Jumpstart/rules
C. /Jumpstart/class
D. /Jumpstart/sysidcfg
Answer: D

15. You are asked to configure a Sun Fire 6800 domain to remotely mount /usr/local. The filesystem mount must have the following properties:
1) The client must not be able to delete files on the server.
2) The filesystem must be automatically mounted at boot time. Which /etc/vfstab entry meets both requirements?
A. remote-server:/usr/local - /usr/local nfs - no rw
B. remote-server:/usr/local - /usr/local nfs - yes ro
C. remote-server:/usr/local - /export/local nfs - no rw
D. remote-server:/export/local - /usr/local rfs - yes ro
Answer: B

16. A customer has centralized platform and domain logging on a Sun Fire 6800 to a log server called 'sfv210-a'. The customer wants to keep the platform and domain messages separate, so they have configured the System Controller on the Sun Fire 6800 to use the syslog facility 'local0' for the platform messages, and 'local1' for the domain messages.
What two lines should be added to the /etc/syslog.conf file on the log server 'sfv210-a' to separate the two types of syslog messages? (Choose two.)
A. local0.notice /var/adm/messages
B. local1.notice /var/adm/messages
C. local1.notice /var/adm/messages.local1
D. local0.notice /var/adm/messages.local0
E. local0.notice sfv210-a:/var/adm/messages.local0
F. local1.notice sfv210-a:/var/adm/messages.local1
Answer: C, D

17. You are configuring the eri0 network interface using the ifconfig command with the options netmask + and subnet mask
# /usr/sbin/ifconfig eri0 netmask +
To verify the system is properly set up you issue an ifconfig -a command. You notice that the eri0 network interface has the netmask incorrectly set for
Which file do you need to check first?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/netmasks
C. /etc/hostname.eri0
D. /etc/nsswitch.conf
Answer: B

18. A user of DHCP is having trouble connecting to a DHCP server. After analyzing the system, you find the
DHCP daemon is NOT running. Which command should you use to start the DHCP daemon?
A. /usr/lib/inet/dhcpd
B. /etc/rc2.d/dhcp start
C. /etc/init.d/dhcp start
D. /etc/init.d/S45dhcp start
E. /etc/rc2.d/S99dhcpagent start
Answer: C

19. You have connected a workstation's 'ce0' interface into a network with a DHCP service. Which command should you issue to have your workstation receive a DCHP IP address from the server?
A. dhcp get ce0
B. dhcpconfig ce0
C. ifconfig ce0 plumb dhcp
D. ifconfig ce0 plumb auto-dhcp
Answer: D

20. You receive a call from a customer who states that their Solaris 9 NTP client is not syncronizing to their NTP server. Which three commands should you use to investigate further? (Choose three.)
A. ntpq -p
B. svcs -l xntp
C. ps -ef | grep xntp
D. cat /etc/inetd/ntp.client
E. cat /etc/inetd/ntp.server
F. grep xntpd /var/adm/messages
Answer: A, C, F

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