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Sun 310-043 Exam -

Free 310-043 Sample Questions:

1.Which command displays the routing table?
A.route ­l
B.netstat ­r
C.netstat ­R
D.netstat ­i
E.netstat ­a
Answer: B

2.You use the default router file in /etc to establish a default router to use for all indirectly routed packets. Which two are benefits of using this file? (Choose two.)
A.The routing table remains small.
B.Additional routing processes are not started.
C.The RIP daemon is NOT started but the RDISC daemon is.
D.It allows the machine to broadcast the default to other machines.
E.It prevents the addition of non­default routes to the routing table.
F.It allows the addition of default and non­default routes dynamically.
Answer: A, B

3.Your routing table has become corrupted. You decide to empty the routing table before you recreate it. How do you delete all entries from the routing table?
A.pkill init
B.rmroute all
C.route flush
D.route delete *
E.route delete all
Answer: C

4.Which type of routing is used to send packets via a gateway?
Answer: C

5.A machine boots and has a configured network interface. At minimum, which type of route is automatically added to the routing table?
B.static direct
D.static indirect
E.dynamic direct
F.dynamic indirect
Answer: C

6.A host with network interfaces and is configured with default routing. It broadcasts its routing table every 30 seconds. Which routing daemon is running?
Answer: D

7.Which two can be achieved by configuring the /etc/gateways file? (Choose two.)
A.adding default and non­default routes
B.preventing routing processes such as RIP starting
C.adding a default route, preventing any routing daemon from starting
D.automatically adding static entries in the routing table when the system boots
Answer: A, D

8.Which two commands display the contents of the ARP table? (Choose two.)
A.arp ­a
B.arp ­d
C.arp ­s
D.netstat ­a
E.netstat ­p
F.ifconfig ­a
Answer: A, E

9.You have a workstation with a single Ethernet interface (hme). From which file does the kernel obtain a host name to configure the interface at boot time?
Answer: D

10.Your workstation needs to send data to host server1. Your workstation issues an ARP request for server1. What causes this?
A.Your default router is down.
B.Your workstation's ARP table is full.
C.The host server1 is on a different subnet.
D.Your workstation has no MAC address for server1.
Answer: D

11.A diskless client is not configured for DHCP. The client boots from a JumpStart server. How does the client obtain an IP address?
A.It does a DNS lookup.
B.It issues an ARP request.
C.It issues an RARP request.
D.It reads the /etc/hosts file.
E.It reads the /etc/nsswitch.conf file.
Answer: C

12.Which LAN component forwards a packet between two separate networks based on the software protocol address?
Answer: B

13.How do you run DHCP in debug mode on a DHCP client?
A.You kill the DHCP client process then relaunch the client process using the /sbin/dhcpagent ­d2
B.You kill the DHCP client process and set DHCP_DEBUG=true in the dhcpagent configuration file.
C.You kill the DHCP client process and edit the DHCP start script to use the in.dhcpd ­i ­d ­v command. You then run the DHCP start script.
D.You kill the DHCP client process and edit the DHCP start script to include the DHCP_DEBUG=true;
export DHCP_DEBUG statement. You then run the DHCP start script.
Answer: A

14.Which two tasks involve changes to the dhcptab database? (Choose two.)
A.defining an additional symbol
B.changing the definition of a macro
C.tuning the IGNORE_FAILED_ARP parameter
D.updating the pool of IP addresses assigned to clients
E.changing a client macro association so the client uses a different macro
Answer: A, B

15.An application has to use a connection­oriented protocol to transfer data. Which statement about this method of data transfer is true?
A.Transmission of data can only begin when the routing vector has been minimized.
B.Transmission of data can only begin when packet transit time has been established.
C.Transmission of data can only begin when the ARP reply packet size has been renegotiated.
D.Transmission of data can only begin when the remote server sends an initial acknowledgment.
Answer: D

16.Which two statements about the /etc/inet/inetd.conf file are true? (Choose two.)
A.The rlogin program is enabled by this file.
B.Only TCP network services can be referenced in this file.
C.The command pkill ­HUP inetd causes the file to be read.
D.A wait entry means services will start after a predetermined time.
E.Users, other than root, using network services do not consult this file.
Answer: A, C

17.Which program can you disable by modifying the /etc/inet/services file?
Answer: D

18.Which three subnet masks are contiguous subnet masks for Class C addresses? (Choose three.)
Answer: C, D, E

19.Which protocol supports Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)?
A.Border Gateway Protocol
B.Router Discovery Protocol
C.External Gateway Protocol
D.Interior Gateway Protocol
E.Internet Control Message Protocol
Answer: A

20.Given that files contain relevant data and the server has a single Ethernet interface, which three files are used to configure the Ethernet interface at system boot? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, D, E

21.Which command should you use to display the configuration of an hme0 network interface?
A.ndd hme0 \?
B.ifconfig hme0
C.ndd /dev/hme0 \?
D.ifconfig /dev/hme0
Answer: B

22.Which three fields can be components of an IP datagram header? (Choose three.)
A.transfer protocol
B.source IP address
C.source MAC address
D.destination IP address
E.destination port number
Answer: A, B, D

23.Which command is used to configure and enable a virtual interface?
A.ifconfig hme0 up
B.ifconfig hme0:1 add
C.ifconfig hme0 plumb up
D.ifconfig hme0:1 virtual
E.ifconfig hme0:1 plumb up
Answer: E

24.Due to a restructuring of your organization, your company has now been divided into four separate groups. Your network is to be organized into four separate subnetworks, but you only have a single Class C address range. Which file on every host on each subnetwork needs to be modified so that you can implement an appropriate subnetworking strategy?
Answer: A

25.Which two values are used to calculate the network number? (Choose two.)
B.subnet number IP address
D.gateway address MAC address
F.broadcast address
Answer: A, C

26.Which two tools use SNMP? (Choose two.)
A.Solstice DiskSuite
B.Solstice Admintool
C.Solstice AnswerBook
D.Solstice Site Manager
E.Solstice Enterprise Manager
Answer: D, E

27.Which problem is solved through the use of SNMP OID?
A.locating an SNMP trap signal
B.identifying the properties of an SNMP data item
C.locating an object within a distributed SNMP database
D.identifying the event which will activate an SNMP trap message
Answer: C

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