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Sun 310-600 Exam -

Free 310-600 Sample Questions:

1.In two months, there are 200 defects in 40 units processed. If each unit has 25 opportunities,
what is the process DPMO?
Answer: A

2.Which of the following are NOT common pitfalls to the Sun Shot process?
A.Multiple champions
B.Too little time allotted
C.Poor action item accountability
D.Weak sponsorship
Answer: A

3.What is the purpose of a pilot?
A.To analyze a process and determine the source of defects
B.To test a solution on a small or limited scale
C.To implement a compromised solution when true consensus cannot be reached
D.To collect baseline data from an existing process
Answer: B

4.Which tool is used to evaluate process variation over time?
A.Pie chart
B.Scatter plot
C.Individuals chart
D.Pareto Chart
Answer: C

5.What should be included in a good problem/opportunity statement?
A.A description of the causes of the problem
B.A statement of the project improvement goal
C.An assignment of responsibility for the problem
D.The severity of the problem
Answer: D

6.A project charter should be:
A.Treated by the team as a fixed contract to be changed only by approval of 51% of the team
B.Treated as a living document which will evolve as new information is discovered
C.Written in precise technical language
D.A brief document 2­3 pages in length
Answer: B

7.Which tool is best for illustrating possible causes for an effect?
B.Fishbone diagram
C.Process flowchart
Answer: B

8.Which of the following is NOT a benefit associated with control charts?
A.They demonstrate process performance relative to customer specifications
B.They demonstrate stability and predictability of a process over time
C.They show parameter performance, mean, and control limits
D.They offer early warning of possible problems
Answer: A

9.Which statement is a good guideline for brainstorming?
A.Keep the list of ideas manageable by allowing each participant a set number of contributions
B.Establish the objective prior to the brainstorming session
C.Focus on idea quality, rather than quantity
D.Provide a familiar venue for the process
Answer: B

10.A factorial 2­level DOE does NOT:
A.Confirm possible critical Xs
B.Confirm design parameter impacts on Ys
C.Confirm causes identified by hypothesis tests
D.Confirm best robust design
Answer: D

11.Which is the best tool to show a quantitative comparison of the frequency of occurrence for different failure modes?
B.Individuals chart
C.Pareto chart
D.Scatter diagram
Answer: C

12.What is the best use for the ANOVA test?
A.To complete a least squares regression fit for more than one data set
B.To determine if several samples belong to the same population relative to their mean
C.To determine the variance of a non­normal data set
D.To compare data set normality
Answer: B

13.CAP and DMAIC are useful together since:
A.The focus of DMAIC is collecting data and the focus of CAP is to make solutions more sustainable
B.The focus of CAP is collecting data and the focus DMAIC is influencing people to build acceptance
C.The focus of CAP is to find the best solution for a problem and the focus of DMAIC is to make solutions sustainable
D.The focus of DMAIC is to find the best solution for a problem and the focus of CAP is to make solutions sustainable
Answer: D

14.Which statement guarantees no defects?
A.Z = 6 sigma
B.The part has been modified so that it physically cannot be put together incorrectly
C.All sampled data points are within the upper and lower specification
D.The data histogram is "centered"
Answer: B

15.What is a good use for hypothesis testing during the Analyze phase?
A.To determine the current process capability
B.To determine optimum process capability parameters
C.To confirm the validity of a suspected important factor
D.To provide a comparison of CTQs to root causes
Answer: C

16.Calculation of DPO requires knowledge of:
A.The total number of defects and the total number of units
B.Only the total number of defects
C.The total number of defects, the total number of units, the number of opportunities per unit and the length of the time period studied
D.The total number of defects, the total number of units and the number of opportunities per unit
Answer: D

17.Which is NOT a key objective of "Mobilizing Commitment"?
A.Critical mass must be won over
B.Employees know exactly how their jobs will change
C.Key stakeholders support the change
D.Potential sources of resistance are identified
Answer: B

18.Which of the following is a continuous measure?
A.Total time required to close a deal
B.Count of the number of closed deals from new customers
C.Day of the week a deal is closed
D.Type of deal closed
Answer: A

19.Which one of the following statements about internal and external customers is true?
A.Process output that is not paid for only goes to internal customers
B.External customers should not be privy to project details when working on joint projects
C.Requirements of internal customers will drive more improvement than requirements of external customers
D.Internal customers are fellow associates who need the process output to carry out their work
Answer: D

20.What is the most likely distribution that you would observe if your data came from two different sources?
D.No such distribution
Answer: C

21.Which is a consideration in deciding to use the X­bar R chart instead of the X­bar S chart?
A.A rational subgroup size less than 6
B.Undefined rational subgroups
C.Proportion, discrete data, and a constant sample size
D.Process is in control
Answer: A

22.When constructing a flowchart:
A.Always construct the "should­be" map first
B.Show tasks for only one person on the chart
C.Be sure to include significant steps in the process
D.Always show every process step to the most detailed level
Answer: C

23.Which statement describes a critical deliverable of the Analyze phase in the DMAIC process?
A.Identification of the vital few Xs
B.A SIPOC map of the process
C.Process sigma calculation
D.A CTQ prioritization matrix
Answer: A

24.After collecting data for your project and graphing it, you see that the data is skewed to the left. Which of the following are NOT logical next steps?
A.Stratify the data to evaluate if there are multiple factors causing the skew
B.Normalize the data by applying a transformation
C.Conduct GR&R on your measurement system to take the skewness out of the performance data
D.Analyze the data as is by looking at the shape of the data distribution and perform outlier analysis
Answer: C

25.How do Sun Shot sessions differ from DMAIC & DMADV?
A.Sun Shots take longer to analyze
B.Sun Shots do not differ from DMAIC & DMADV projects
C.Sun Shots have medium to high­risk solutions
D.Sun Shots can be achieved with rapid analysis and consensus­building
Answer: D

26.Which of the following is NOT a key outcome of "Making Change Last"?
A.Sustained change
B.Adequate time and attention is given to the institutionalization of the change
C.Adequate time, resource, and attention are applied throughout the life of the change
D.A comprehensive pilot plan
Answer: D

27.How should a team start the Improve phase?
A.Ensure root causes have been validated
B.Collect new data on the key measures
C.Vote on the path forward
D.Develop an implementation plan
Answer: A

28.Kano analysis helps to segment customer requests into which of the following categories?
A.Behaviors, Actions, Responses
B.Wants, Needs, Behaviors
C.Complaints, Loyalty, Satisfaction
D.Dissatisfiers, Satisfiers, and Delighters
Answer: D

29.In a DMADV project, what is the purpose of a scorecard?
A.To calculate total financial benefits from a Sun Sigma project
B.To quantify the failure modes and their effects
C.To compare outputs from multiple hypothesis tests
D.To provide an overall capability predicted from the sub­component capabilities
Answer: D

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