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Sun 310-105 Exam -

Free 310-105 Sample Questions:

1. You have a file that contains a list of parts in a single column. You need to append the text string .ex2009 to each entry. You will use the vi editor and the last line mode to append this text to each entry. Which command will add the text correctly?
A. :%s/*/.ex2009/
B. :%s/.$/.ex2009/
C. :%s/$/.ex2009/
D. :%s/*$/.ex2009/
Answer: C

2. Click the Exhibit button.

This user is using the Korn shell. Which command did the user execute to display the list shown in the exhibit?
A. fc -l 122-137
B. fc -l 122
C. fc -l 122 137
D. history
Answer: D

3. Click the Exhibit button.

Examine the exhibit. Based on the information in this exhibit, which files can user Jane delete?
A. file1 file2 log
B. file2 log
C. file1 file3 log
D. file1 file2 file3 log
Answer: D

4. Jane needs to list a directory on a remote system named entropy. The system has been configured with a .rhosts file in Jane’s home directory. Choose the command that will display the contents of a directory without Jane having to login to the remote system.
A. rsh entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*
B. rcp entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*
C. ls -r entropy /export/home/jane/scripts/*
D. rlogin entropy ls /export/home/jane/scripts/*
Answer: A

5. Click the Exhibit button.

Which answer best describes this block of code?
A. This is part of a for loop.
B. This is a if/then/else command.
C. This is part of a case statement.
D. This is part of a while loop.
Answer: C

6. You have a parts list, and you need to search it for all parts that contain the string V1 or the string R3. You decide to use a grep utility to search the file. Which grep command will you use?
A. grep -F ‘V1|R3’ ./parts_list
B. fgrep ‘V1|R3’ ./parts_list
C. egrep ‘V1|R3’ ./parts_list
D. grep ‘V1|R3’ ./parts_list
Answer: C

7. Jane is writing a shell script. While testing the script, she finds that the script is in a infinite loop. She issues the following command:
$ kill `pgrep affiliate .sh`
Which signal does this command send to the process?
Answer: D

8. Val needs to transfer multiple files from a remote system to her local system. She has established an ftp session with the remote system. When multiple files are transferred with ftp the system will prompt you to determine if you want each file transferred. Choose the ftp command that will disable this ftp prompt when transferring multiple files.
A. mget
B. mput
C. prompt
D. noprompt
E. recv
Answer: C

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