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Sun 310-302 Exam -

Free 310-302 Sample Questions:

1. Which file contains the MAC address to host name lookup table?
A. /etc/ethers
B. /etc/inet/ethers
C. /etc/inet/inetd.conf
D. /var/adm/net/config
Answer: A

2. You are creating a plan to increase network security. Which two network topologies and devices should be phased out? (Choose two.)
A. bus
B. hub
D. switch
E. bridge
Answer: A, B

3. At which layer in the TCP/IP network model are decisions about routing between networks made?
A. Internet
B. Transport
C. Data Link
D. Application
Answer: A

4. A newly installed system is experiencing network performance problems. You suspect it may be related to the duplex or speed settings on the hme0 interface. Which two commands check the duplex and speed of the hme0 interface? (Choose two.)
A. netstat -I hme
B. netstat hme link_mode
C. ndd -get /dev/hme speed
D. ndd -get /dev/hme duplex
E. ndd -get /dev/hme link_mode
F. ndd -get /dev/hme link_speed
G. ndd -get /dev/hme link_status
Answer: E, F

5. What are two advantages of using a layered networking model? (Choose two.)
A. Routing tables are simplified.
B. Network performance is improved.
C. The troubleshooting process is simplified.
D. Changing one layer does NOT require changes to the other layers.
E. Networking related code does NOT need to be recompiled for other systems.
Answer: C, D

6. What is CSMA/CD?
A. Common Serial Multiple Access with Carrier Detection
B. Collision Sensing Multiple Access with Carrier Detection
C. Carrier Sensing Multiple Access with Collision Detection
D. Common Serial Multiple Access with Collision Detection
E. Carrier Serial Multiplexing Access with Carrier Detection
Answer: C

7. You have a SPARC workstation with a single hme Ethernet interface. Which file is required for the interface to
be configured at boot time?
A. /etc/hosts
B. /etc/nodename
C. /etc/inet/hosts
D. /etc/hostname.hme0
E. /etc/nodename.hme0
Answer: D

8. You need to display the Ethernet address of a system connected to a server you administer. Which command displays all entries in the current ARP table?
A. arp -a
B. arp -list
C. netstat -av
D. ndd -get /dev/arp ethers
Answer: A

9. You used ndd to enable IP forwarding on your network interfaces. After a system reboot, the system does not forward packets. What caused this problem?
A. The svc.startd daemon was not reconfigured.
B. The /etc/notrouter file was recreated during reboot.
C. One of the /etc/rc2.d start scripts failed to complete.
D. The effects of the ndd command did not survive reboot.
Answer: D

10. After connecting a new server to a network switch, you discover that the server is NOT able to communicate with other servers on the same network. You run snoop on the new server and find that it is returning traffic for a network different than the one to which you want to connect the server. Which can be the source of the problem?
A. ARP cache on the server is stale.
B. Network cable is longer than allowed.
C. A switch port is configured for the wrong VLAN.
D. The server is configured with the wrong IP address.
E. The DHCP server is returning incorrect network settings.
Answer: C

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