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Sun 310-875 Exam -

Free 310-875 Sample Questions:

1. Which boot command triggers the Solaris system to probe all attached devices and creates entries in the
/devices and /dev directories?
A. boot -a
B. boot -r
C. boot -s
D. boot -v
Answer: B

2. What is the minimum disk space requirement for the installation of the Solaris 7 software?
A. 512 Mbytes
B. 1.05 Gbytes
C. 2.1 Gbytes
D. 4.2 Gbytes
Answer: B

3. Which command is used to remove patches?
A. patchrm
B. rmpatch
C. patches - d
D. patchremove
Answer: B

4. Which of the following sub-commands in the "format" utility will not harm data when used to test a disk drive?
A. write
B. purge
C. refresh
D. compare
Answer: C

5. Which command is used to display the volume table of contents (VTOC)?
A. vtoc
B. prtconf
C. prtvtoc
D. printvtoc
Answer: C

6. Which Solaris command is used to print the disk label?
A. prtvtoc
B. prtconf
C. prtdiag
D. devfsadm
Answer: A

7. Which file does the /sbin/init program use to start processes?
A. /sbin/rc2
B. /sbin/rc3
C. /etc/init.d
D. /etc/inittab
Answer: D

8. Which one of the four System Boot Phases is responsible for reading the boot block and loading the bootblk program?
A. /sbin/init phase
B. Boot PROM Phase
C. Boot Program Phase
D. Kernel Initialization Phase
Answer: B

9. If you have used su to temporarily adopt another user, what command is used to display the name of the user you originally logged in as?
A. id
B. who
C. whoami
D. who am i
Answer: D

10. Which OpenBoot PROM (OBP) command can be used to verify PROM settings?
A. banner
B. devalias
C. printenv
D. probe-scsi
Answer: C

11. Which OpenBoot PROM (OBP) command is used to list the NVRAM parameters, along with their default values and current values?
A. banner
B. devalias
C. printenv
D. probe-scsi-all
Answer: C

12. What OpenBoot PROM (OPB) command will identify all devices attached to the on-board SCSI controller of a Sun workstation?
A. probe-ide
B. show-devs
C. probe-scsi
D. probe-scsi-all
Answer: C

13. During the boot program phase of the system boot process, which program is loaded by the bootblk program and loads the kernel.
A. init
B. initk
C. ufsboot
D. installboot
Answer: C

14. Slices are groupings of which of the following disk components?
A. heads
B. tracks
C. sectors
D. cylinders
Answer: D

15. By convention, which of the following slices represent the entire disk?
A. c0t0d0s0
B. c0t0d0s1
C. c0t0d0s2
D. c0t0d0s3
Answer: C

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