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Sun 310-016 Exam -

Free 310-016 Sample Questions:

1.You are logged into a Solaris LDAP client. You want to view the current LDAP client configuration. Which command displays this information?
C.idsconfig ­l
D.ldapsearch ­v
E.ldapclient list
Answer: E

2.You believe that you have a correctly configured boot server on the local network for the JumpStart client you are currently attempting to install. Your JumpStart configuration is based on files only and does not use a naming service at any stage. Upon running the command: boot net ­ install the client repeatedly displays the message: Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet What are two possible causes for this? (Choose two.)
A.The in.rarpd daemon is not running on the boot server.
B.The sysidcfg file for the client is missing an ether entry.
C.The client does not exist in the rules.ok file on the boot server.
D.The /etc/ethers file on the boot server does not have an entry for the client.
E.The /etc/bootparams file on the boot server has duplicate entries for the client.
Answer: A, D

3.Which four JumpStart client items can be configured using the sysidcfg file? (Choose four.)
A.locale service
C.root password
D.client host name
E.patch information
F.file system layout configuration cluster
Answer: A, B, C, D

4.Both NIS and the sysidcfg file are configured to provide JumpStart identification services. Which statement is true?
A.Only NIS can be used.
B.Only the sysidcfg file can be used.
C.Both can be used. NIS takes precedence over the sysidcfg file.
D.Both can be used. The sysidcfg file takes precedence over NIS.
Answer: D

5.You believe that you have a correctly configured boot server on the local network for the JumpStart client currently being installed. Your JumpStart configuration is based on files only and does not use a naming service at any stage. Upon running the command: boot net ­ install the client displays the output: 24000 and subsequently outputs the following text to the console: panic ­ boot: Could not mount filesystem Program terminated ok What is the cause of this problem?
A.The root file system is not shared using NFS from the boot server.
B.The rpc.bootparamd daemon is not running on the boot server.
C.The installation server is missing the packages SUNWcsu and SUNWcsr.
D.The class file contains a reference to an NFS mount which is not available.
Answer: A

6.What three tasks must be done on the NIS master to add support for a new JumpStart client? (Choose three.)­make NIS maps with the updated client information
B.edit the hosts file, add the new client name and IP address
C.edit the ethers file, add the new client name and Ethernet address
D.edit the bootparams file, add the client name and architecture type
E.edit the rules file, add the client name and software configuration cluster information
F.edit the class file, add the client name and location of configuration and installation servers
Answer: A, B, C

7.Which two commands display the list of patches installed on a Solaris system? (Choose two.)
A.showrev ­p
B.pkginfo ­l
C.patchadd ­p
D./usr/sbin/prtdiag ­v
Answer: A, C

8.Which three should you use to obtain patches? (Choose three.)
A.World Wide Web access
B.CD­ROM media from Sun
C.telnet access to SunSolve
D.anonymous ftp access to the SunSolve ftp site E.patch supplied from an official periodical publication
Answer: A, B, D

9.You want to install a patch cluster on your system to correct several problems. You decide to use the ­nosave option to the install_cluster command. Which statement correctly describes the effect of this option?
A.A log file for each patch is not created.
B.A log file for install_cluster is not created.
C.The individual patches cannot be removed if desired.
D.An entry for the patch in /var/sadm/patch is not created.
Answer: C

10.Given the patch: 111021­ Which command should you use first in a series of steps to install the patch?
A.patchadd 111021­01
B.unzip 111021­ ­U 111021­
D.uncompress 111021­
Answer: B

11.Which command can be used to retrieve just the /etc/inet/hosts file from the ufsdump file on the
/dev/rmt/0 tape device?
A.ufsrestore ./etc/inet/hosts /dev/rmt/0
B.ufsrestore 0vf /dev/rmt/0 ./etc/inet/hosts
C.ufsrestore rvf /dev/rmt/0 ./etc/inet/hosts
D.ufsrestore svf /dev/rmt/0 ./etc/inet/hosts
E.ufsrestore xvf /dev/rmt/0 ./etc/inet/hosts
Answer: E

12.You must set up three users to administer the artwork department. These users will be launching several applications with the EUID of department administrator. Using the RBAC mechanism, what is the sequence of events to execute this process?
A.create entries for the applications in the RBAC profile database, associate a role with the new profile entry, and give the three users access to the role
B.update the $HOME/.rbac_privs file for each user to point to applications in question and amend the user attribute database to use theadmin EUID with these applications
C.create entries for the applications in the RBAC policy attributes database, associate a profile with the new policy entry, associate a role with this profile, and give the three users access to the role
D.create entries for the applications in the RBAC execution attributes database, associate a profile with the new execution entry, associate a role with this profile, and give the three users access to the role
Answer: D

