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Sun 310-879 Exam -

Free 310-879 Sample Questions:

1. You have completed an EIS installation. The customer asks for a copy of the EIS CD-ROM in case they need to rebuild the same system at a later date. What should you do?
A. Advise the customer to order an official copy.
B. Give the customer the discs as part of the installation.
C. Refuse politely, the discs are not available to customers.
D. Offer to make copy of the discs which you will pass on later.
Answer: C

2. You are doing the initial platform setup on a Sun StorEdge T3+ array. The customer wants to create a LUN with
a Blocksize = 64k. What command serves to define the blocksize parameter of the array?
A. set
B. sys
C. fru
D. vol
Answer: B

3. You are installing a StorEdge T3b Array and have already entered the T3 module name. According to the EIS
checklist, you are required to enter the blocksize. What is the block size required by EIS?
A. 4k
B. 16k
C. 32k
D. 64k
Answer: C

4. You have replaced a failed RTS on a Sun Fire 6800. While packing your tools you hear a loud mechanical lunk.
On investigation, you discover the righthand RTS has failed over to the lefthand RTS. What should you do?
A. Replace the other RTS unit as these normally always fail in pairs.
B. Suspect a version mismatch between the original and your replacement RTS.
C. Nothing, the machine will always use the functioning left-hand RTS when available.
D. Ask the customer to connect to the System Controller and enable the replacement RTS.
Answer: C

5. You have been asked to brief the customer regarding the power configuration of a Sun Fire 6800 for compliance with Sun Fire Midframe Server Configuration Best Practices.
The Sun Fire 6800 power configuration is as follows:
1. 2 redundant transfer units (RTU)
2. Each RTU contains 2 redundant transfer switches (RTS)
Which three should you tell the customer about best practices for power configuration? (Choose three.)
A. If one RTS fails, the RTU will shutdown.
B. Both RTS in an RTU should be connected to the same power source.
C. Both RTS in each RTU do not load share and are in active-standby mode.
D. Both RTS in each RTU perform load sharing and are in active-active mode.
E. The Sun Fire rack has 2 RTUs that should be connected to a single power source.
F. The Sun Fire rack has 2 RTUs that each should be connected to a separate power source.
G. The RTS will attempt to switch incoming power to a second RTS module in the RTU in the event of a brownout
or power failure.
Answer: C, F, G

6. A customer has had a number of I/O problems with the primary controller on a Sun StorEdge 3510 with two controllers. Back end support requests that you remove the primary RAID Controller to isolate the problem. How
can you identify which of the controllers is the primary?
A. The SFP link status LED is off.
B. The SFP link status LED is green.
C. The I/O controller module LED is solid green.
D. The I/O controller module LED is blinking green.
Answer: D

7. A customer has installed a new disk drive in the upper left slot of their Sun Fire V240 (disk 2). They are unable
to see the disk from the operating system. How can you make the disk visible to Solaris?
A. Use boot -r to reconfigure the system.
B. Run format at the operating system level.
C. Reseat the drive and reboot after power down.
D. Perform a boot -av to see if the system recognises the disk.
Answer: A

8. After replacing the root-disk on a Sun Fire V490, the device path needs to be updated with the new disk WWN: w21000011c63f0c94. It is necessary to update the nvramrcdevalias entries to the new device path so the system will be able to boot from the replaced root-disk.
From the OS, how should you update the nvram alias for root-disk?
A. ok>setenv boot-device root-disk
B. ok>nvalias root-disk /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/ssd@w21000011c63f0c94,0:a
C. ok> devalias root-disk /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/ssd@w21000011c63f0c94,0:a
D. #eeprom devalias root-disk /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/ssd@w21000011c63f0c94,0:a
E. #eeprom nvramrc='devalias root-disk /pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@2/fp@0,0/ssd@w21000011c63f0c94,0:a'
Answer: E

9. Several previously working Sunblade 150 and associated peripheral cabinets have been moved to another part
of the building. Upon powerup, one system is now exhibiting this error message: Resetting SCSI bus data overrun - got too much data from target (4,0)
WARNING Target 4 reducing synch transfer rate
SCSI bus reset
What is the most likely cause of this problem?
A. Faulty cable connector
B. Faulty network cable at 4,0
C. Mirrored root disk needs resynching
D. Fiber optic cable not seated correctly
E. Wrong peripheral cabinet has been reconnected
Answer: A

10. A customer has forgotten the ALOM password for a user on a Sun Fire V210 system. The system is up and running. How can you reset a forgotten ALOM from the OS?
A. # password
B. # userpassword [username]
C. # scadm userpassword [username]
D. ALOM passwords cannot be reset from the OS.
Answer: C

11. A customer reports that over the last few months there have been multiple occasions when power supply 0
(PS0) on their Sun Fire V440 has recorded errors in the var/adm/messages file. Due to the multiple errors, PTS
has determined that the device should be replaced. All LED indicators on the system are normal.
What command, if any, at the ALOM prompt should you run to prepare the power supply for replacement?
A. sc> offline ps0
B. sc> poweroff ps0
C. sc> removefru ps0
D. No command is necessary because the power supplies are redundant.
Answer: C

12. On a Sun Fire E2900 server, you modified the LOM network to 'static' from 'dhcp' using the setupnetwork command. After answering all the questions, the LOM configuration came back to the lom> prompt. You type shownetwork and notice the network setting is still 'dhcp' instead of 'static'. Which is most likely the problem?
A. 'Static' is an invalid option.
B. Your LOM revision level is too low.
C. LOM setup aborted before you finished.
D. You need to use the resetsc command after making the change.
Answer: D

13. A customer firewall is blocking ssh logon access to a newly installed desktop server. What port(s) need to be opened on the firewall to allow ssh traffic on the default port(s)?
A. 22
B. 443
C. 20 and 21
D. 22 and 23
Answer: A

14. A customer's system has been running slowly, and the /opt/SUNWsrspx/bin/srsproxy process has been identified as the problem. Its process ID is 186. What command should you use to terminate this process?
A. killall
B. proc kill 186
C. pkill srsproxy
D. pskill srsproxy
Answer: C

15. You are installing SRS NetConnect so that a customer can monitor their Sun server and storage systems. What provider component is NOT catered by the Sun NetConnect 3.2 installation script?
A. Event
B. Storage
C. Configuration
D. Hardware alarm
Answer: B

16. You are upgrading a Sun Fire V880 from 2 to 6 disks. You are currently at the root prompt. What command should you run after installing the disks to allow the system to access them?
A. init 6
B. format
C. reboot
D. test-all
E. devfsadm
Answer: E

17. You are jumpstarting a machine across a customer network from your jumpstart server. During the Solaris
startup, the hostname of your jumpstart client machine has changed from what you expected. What is the most probable explanation for this?
A. There is another jumpstart server on the same network.
B. A jumpstart server on a different network has responded to your client.
C. There is an old Solaris image on the machine with the displayed hostname.
D. This is normal, the default jumpstart client hostname is always initially different.
Answer: A

18. You are configuring the name service on a Sun Fire 4800. What file defines the name service the system is using?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/resolv.conf
C. /etc/name_to_major
D. /etc/nsswitch.conf
Answer: D

19. You want to mount a filesystem provided by an NFS server (hostname server). This will allow the project managers to access the project filesystem (/projects). What file should you edit on the client, and what entry should you make to ensure it is mounted every time the system is booted?
A. /etc/dfs/dfstab share -F nfs /projects
B. /etc/vfstab share -F nfs /projects
C. /etc/dfs/dfstab dfshare -F nfs /projects
D. /etc/vfstab server:/projects - /projects nfs - yes -
Answer: D

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