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Sun 310-100 Exam -

Free 310-100 Sample Questions:

1. What is a characteristic of a Fault Tolerant system?
B. expensive
C. inexpensive
D. T3 single bricks
Answer: B

2. Which three will cause a host-path to utilize a Solaris Alternate Path? (Choose three.)
A. system load
B. a master Sun StorEdge T3 RAID controller failure
C. a failure in a host path to a Sun StorEdge T3 master
D. failure of the interconnect between a Sun StorEdge T3 partner pair
Answer: B, C, D

3. During installation which port are the boot messages written to?
A. one FC-AL Port
B. one RS-232 serial port
C. the Unit Interconnect Controller (UIC)
D. one 10BASE-T Ethernet host interface port
Answer: B

4. Which statement is true about creating a hot spare drive?
A. The hot spare drive must be as big as the largest configured LUN.
B. The hot spare drive must be allocated from the unassigned drive group.
C. The hot spare drive is most commonly used to add redundancy to a RAID 0 LUN.
D. The hot spare drive can be created as an add-on LUN if there is available space.
Answer: B

5. Which RAID does Volume Manager 2.5 NOT support?
C. RAID 0+1
D. RAID 1+0
Answer: D

6. Which command is used to installed Solstice DiskSuite?
A. "pkchk"
B. "pkgadd"
C. "pkginfo"
D. "packageadd"
Answer: B

7. What is the first step to put a brand new disk which contains no data under Veritas Volume Manager control?
A. initialize the disk
B. encapsulate the disk
C. add the disk to a disk group
D. edit the partition table on the disk
Answer: A

8. Which Storage Management command is used to determine administrative information on the A5200?
A. luxadm
B. ssaadm
C. metastat
D. vxdiskadm
Answer: A

9. Which device in RAID Manager 6 is used to manage?
A. T3
B. A1000
C. A5200
D. D1000
Answer: B

10. What does Sun's StorEdge T3 utilize to configure LUNs?
A. RAID Manager
B. Veritas Volume Manager
C. the "luxadm" command
D. Plug-in Silicone Operating System
Answer: D

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