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Sun 310-015 Exam -

Free 310-015 Sample Questions:

1. Which statement about the Sun RPC service is true?
A.RPC facilitates remote power control of a Solaris system.
B.RPC allows a remote system to call a procedure by an alias.
C.RPC implements the Solaris Real-Time Processing Capability.
D.RPC allows applications (services) to use dynamically assigned port numbers.
Answer: D

2. You have a system used for application development. The process app-rev23 owned by user epiphylla terminates abnormally.
Which two effects can the root user configure? (Choose two.)
A.The process app-rev23 produces no core file at all.
B.The process app-rev23 produces a core file without the string "core" appearing anywhere within the file name.
C.The process app-rev23 produces a global core file readable by any user in a global /var/corefiles directory.
D.The process app-rev23 produces a total of three core files, one in the current directory of the process, one in epiphylla's home directory, and one in a global /var/corefiles directory.
Answer: A, B

3. You have just edited the /etc/dfs/dfstab file and added two share commands. Previously, the /etc/dfs/dfstab file had no entries. You now need to start the NFS server daemons.
Given a standard system configuration, which two commands start the NFS server daemons? (Choose two.)
A./usr/bin/nfsd -t 6
B./usr/bin/nfs.server start
C./etc/init.d/nfs.server start
D./etc/rc3.d/S15nfs.server start
E./etc/rc2.d/S15nfs.server start
Answer: C, D

4. You are working on a system connected to the network. You are attempting to access a currently mounted NFS
directory. Your system displays the message:
nfs mount: host1: : NFS: Service not responding nfs mount: retrying: /usr/share/man
What can you do to solve this problem?
A.ensure that nfsd is running on the NFS server
B.ensure that mountd is running on the NFS server
C.send a HUP signal to inetd process on the NFS server
D.send a HUP signal to the rpcbind process on the NFS server
Answer: A

5. Under which two conditions will the automounter automatically mount resources listed in an AutoFS direct map? (Choose two.)
A.only if the mount point has first been created
B.only if the resources are to be mounted read-only
C.only if the reference used in the direct map uses relative path names
D.only if an entry for the direct map has been added to the master map E.only if the reference used in the direct map uses absolute path names
Answer: D, E

6. Interlace size is a tunable parameter associated with which three levels of RAID? (Choose three.)
D.RAID 0+1
Answer: A, C, D

7. Your system is newly built and has a standard set up.
What is the default shell when adding an account using roleadd?
Answer: C

8. You have a server on which five members from the IT support department have logins and are using RBAC to confer privilege to each of the five accounts. You want to simplify the setup by giving all five staff accounts a set
of default Authorizations and Profiles.
What is the full path name for the file which defines the Authorizations and Profiles assigned to all users by default?
Answer: etc/security/policy.conf

9. Given the excerpts from the inetd manual page and the syslog configuration file:
-t Instructs inetd to trace the incoming connections for all of its TCP services. It does this by logging the client's IP address and TCP port number, along with
the name of the service, using the syslog(3C) facil- ity. "Wait" wait-status services cannot be traced. When tracing is enabled, inetd uses the syslog facility code ``daemon'' and ``notice'' priority
level. See FILES.
*.err;kern.notice;auth.notice /dev/sysmsg
*.err;kern.debug;daemon.notice;mail.crit /var/adm/messages
Which action enables syslogd to record information about TCP connections to the /var/tcp/logs file?
A.add an additional entry to the syslog configuration file using the format daemon.notice /var/tcp/logs and then do nothing else, as syslogd will automatically reread the file
B.add an additional entry to the syslog configuration file using the format daemon.notice /var/tcp/logs and then send a HUP signal to syslogd to force it to reread the file
C.modify the second syslog configuration file entry so that the action field follows the format
/var/adm/messages,/var/log/tcp and then send a HUP signal to syslogd to force it to reread the file
D.modify the second syslog configuration file entry so that the action field follows the format
Answer: B

10. Given this line from the name service configuration file:
hosts:nis [NOTFOUND=return] files
Which two statements correctly describe the behavior of the name service switch? (Choose two.)
A.If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate a host's IP address would be abandoned.
B.If NIS were available but a host IP address was not in the NIS map, the attempt to locate the host's address would be abandoned.
C.If NIS were unavailable, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued within the local file
D.If NIS were available but a host IP address was not in the NIS tables, the attempt to locate the host's address would be continued by searching for it in the local file (/etc/inet/hosts).
Answer: B, C

11. Which command configures a system to become an NIS client, and identifies the master server and slave servers to which this client can bind?
A.ypinit -b
B.ypinit -c
C.ypinit -m
D.ypinit -s
Answer: B

12. After the NIS master updates the NIS maps using the /usr/ccs/bin/make command, what is the correct way of propagating the maps to the slaves?
A.You should manually execute each of the ypxfr scripts to ensure all the maps all propagated.
B.You must execute the ypxfr command on each NIS slave to pull the new maps from the NIS master.
C.Do nothing, because the maps are automatically propagated to all advertised slave servers during a make.
D.You must stop and start the NIS daemon on the NIS master, which will force the NIS maps to be propagated to
the NIS slaves.
Answer: C

13. Which server file is read to obtain the client's host name during the RARP phase of the JumpStart boot sequence?
Answer: D

14. When configuring a boot-only server which does not use DHCP to support JumpStart clients, where does the boot-only server need to be located in relation to the clients that it supports? the same DNS domain
B.on the same subnet as the clients more than two network routes away
D.on the same network, but not necessarily on the same subnet as the clients
Answer: B

15. Which information is available from the PROM when installing a Sun-manufactured server system?
A.the server's host name
B.the server's IP address
C.the server's Ethernet address
D.the server's geographic region
Answer: C

16. Which statement about an Ethernet address is true?
A.It is unique for every system.
B.It has an entry in the /etc/inet/hosts file.
C.It is a 32-bit address divided into four 8-bit fields.
D.It is a number assigned by the system administrator.
Answer: A

17. Given:
lo0: flags=100849 mtu 8232 index 1
inet netmask ff000000
hme0: flags=1000863 mtu 1500 index 2
inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
ether 8:0:20:8a:74:e0
What is the MAC address?
Answer: 8:0:20:8a:74:e0

18. Which command issued by the root user identifies the local system's Ethernet address?
C.snoop -a
D.netstat -i
E.ifconfig -a
Answer: E

19. At the ok or OpenBoot prompt (OBP), which command displays the system's Ethernet address?
Answer: A

20. Only local system files are used during the boot process to configure the system for local Ethernet LAN
connectivity. The ifconfig -a command displays:
lo0: flags=1000849 mtu 8232 index 1
inet netmask ff000000
Which local network configuration file is missing?
Answer: E

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