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Sun 310-400 Exam -

Free 310-400 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are trying to decide whether a request should be hosted in the admin or end user interface. When is use of the end user interface NOT recommended?
A. when the interface must provide more control over searching for a user
B. when the interface must provide a mechanism to sidestep the fine-grained, security model
C. when through the interface, actual provisioning must be initiated through the launch of a separate workflow
D. when users must have the ability to use a wizard to enter a request
E. when the interface must support the assignment of roles
F. when the interface must be streamlined and easily tailor to the customers corporate standard
G. when development time must be reduced
Answer: G

Q: 2
When the Forgot Password button is selected on the End User pages, users must identify themselves by answering a predetermined number of challenge questions. How do you set the number of challenge questions users must enter before they can reset their password?
A. modify the Default Identity Manager Account Policy and set the minimum number of questions that must be answered
B. set the minimum challenge questions property in the file
C. set the minimum challenge questions property in the System Configuration object
D. modify the Password Policy and set the minimum number of questions that must be answered
Answer: A

Q: 3
A company is experiencing poor workflow performance. Which two actions might improve performance? (Choose two.)
A. utilize the baseContext form parameter
B. utilize the exposedVariables element of the WorkItem
C. utilize the editableVariables element of the WorkItem
D. utilize the FormRule element of the WorkItem
E. utilize the TargetResources argument of the checkoutView WorkflowService
Answer: B,E

Q: 4
Which two business factors support the configuration of Identity Manager SPE? (Choose two.)
A. The solution must support provisioning of up to 100,000 employee identities across disparate systems.
B. The solution must support a self-service account feature for 1,000,000+ customer identities.
C. The solution must support complex approval processes for all provisioning requests.
D. The solution must utilize a corporate LDAP resource as its user repository.
E. The solution must maintain a single repository for all identities, request state, configuration, and audit data.
Answer: B,D

Q: 5
Which deliverable cannot be achieved solely by implementing Identity Manager password management?
A. password synchronization
B. single sign-on
C. "forgot my password" functionality (i.e. challenge questions)
D. password policy enforcement
Answer: B

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