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Sun 310-502 Exam -

Free 310-502 Sample Questions:

1. To utilize a component from one Project in another, you can: (Select all that apply.) _____
A. export the component from the source Project and import it to the target Project
B. copy the component from the source Project and paste it to the target Project
C. include the remote component in the Deployment Profile of the target Project
D. drag-and-drop the component onto the target Projects Connectivity Map
E. you can not share components among Projects
Answer: B, D

2. Which Java CAPS component determines the fields within a message that can be accessed by a Java Collaboration?
A. Business Process
B. Connectivity Map
C. Object Type Definition
D. Activity
Answer: C

3. What Java CAPS elements below are required for code to be Executed and Monitored in Production?

1. Enterprise Manager
2. Enterprise Designer
3. Repository
4. UDDI Server
5. Domain
6. An .ear file
A. 3, 2, 6 & 5 only.
B. 4 to discover services, 3, 1 & 5.
C. 4 to discover services, 6, 5 & 1.
D. 1, 5 & 6 only.
E. 3 to discover services, 5, 6 & 1.
Answer: C

4. During installation, the ProductList.sar file can be changed to update:_____
A. the components available to upload
B. the components available to download
C. the installed components
D. the registered components
Answer: A

5. Which of the following add-ons are required when attempting to exchange messages with a JMS Message Server external to Java CAPS?
A. the JMS eWay
B. the eGate API Kit
C. JMS Message Selectors
D. this can be done programmatically without additional products
Answer: B

6. In order to have more than one activity executing concurrently in a Business Process, which eInsight modeling element should be used?
A. the Event-Based Decision element
B. the Reply modeling element
C. the Join modeling element
D. the Flow modeling element
Answer: D

7. Java CAPS Documentation can be accessed: (Select all that apply) _____
A. by uploading the docs to the Repository and viewing them through the Enterprise Manager
B. by decompressing the capsDocs.sar file to a directory of your choice
C. in the installed tree structure on the Repository
D. from the help screen dialog box
E. from the Documentation CD
F. from the website
Answer: A, C, F

8. How can a Business Process be configured so that it is capable of responding to more than one type of error at a time?
A. BPEL does not support the ability to catch multiple exceptions.
B. Create a scope and drag down as many Catch Named Exception elements as needed.
C. Create a catch block to handle as many exceptions as necessary.
D. Select Multi option in the Business Process error handling properties dialog.
Answer: B

9. What is the difference between undeploy and disable in the Enterprise Manager?
A. Undeploy temporarily stops the ear, Disable removes it from the domain.
B. Undeploy removes the ear from eManager, Disable doesnt.
C. Undeploy removes the ear file from the Domain, Disable stops it temporarily.
D. None of the Above.
Answer: C

10. In order to represent the structure of a particular database in Java CAPS, which of the following components must be created?
A. An eWay
B. A Java Collaboration Definition
D. An Oracle External Application
Answer: C

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