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Sun 310-014 Exam -

Free 310-014 Sample Questions:

1.Which three are characteristics of the procfs file system type? (Choose three.)
A. The process directories are globally readable.
B. File ownership is determined by the credentials of the process.
C. It contains references by file names to the opened files of the process.
D. It contains a decimal number directory entry corresponding to a process ID.
E. Each process ID named directory has files that contain more detailed information about that process.
Answer: B, D, E

2.Which installation method is designed to allow hands-off installation across the network?
A. Custom JumpStart
B. Solaris suninstall
C. Web Start Flash installation
D. Solaris Web Start installation
Answer: A

3.A patch can be installed with no backout information saved to economize on disk usage. Which is the correct command to install the patch 105050-05 with "no backout" from /tmp?
A. patch < /tmp/105050-05
B. patchadd /tmp/105050-05
C. pkgadd -d /tmp/105050-05
D. patchadd -d /tmp/105050-05
Answer: D

4.At boot, the system reports this error:
ok boot
Rebooting with command: boot Boot device: disk02 File and args: Evaluating: boot
Can't open boot device ok
To address the problem, you decide to set the OBP parameter that sets the
default boot device to its default value, and you do NOT want to affect any other OBP parameter.
Which command should you use to do this?
A. set-defaults
B. boot-device=disk net
C. set-default boot-device
D. setenv boot-device default
Answer: C

5.If the /etc/shadow file contains:
Which two statements are true? (Choose two.)
A. user1 and listen are locked accounts.
B. The user3 account has an expiration date.
C. The user4 account will expire in seven days.
D. The user2, user3, and user4 accounts all had their passwords set by process ID 11816.
Answer: A, B

6.The user user1 is to be removed from your system. You use the command userdel -r user1.
What is the result of this command?
A. The specified user's account is locked.
B. The specified user's account and home directory are deleted.
C. The specified user's account, home directory, and files are deleted.
D. The specified user's account is locked and a list of all files owned by the user is placed in /var/tmp.
Answer: B

7.Which two are necessary to configure access to a remote printer? (Choose two.)
A. the printer's name
B. the printer's location
C. the printer's content type
D. the name of the printer's print server
Answer: A, D

# lpstat -d
What displays on the screen?
A. the name of the default printer
B. the default printer's print queue
C. a brief description of the default printer
D. detailed status information about the default printer
Answer: A

# mt -f /dev/rmt/1 status
What is the function of the command?
A. The command is used to report the length of the tape.
B. The command is used to check the status of the tape device.
C. The command is used to check the checksum of the files on the tape.
D. The command is used to check the time stamp of the files on the tape.
Answer: B

10.Why must a file system be unmounted or inactive before it can be backed up using ufsdump?
A. The machine will panic if you attempt to back up an active file system using ufsdump.
B. An attempt to back up an active file system using ufsdump can corrupt the file system.
C. The ufsdump command will abort and produce a core file if it is run against an active file system.
D.A ufsdump of an active file system may be inconsistent, and restoring files from it may be impossible.
Answer: D

11.What are two purposes of files located in the /usr directory on a Solaris 9 system? (Choose two.)
A. user home directories
B. NFS configuration files
C. system configuration files
D. common user executables
E. standard system library files
Answer: D, E

12.Each directory listed is a file system mount point in a default installation. Which two file systems contain kernel modules? (Choose two.)
A. /
B. /tmp
C. /usr
D. /var
E. /export
Answer: A, C

$ ln filea fileb
What is the result?
A. fileb is a copy of filea.
B. filea and fileb use different inodes.
C. filea and fileb use the same inode.
D. filea and fileb have a link count of 1.
Answer: C

14.You have hard linked file1 and file2 in the /var file system. What is the result of copying file1 to the /export file system?
A. A copy of file1 is created in the /export file system.
B. file1 is hard linked so you cannot copy this file to another file system.
C. A copy of file1 is created in the /export file system and hard linked to file1 in the /var file system.
D. A copy of file1 is placed in the /export file system and linked symbolically to file1 in the /var file system.
Answer: A

# ls -li total 4
83215 -rw-r--r-- 2 root other 180 May 7 12:11 file1
83215 -rw-r--r-- 2 root other 180 May 7 12:11 file2
Which two are results of removing file2? (Choose two.)
A. Both file1 and file2 are removed.
B. The link count value of file1 remains 2
C. file1 no longer provides access to data.
D. The link count value of file1 decrements to 1
E. file1 remains and continues to provide access to data.
Answer: D, E

16.You want to create a hard link to a regular file. What is required of the regular file for the ln command to succeed? (Choose two.)
A. The file must exist before you run the ln command.
B. The file must be in the same directory as the new file name.
C. The file must be in the same file system as the new file name.
D. The file must be in a different directory from the new file name.
E. The file must be in a different file system from the new file name.
Answer: A, C

17.You have identified three files in the /export file system that appear to be identical. You know the inode number used by one of the files.
Which two commands provide information that would verify that these files are hard linked? (Choose two.)
A. cat
B. ls -liR /export
C. ls -laR /export
D. find /export-inum <inode_number>
E. find /export -inode <inode_number>
Answer: B, D

What kind of device name does this represent?
A. an instance name
B. a block device name
C. a logical device name
D. a physical device name
E. a Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) device name
Answer: D

19.With the system powered off, you physically connect a new SCSI disk into the existing SCSI chain. You boot the system using the boot -r command.
In which four locations can you find the new device names for the new SCSI disk? (Choose four.)
A. /devices
B. /dev/dsk
C. /dev/rdsk
D. /kernel/drv
E. /etc/path_to_inst
F. /etc/name_to_major
G. /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv
Answer: A, B, C, E

20.Which two statements about the partition submenu within the format utility are true? (Choose two.)
A. It allows you to create and modify slices.
B. It allows you to save the label to a disk file.
C. It allows disk slices to be divided into soft partitions.
D. It causes a new superblock to be written to the disk.
E. It allows you to name a partition table for subsequent retrieval.
Answer: A, E

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