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Sun 310-090 Exam -

Free 310-090 Sample Questions:

1. Which two must be in an ejb-jar file, either by inclusion or reference? (Choose two.)
A. an enterprise archive (.ear) file
B. a deployment descriptor in the format defined by the EJB 2.0 specification
C. the class files for the classes that implement the home and remote interfaces
D. the class files for the interfaces and superinterfaces used by the bean, except J2SE or J2EE interfaces
E. the class files for the stub classes of the EJBHome andEJBObject interfaces, if remote interfaces are deployed for the bean
Answer: B, D

2. Which statement is true about a session bean's lifecycle?
A. Session beans cannot receive re-entrant loopback calls.
B. A stateless session bean's home interface can have overloaded create methods.
C. Stateless session beans can implement javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization.
D. The EJB 2.0 container can make concurrent calls to any stateful session bean instance.
Answer: A

3. Which transaction attribute may cause a javax.transaction.TransactionRequiredException to be thrown?
A. Required
B. Supports
C. Mandatory
D. RequiresNew
Answer: C

4. Which exception can be thrown by the findByPrimaryKey method of a remotely called entity bean using container-managed persistence?
A. javax.ejb.EJBException
B. javax.ejb.DuplicateKeyException
C. javax.ejb.NoSuchEntityException
D. javax.ejb.ObjectNotFoundException
Answer: D

5. Which method can be found in BOTH the EJBHome and EJBLocalHome interface?
A. getHomeHandle()
B. getEJBMetaData()
C. remove(Handle handle)
D. remove(Object primaryKey)
Answer: D

6. Which is a Bean Provider's security-related responsibility?
A. assigns principals to roles in the application server
B. declares the role-link element in the deployment descriptor
C. declares the security-role element in the deployment descriptor
D. declares the security-role-ref element in the deployment descriptor
Answer: D

7. Which two statements about a client's reference to a session bean's remote home interface are true? (Choose two.)
A. The reference can be passed as a method argument.
B. The reference provides the client with the IP address of the bean instance.
C. The reference provides the client with access to at least one create method.
D. A new home reference must be obtained for each new reference to a remote component interface.
Answer: A C

8. Which method from javax.ejb.EJBContext returns an object that allows a Bean Provider to demarcate transactions?
A. begin()
B. getAutoCommit()
C. getTransaction()
D. beginTransaction()
E. getUserTransaction()
Answer: E

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