13.You have completed a full ufsrestore of the /(root) file system. What is the impact of not removing the /restoresymtable?
A.It would slow down directory lookups.
B.It would take up disk space unnecessarily.
C.It would corrupt subsequent uses of ufsrestore.
D.There is no impact. It is linked only to the restore that created it and will automatically be deleted.
Answer: B

14.You use the ufsrestore command to extract the whole content of a file system (stored to tape with ufsdump) onto another file system. Which statement about inode allocation is true?
A.The new file system's inodes are allocated successively as the files are restored, independent of the inode numbers recorded to tape.
B.ufsrestore consults the inode map in each cylinder group. If an inode to be restored is already allocated, ufsrestore quits with a fail message.
C.The inodes are allocated such that the inode numbers after the restore are identical to the inode numbers recorded on tape, effectively overwriting inodes that had been allocated before the restore.
D.ufsrestore tries to allocate inode numbers for the restored files as they are recorded on tape and evades to new, unallocated inodes whenever an inode number is already allocated in the file system.
Answer: A

15.You are creating a Flash archive of your existing system which is to be used to install other systems on the network in your organization. Which two are required by the flarcreate command? (Choose two.)
A.the files to include in the archive
B.the file in which to create the archive
C.the name used to identify the archive
D.the name of the user creating the archive
E.the systems to be installed using the archive
Answer: B, C

16.Which utility is used to reduce the size of a Flash installation archive file if the ­c option is used with flarcreate?
Answer: D

17.You are creating a profile on your JumpStart server to install a new system and are using a Flash archive to provide the necessary software. The Flash archive is called /export/nb.flar and is shared on the network from the server grendel, which has the IP address What is the syntax for the JumpStart client's profile file which will use this archive to install the new system?
A.archive_location nfs grendel /export/nb.flar
B.archive_location grendel /export/nb.flar nfs
C.archive_location nfs
D.archive_location nfs /export/nb.flar
Answer: C

18.The user user1 is to be removed from your system. You use the command userdel ­r user1. What is the result of this command?
A.The specified user's account is locked.
B.The specified user's account and home directory are deleted.
C.The specified user's account, home directory, and files are deleted.
D.The specified user's account is locked and a list of all files owned by the user is placed in /var/tmp.
Answer: B

19.Which command adds the user user1 to the group staff?
A.chuser ­g staff user1
B.usermod ­G staff user1
C.moduser ­g staff user1
D.groupmod ­u user1 staff
Answer: B

20.Given the command: useradd ­u 102 ­g 301 ­d /export/home/user1 ­s /bin/ksh user1 Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)
A.The UID for user1 is 102.
B.The login shell for user1 is the Korn shell.
C.The user will not be added as no password has been specified.
D.The command will create a home directory /export/home/user1.
E.The command will not create a home directory /export/home/user1.
F.The command will not work as you have not specified any secondary groups.
Answer: A, B, E

21.You telnet into a Solaris machine and log in as user1. Your account is set up to use the Bourne shell (sh) and your home directory is /home/user1. Which two files (assuming they exist) does the Bourne shell read to initialize your environment? (Choose two.)
Answer: B, D

22.Which file should you modify to change the number of groups to which a user can belong?
Answer: B

23.Which three files does RBAC use? (Choose three.)
Answer: A, E, F

24.You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. Which is the maximum number of DNS servers that can be specified in a client's DNS configuration file?
Answer: B

25.You are configuring a DNS client on your organization's network. Which keyword is used in the
DNS client configuration file to specify the DNS server or servers the client is to use?
Answer: C

26.Your system contains the line: domain in its DNS configuration file. What is the purpose of this line?
A.It defines the local DNS domain name.
B.It defines the DNS server for the local domain.
C.It defines the domain for which this system is a DNS server.
D.It defines the domains this host is allowed to query using DNS.
Answer: A

27.Your system contains the line: search in its local DNS
configuration file. Which is the purpose of this line?
A.It defines the list of domains for which the system is a DNS server.
B.It defines a list of domains to search when performing a host lookup.
C.It defines a list of domains the system is allowed to query using DNS.
D.It defines the list of DNS servers the system can use for DNS failover.
Answer: B

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